We’re at War With Coronavirus. And Bernie Should Be Our General. – Jacobin

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      We’re at War With Coronavirus. And Bernie Should Be Our General. – Jacobin



      Bernie Sanders Is the Leader We Need

      Bernie Sanders fared about as badly as many of us expected on Tuesday and yesterday he sent an email to his supporters sending a clear message that he is mulling over his options.

      Ironically, it is now when his popularity could be marshaled to the greatest effect. Bernie is the most trusted politician in the country when it comes to health care and further, he is the most forceful and imaginative policymaker in the Democratic caucus.

      The Democrats are currently getting badly outflanked by the Trump administration, with Kamala Harris laughably proposing less than half of what her GOP counterparts were suggesting for stimulus. Further, Democratic leaders — relying on a commonsense view of a political consensus which no longer exists — have failed to properly criticize those Republicans with economic solutions to the crisis, many are actually attacking Trump from the right.

      And if the Trump administration succeeds in their plans to offer immediate relief, while the Democrats squawk like stodgy budget hawks, the GOP could be in office for decades to come — even if their woefully inadequate policies end up resulting in many more needless deaths.

      In order for the Left to steer the ship though, we cannot just offer…



      More: https://jacobinmag.com/2020/03/coronavirus-crisis-bernie-sanders-leadership-pandemic



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      As the most trusted politician, Bernie is the only leader putting his concern for the American people first. Other politicians can only see citizens as consumers and economic chattel. Congress placing banking needs 1st tells you all you need to know about their obliviousness to what is coming.

      Bernie’s presidential future looks grim but his ability to fundamentally reshape government in the service of staving off a crisis of global proportion has never been greater.

      I hope that Bernie will not drop out unless Biden can guarantee Bernie’s agenda for M4A, and put Bernie as the Healthcare czar. However, puppets cannot be trusted, and the puppet masters would just assume that Trump be re-elected. That is until they realize Trump’s bungling of the Coronavirus will continue to drain their wallets. They have to learn that people come first.


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