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    Whanganui River in New Zealand First to Receive Legal Rights Like a Human


    What used to be a typical stream of clean water is now the talk of the town after a river in New Zealand was awarded a legal entity giving it similar rights like that of a living human being. The Whanganui River is the first river to become a ‘person’ in terms of rights in the whole world.

    However, the latest ruling should not cause a confusion as the new legal entity basically allows the river to be represented in court. The Whanganui River now possesses its own rights, just like humans do. The decision was made after the Maori tribe lobbied for more than 160 years to give the river its rights to be represented in court.

    “The reason we have taken this approach is because we consider the river an ancestor and always have,” Gerrard Albert, the lead negotiator for the Whanganui tribe said in a statement.

    Well, it basically means that the Whanganui River can be represented in court. It also has rights and values like we do. The tribes’ people call the river Te Awa Tupua and it is known as one of the longest rivers in New Zealand.




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    1. Rivers are better people than corporations at least

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