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      So Far From Heaven
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      What can I say? We’re going to be adding some features to JPR, and it may cause some unintended ‘interruptions’ to service.

      First of all I want you to know that we are creating a separate site for upgrade testing so if we screw up big time it won’t affect the real site.

      Next is going to be some real development where we will hopefully gain ground on the following features of our site:

      1. Titles for replies.
      2. Replies having paths generated so they can be linked and used for navigation.
      3. Notifications for replies to replies.
      4. A linked ‘discussion tree’, which will allow us to see the replies to a topic and their authors in tree format under topics for faster navigation.
      5. Making @deadpool responsible for each and every one of these.
      6. Beating Deadpool up if he screws all of this hard work up.

      This effort is primarily going to be done using hired guns (otherwise called coding experts) as time and money allows. The work flow is going to be in the order of the list above. Each of the first three are required for us to do the fourth and other upgrades for our fantastic and wonderful moderation team so they can do their work easier and more efficiently.

      Here is the work flow chart the hired guns gave us for approval:

      Related image

      The good luck part is slightly alarming.

      As to other news.

      Those of us that are from the JPR of old will remember Manny and his ‘experimental’ hamster wheel for people and the ‘unfortunate’ things that happened to the head hamster, Larry. As Manny put it at the time ‘It wasn’t pretty.’

      Here is a short clip of that ‘accident’:

      Well. Larry had severe injuries but he came thru with flying colors as they say.

      In fact, he’s decided to organize the hamster troop into a local hamster union, Hamster Power Local 13654387590174.8645228.

      We been spying on his… whatever …and can give you a pic of one of his ‘meetings’.

      Needless to say, we’re keeping an eye on him. We gave him an Alexa. And hacked the crap out of it. Full feed at nine each night.

      Let’s hope the kid (Deadpool) can keep things under control till we get this work done.

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      Snort McDork
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      Gotta hand it to @sffh The workflow chart is the best thing he has ever come up with in JPR’s history.

      I am totally amazed.

      Every company should have a flow chart like this. But if you’re just tuning in, this is what sffh is trying to explain:

      Simple eh?


      I'm Snort McDork and I approved this message.

      "I like Birdy Num-Nums"

      If you come for Nina Turner, Your ish better be airtight like Tupperware" -Rashida Talib

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      retired liberal
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      Is there a fix for the staying logged in problem?
      I had to log back in again to “Like” the OP’

      We are an arrogant species, believing our fantasy based "facts" are better than the other person's fake facts.
      If you are wrong, it will be because you are not cynical enough.
      The older we get, the less "Life in Prison" is a deterrent.
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        That happens to me a lot.

        Animals know more than we do.

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        So Far From Heaven
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        @retiredliberal , not yet.

        That problem is becoming harder and harder to resolve. That’s because it probably comes about from either overwrites or conflicts from the various security plugins we’ve had to install to stop the damn spammers. To give you a clue as to how pervasive this problem is right now, only about ten percent or even less requests for membership comes from real people looking to join JPR, the others are spammers. If they get in they not only drive us nuts to get them and their crap out, they kill us on search engines due to lax security setup.


        I just tested our new development site and now we can go after this with a vengeance and not risk losing the working site. Until just a few minutes ago, the separate site was hiding from me until I got some info from the hired gun as to how to access it. It’s actually very hush hush and all that. For obvious reasons.

        That being the case, we (that’s actually Deadpool’s realm) can now go after this damn glitch hard without fear. Well,, with less fear.

        It turns out that it (the website) has the tendency to log me out when I have two or more copies running in separate tabs and I log out of one of them. That logout is then placed in the database and the other running tab(s) has that logout hidden underneath, and anything I do with the site in that tab gives me the logged out problem. That form of unwanted logout will not be fixable at present. I just have to remember that if I have more than one copy up and running to just close the window and not log out. I don’t seem to have the log out problem at other times. In fact, I run this place up to 12 hours at times and never have a log out occur.

        Please take my word for it, we ARE going to fix that. I’m willing to be brutally honest on this topic (what we plan to do going forward) because our members deserve it. Your voices have been heard and we just spent a lot of money to get a way to aggressively attack problems like that one.

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          retired liberal
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          Thanks for the info.

          We are an arrogant species, believing our fantasy based "facts" are better than the other person's fake facts.
          If you are wrong, it will be because you are not cynical enough.
          The older we get, the less "Life in Prison" is a deterrent.
          Always wear a proper mask when out and about. The life you save could be both yours and mine.

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      Oh Noooo, Mister Bill

      I do like the idea of Deadpool being held responsible. Do we start holding him responsible now?

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      I believe I’ll just go with the flow.

      I would like to remind you that U.S. health insurance companies do not contribute anything to health care. They are only a PARASITIC middle man receiving an undeserved cut of "FREE MONEY".


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      Lol!!! Great post! I almost did a spit-take at #6, and then it got even funnier.

      Best of luck with the upgrades.


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      How IS Manny these days?  Anyone know?

      I feel much better since I gave up hope.

      "If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there’d be peace." – John Lennon

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      THANKS for all the hard work put in on the site!

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