We just won our law suit against the Army corp!!!!!!

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      I don’t know if I have ever shared this here, but for the last 15 years I have been battling the corporate shellfish industry. For the last seven years this suit has been sitting and waiting,  on Friday we won and we won soundly!!!!!

      do not eat shell fish from WA State,  it is sprayed with herbicide and pesticides, it is grown in places it should never have been, it is not tested, and most important it is mono culture in a very sensitive environment.




      Federal judge rules Army Corps aquaculture permit is unlawful in Washington State.


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      Hi earth artist,

      Congratulations – well done!  Since Fukushima, I have forsworn all fish products and will never partake again.  We have so polluted our environment than edible untainted food has become a significant problem.  Glad to see the issue being fought in the courts.


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      I am so excited, after all the work,  and all the corrupt county state and federal officials we had to come before, we finally had a huge win. This Judge saw through both the army corps and the shellfish industry’s bogus claims they were not harming Puget sound.

      this was a doubly hard campaign because most people do not have access to tide lands in Wa. So they don’t see what is happening. The tidelands were being covered in PVC tubes nets and rubber bands. They were coming in and slaughtering birds ,crabs, sand dollars. This meant no food for any thing else .It meant no food for Salmon, which means they stop running, which means no food for killer whales.

      The shellfish industry bought off the Democratic Party as well as the governor. They had the money to campaign for how wonderful they were. So it was a real battle getting people on board to fight.


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      I have been a vegetarian except seafood for the past 7 1/2 years. This is the push I needed, seafood is now off my plate.

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