Wet Bulb Temperature

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      I may have posted this before; but, I’ll light of the extreme temperatures we’ve been having, I feel I need to post the link to the wet bulb temperature calculator included with the Omni Calculators.

      Humans cannot survive a wet bulb temperature of 95 degrees.


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      Thanks PADemD.

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      Humidity blocks sweating.  What is the minimum humidity here?

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      The TV weather people are not doing a good job explaining wet bulb temperature. They need to display some graphic or something that convey the idea. The actual mechanism of how it works is too complicated for the average person, so explaining the actual process of taking the wet bulb and dry bulb temperatures would just make most people turn off their short little span of attention. They were doing a pretty good job with giving the air temperature, humidity and a “feels like” equivalent.

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