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      The clearest way that Cryptoland appears to want to make money is by selling the parcels of land in the Blockchain Hills area as “King Cryptolander NFTs“. There’s evidence of these costing around 319 ETH — or anywhere between $1M and $1.2M depending on the fluctuations of the cryptocurrency.

      Personally, I can’t imagine anywhere I’d like to be less than on an island made solely for crypto people, but that doesn’t mean the place doesn’t have the right to exist. I mean, much of US history is based on communities striking out for themselves and claiming land. And, on an intellectual level, how different is the Saudi Neom project?

      No, the problem is the whole thing is rife with slapdash questions and poorly thought-through responses.

      Cryptoland is supposedly going to be powered by diesel generators. Much of the infrastructure (including staff quarters) will be based on the mainland. And, maybe worst of all, hugely complex topics are dealt with on the Discord with a wave of the hand and toxic positivity.

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