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  • davidthegnome (1316 posts)
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    What a load of shit.

    Obama is – and has always been, a powerful speaker.  Charismatic, intelligent, articulate – clever with words.  He has the education and the intellect to charm a Nation – it is largely why he won the Presidency.  See, Americans are suckers for good actors.  This is what makes Ronald Reagan a saint to so many.  This is what does the same for Obama.  We can consider policies on immigration, on the practices of law enforcement, on the existence of the black lives matter movement during a time when we have our first black President.  We can consider the continued – and worsening, economic inequality, the chicken-hawk war rhetoric coming from people who have never had to sharpen their own knives, let alone dodge bullets.

    I was once a believer – a reluctant one at that.  I was convinced though, particularly after reading “The Audacity of Hope” that Obama would be someone who could bring us together, build bridges, improve the overall state of our union.  He spoke bold words, he made many promises (some of which I believe he made an effort to keep) he even made significant accomplishments during his time as President which we should all appreciate (particularly in regards to marriage equality – and access to health insurance for some  – though not all – who desperately needed it).  He is not – and was not – however, the “hope and change” that I, and many others voted for.  The Republican congress did not help.  The corporate shmucks on both sides did not help – his cabinet did not help.  His alliances with the Clintons, the Kerrys, the Geithners, Emanuels, and others… did not help.

    The fact of the matter is… there aren’t many facts now.  Very little is absolute.  When we judge people by what they have accomplished, by who their friends are, by who they surround themselves with… by what they DO rather than by what they SAY, we find most of our politicians – and perhaps most people in general… wanting.  This is very much the case with Obama – but even worse will it be with Trump.

    Incoming, we have a movement, now empowered by the house, senate, and Presidency… that to put it simply: prefers destruction over salvation.  War over peace, death over life, lies over truth, greed over responsibility, selfishness over generosity.  Let me put it simply – the swamp is gaining some of the Kings and Queens of Swamp-thing kind, who will be empowered and placed in positions of enormous significance for us all.

    What does this mean?  A denial of climate change – the active, deliberate dismantling of the EPA, environmental standards, regulations.  The further defunding of public education, with lots of large gifts for charter schools.  Tax relief (further tax relief) for corporations, the haves and the have mores.  Hell, don’t take my word for it, read up on Sessions, his history.  Check out the education pick, check out the history of Mr. Bannon.  All of these devils and demons Trump is bringing with him… are an indication of who he is – and what manner of President he will be.

    Much the same way another President warned us of the Military Industrial Complex, Obama should have warned us of the Corporate Political Complex.  This, led by billionaires, is what will ultimately lead to our ruination.  The end of an empire, an era.  The inmates will now have control over the asylum, in a bold, in-your-face manner that even the Bush years could not match.

    That’s it.  There is no do over, no second chance, no new vote.  Clinton might very well have been as bad as Trump – but the reality of Trump is bad enough.  He’s not Hitler or Stalin… he is a uniquely American disaster for this unique time in America.  Oh, what fun we’re going to have these next four years.

    Fuck the establishment on both sides.  Time for something new, something different.  We can’t solve our problems by making the same mistakes over and over again – and no matter how great a speaker he may be… Obama is one of those mistakes.

    Time will tell.  In four years, I will be all too happy to eat these words if I am proven wrong.  I do not expect to be.  We are living… in interesting times.  You can’t kick the can down the road for eight years… then politely hand it to someone who wants to crush it… and expect things to get better.  Policies, that generation after generation… have been proven… not to work… all too eagerly and strongly embraced by the incoming administration.

    Satan doesn’t have enough room in hell for the sheer egotism, ignorance and malice of our incoming royalty.

    Johnny Rash, liberal at heart, Ed Suspicious and 59 othersUtopian Leftist, Bernblu, leveymg, Paper Roses, VenusFT, mother earth, Baba OhReally, Scrubpine, Cassiopeia, ZimInSeattle, LaaDeeDaaVA, lastone, Common good, Grey, ThomPaine, glinda, Odd John, , Paka, Bernin4U, roguevalley, bvar22, 7wo7rees, bbgrunt, tokenlib, Iwalani88, azurnoir, WillyT, whispers, Rozinante, Blackspade, JEB, Caretha, OzoneTom, dlegendary1, Enthusiast, ctsnowman, Fuddnik, beemerphill, nevereVereven, DoctorJ, KarenS, daleanime, tk2kewl, Marym625, LiberalElite, Lorien, Haikugal, The Crone, FanBoy, PADemD, Hawkowl, jdpriestly, hopemountain, wilsonbooks, canoeist52, malokvale77, Punxsutawney, Cleita like this
    “There is no distinctly native American criminal class save Congress.” - Mark Twain

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    • The Crone (3157 posts)
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      1. I can't reflect on the meaning

      Of Trump as President until I absorb Obama’s Christmas sign off on Abolishing the First Amendment:

      The new law mandates the U.S. Secretary of State to collaborate with the Secretary of Defense,
      Director of National Intelligence and other federal agencies to create a Global Engagement Center
      “to lead, synchronize, and coordinate efforts of the Federal Government to recognize, understand,
      expose, and counter foreign state and non-state propaganda and disinformation efforts aimed at
      undermining United States national security interests.” The law directs the Center to be formed
      in 180 days and to share expertise among agencies and to “coordinate with allied nations.”

      The legislation was initiated in March 2016, as the demonization of Russian President Vladimir
      Putin and Russia was already underway and was enacted amid the allegations of “Russian hacking”
      around the U.S. presidential election and the mainstream media’s furor over supposedly “fake news.”
      Defeated Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton voiced strong support for the bill: “It’s
      imperative that leaders in both the private sector and the public sector step up to protect our
      democracy, and innocent lives.”

      The new law is remarkable for a number of reasons, not the least because it merges a new McCarthyism
      about purported dissemination of Russian “propaganda” on the Internet with a new Orwellianism by
      creating a kind of Ministry of Truth – or Global Engagement Center – to protect the American people
      from “foreign propaganda and disinformation.”


      Once I have somewhat recovered from the Great Orator’s assault on my life, I hope I have the strength to deal with whatever is headed our way via Mr Trump. The big difference for me between the two Administrations lies in how under Obama, thanks to alt news sites like Consortium News, I could find out some Truth, but since Obama has eliminated the First Amendment, now it might be time to relax and have fun til they come for me.

      "Let us not seek the Republican answer nor the Democratic answer but the right answer." John F. Kennedy   America is the only country that has real   lemons in its furniture polish, and artificial lemon flavoring  in its lemonade!
      • Sadie (3069 posts)
        Profile photo of Sadie Donor

        3. Missed you

        Davidthegnome  :hug:

          Wake up, peeps, their kids go to Harvard and Yale; your kids go to Iraq & Afghanistan.   
      • senz (5378 posts)
        Profile photo of senz Banned

        6. Thanks, Crone.

        Facts should matter more than conjecture — but when the facts are downplayed or even hidden, and  the conjecture is hyped 24/7, no one cares about the facts.  I have “progressive” friends who weren’t aware of the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act, and I’m not sure they fully realize its seriousness because the MSM won’t discuss it.  And now the U.S. election system has just been placed under DHS control.

        We are being prepped by the Obama administration for totalitarianism — and most of the country cannot be bothered to care, because they’re too distracted by “what the Cheetohead might do.”

        This is what scares me about what lies ahead.  But maybe you’re right, at this point we could just relax and have fun.

      • Blackspade (3384 posts)
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        17. +1000

      • TRex (3550 posts)
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        18. Got to protect the sheeple/easy paycheck from foreign propaganda

        it could interfere with the domestic propaganda from the GEC. America is a joke the world over.

        Oh sweety, no just no, when I or those of us here talk about the ultra rich - it is NOT you! Not you by a longshot, oh my God did you think...no way you actually thought we meant you? Lord, this country is full of rich stupid people and you seem to be one of the worst. No sweety, you are just a low paid pawn to those ultra rich we talk about. They are wrecking the world, you are an enabler and I understand not being able to sleep at night. I wouldn't either, selling out our future. You have kids right?  
      • tymorial (193 posts)
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        21. American version of Pravda

    • malokvale77 (973 posts)
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      2. "This is very much the case with Obama – but even worse will it be with Trump."

      Maybe Trump will surprise us and be the opposite of what we expect, just like Obama.  Who knows?  What a kick that would be.


      ETA: Glad to see you. I was worried.

      • Bubba (118 posts)
        Profile photo of Bubba

        8. If Trump Does Work To Improve

        The lives and safety of all Americans, will the posters on this board acknowledge that fact??

        Are they already so blinded by expectations and ideology that they will fight him every step of they way?? Will they nitpick every action, no matter that it benefits the country?? Will they condemn him for who he is rather than what he does??


        • Scuba (4470 posts)
          Profile photo of Scuba Donor

          10. If Trump does work to improve the lives and safety of all Americans …

          … I’ll eat 1,000,000 “Make America Great Again” hats.


          That’s only slightly less likely than him growing wings and ascending to heaven while we all watch in rapture.

        • daleanime (2633 posts)
          Profile photo of daleanime

          13. And will you admit it…..

          when he doesn’t?

          When the going gets tough, the tough take care of each other
          • Content removed for violations of the community standards & guidelines
            • daleanime (2633 posts)
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              26. You're living in a Faux soaked world……

              And will probably not even notice the lies even after the fact, you’ll die content as long as your owners provide you convenient scapegoats.  I see no sense in trying reason on you, so I’ll simply bid you good day, enjoy your trolling.

              When the going gets tough, the tough take care of each other
              • Bubba (118 posts)
                Profile photo of Bubba

                29. The Reluctant Troll.

                Two other people called me a troll. One called me a “baiter.” So I guess it must be true.

                But I don’t think of myself as a troll. I’m just an ordinary guy expressing my opinion and trying to get by as best I can. Do you honestly want an echo chamber?? Does it make you uncomfortable when a person speaks his mind??

                I don’t disrespect this site or any poster/moderator. (At least, not intentionally.)

                When you say, “Faux soaked world,” are you implying I watch Fox News, and it shapes my world view?? Actually, I don’t own a working TV. (I think my TV would work if it were connected to cable.) The only time I watch TV is twice a week when I go to the Clubhouse here in my apartment complex to work out. If I happen to be the only one there, I usually tune the TV to Fox News. Other than that, I make do with Netflix.

                • daleanime (2633 posts)
                  Profile photo of daleanime

                  31. I want facts, real ones…..

                  the way you devalue life, “black lies matter”, tells me more then I need to know about your world view.   “Echo chamber”?   No chance of that happening here, but if we can’t agree on water freezing at 32 degrees there’s not much room for honest discussion, is there?

                  When the going gets tough, the tough take care of each other
                • Marym625 (28359 posts)
                  Profile photo of Marym625 Admin

                  34. Here's the thing…

                  We are a liberal-progressive site. There’s nothing liberal or progressive about what you just posted. That’s true of many of your posts.

                  Considering our purpose, do you really think that you’re being respectful to the members of our site when championing right wing ideology?

                  Additionally, we are not an echo chamber. But we’re also not here to push for conservative/ third-way legislation, the GOP platform, conservative/ third-way candidates, etc.  We disagree on many things. But the end goal is to change the way this country is run. To actually work for the people.

                  Take Action #StopFCC https://www.battleforthenet.com/breaktheinternet/ "Once the decision was made to go into Iraq as an invader and occupier,  it’s like our nation lost its conscience. And it has not yet gotten that conscience back." Madfloridian  
                  • Bubba (118 posts)
                    Profile photo of Bubba

                    36. Thanks For Your Reply, Mary.

                    And double thanks for not hiding my post.

                    Yes, I DO think I’m being respectful to you, the site, and the posters. I say what I think in a straightforward manner. Occasionally, I try to inject a bit of humor.

                    I fully realize the writer of (As it appears to me) loony nonsense is a human being. Like me, he’s sitting there staring at the screen and flailing away at the keyboard.

                    What would you have me do to demonstrate respect?? Pretend I agree our borders and security should be of secondary concern to the President, whoever he is?? Should I only post in threads about puppies and human interest stories?? Or would you prefer I went away altogether??

            • FanBoy (7983 posts)
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              37. The US fertility rate is BELOW REPLACEMENT RATE and has been for the

              last six years.  Your “pumping out babies” rhetoric is about 30 years old and so out of touch with reality.

              What is the birth rate in the United States?
              According to the report, the general fertility rate in the United States — the average number of babies women from 15 to 44 bear over their lifetime — dropped to a record low last year, to 1.86 babies, well below the 2.1 needed for a stable population.

              U.S. Birthrate Declines for Sixth Consecutive Year; Economy


              It’s the economy stupid


            • Stockholmer (3167 posts)
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              39. What a shit tonne of rw talking points

              Go post on rim jobs freep 1998 tech

        • 99Forever (3807 posts)
          Profile photo of 99Forever Moderator

          19. Well Bubba.

          Considering the cadre of hardcore RW. 01% scumbags he has chosen to surround himself with in VERY powerful positions, I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath waiting for it to happen.  Let me be blunt, tRump is a dimwitted, egocentric ASSHOLE, incapable of being anything close to being a decent person.



        • Bernice Ta (411 posts)
          Profile photo of Bernice Ta Donor

          22. Many here have said they will wait and see how Trump governs.

          I expect there will be much discussion about his actions, and if he should turn around and surprise us in a good way, I know it won’t be ignored.

          Still, I’m expecting another Shrub presidency, where the hands stuck up The Donald’s ass working his mouth will spout whatever they want him to say, and the strings will pull him into the direction they want. With a Republican congress, I doubt he’ll be much more than a figurehead anyway, and if he won’t play along, well, Pence is in the wings. It won’t be the first time an inconvenient president went away.

        • Xyzse (3313 posts)
          Profile photo of Xyzse Donor

          23. Sure I would.

          Heck, I’ll even praise Obama and Hillary of they did something great…

          At the moment, I’m having a hard time thinking of them, so I’ll shut my mouth since I can’t say something nice.

          • The Crone (3157 posts)
            Profile photo of The Crone Banned

            32. If I was as polite as you,

            My mouth would be held shut too.

            But I feel both Obama and Hillary need to be slammed for all the damage they have done. Somewhere in the Middle East, four nations have been torn apart. Our economy was handed over to Big Banking, and we won’t get it back in our lifetimes.

            "Let us not seek the Republican answer nor the Democratic answer but the right answer." John F. Kennedy   America is the only country that has real   lemons in its furniture polish, and artificial lemon flavoring  in its lemonade!
            • Xyzse (3313 posts)
              Profile photo of Xyzse Donor

              33. No, they do deserve to be slammed though.

              It is why I come hard on them as well.  I can only agree with you there.

              Seriously though, I will have to try to post a profanity laden diatribe soon.  I keep saying I would, but inspiration hasn’t struck.

        • ThomPaine (4755 posts)
          Profile photo of ThomPaine Moderator

          27. You speak of "the posters on this board" as if you are not one of us.

          And then you condemn jpr for an absurd  hypothetical.  “If Trump can walk on water, will you love him then?”

          Ask me after he does the impossible.

        • em77 (2505 posts)
          Profile photo of em77 Donor

          41. I will if he works to improve. I'm

          no longer party oriented at this time.

    • leveymg (3802 posts)
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      4. Ike could warn of the MIC because he remembered a time when it was villified

      on all sides as “the merchants of death.”  For Obama and most of the Cold War boomers, our sick state of affairs late in the American Empire are simply normal.  How could he recognize much less articulate the problem?  He and the others in the VIP seats tonight have continued to prosper from the crisis.

      • FanBoy (7983 posts)
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        38. "He and the others in the VIP seats tonight have continued to prosper…

        from the crisis.”


    • jdpriestly (5877 posts)
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      5. Brilliant post, David. Thanks. You said it all.

      No Truth!  No Trust!  Bernie or Bust!
    • jdpriestly (5877 posts)
      Profile photo of jdpriestly

      7. Brilliant post, David. Thanks. You said it all.

      No Truth!  No Trust!  Bernie or Bust!
    • Haikugal (6798 posts)
      Profile photo of Haikugal Donor

      9. Thank you!

    • Marym625 (28359 posts)
      Profile photo of Marym625 Admin

      11. Going on The Daily Radical!

      Member recommended and admin approved!

      I believe we needed that hope so desperately that we ignored the reality. For instance Sen. Obama’s FISA vote.

      Sadly, though he may have tried on some issues, he didn’t fight. Look at what he did for the TPA vote. That’s the only thing he actually fought hard for.

      I do give him credit for some good changes but there sure are not many. And, other than not fighting against marriage equality when the Supreme Court was already deliberating on the two very important cases, I give him no credit. Don’t want to hijack your great post with details on that.

      Anyway, thank you!

      Take Action #StopFCC https://www.battleforthenet.com/breaktheinternet/ "Once the decision was made to go into Iraq as an invader and occupier,  it’s like our nation lost its conscience. And it has not yet gotten that conscience back." Madfloridian  
    • bemildred (5803 posts)
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      12. Indeed.

      It ain't the things you don't know that hurts you, it's the things you know that ain't so.
    • hippiechick (1350 posts)
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      14. "Obama should have warned us of the Corporate Political Complex"

      …. but then he would have outed himself and his chosen successor as being part of that complex, wouldn’t he?

    • ThouArtThat (6114 posts)
      Profile photo of ThouArtThat Donor

      15. Trusting Obama Is Worse Than Fearing Trump – Here's Why

      Jimmy Dore Breaks It Down.

      "In America Today, Power Corrupts and Money Corrupts Absolutely" - Anonymous  
    • nevereVereven (3800 posts)
      Profile photo of nevereVereven Donor

      16. Great post. Recommended!

      A hologram of a magnifying glass will also function as a magnifying glass, but a hologram of Sherlock Holmes won't solve anything.  
    • dlegendary1 (1052 posts)
      Profile photo of dlegendary1 Donor

      20. I trusted Obama too

      He said the right words, made the right movements, and framed the right expressions. Once he left the podium he became a totally different person. His alliances, his conformity to business as usual, and his willingness to meet Republicans half way towards destroying our commons made me question his loyalty towards the greater good. It was then when I realized who Obama was: a yes man draped with intelligence and charisma. Under his rule surveillance went up, free trade agreements went up, and chained CPI is becoming a reality. Nothing good came out of his presidency other than the 1% becoming richer and companies becoming bigger and more consolidated.

      In short peace out mothafucka! I was duped into voting for you but no more! I won’t vote for anyone other than those who will do good on their promises.

      These mofos at the DNC can lick mah balls! I'm not voting or supporting their 3rd way goons.
    • MannyGoldstein (2342 posts)
      Profile photo of Manny Goldstein Admin

      24. Excellent post, thank you

      The only potential upside that I can see is that we may have broken the back of the Neoliberal Third-Way predators.

      "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it" - Upton Sinclair
      • ThomPaine (4755 posts)
        Profile photo of ThomPaine Moderator

        28. Who do you think is striking out so hard at Trump? They don't act like

        their back is broken.  They need a stake thru their black hearts (figuratively, of course).

      • liberal at heart (1088 posts)
        Profile photo of liberal at heart

        40. I wish but by electing Trump Americans have demonstrated that once again

        they think the only way to punish the current party is by electing the opposing party which means if Trump’s policies are bad for America and they will be Americans will simply vote Democratic next election. I really, really, really wish the American people were ready for third party.

    • Common good (28 posts)
      Profile photo of Common good Donor

      30. Obama was a master of the intellect

      Bereft of any strong connection to his soul and the wisdom (knowledge applied through love) contained in that supernal realm.  Instead of audacity, fear of upsetting the established rulers marked his actions.

      The world is filled with alleged leaders who can play all types of lower mental gymnastics but lack the courage and the evolutionary development to see from the angle of the soul.  Instead, using lower mind games containing rationalization and mechanical systems, they imprison the human spirit.  Seeking only their own power and status, they have no motivation or capacity to see the great heights which the entire human family can achieve when we understand that everyone matters and everyone, not just the rich and powerful, deserve to live a life of dignity.

      Obama exposed the shallow depths of spirit the leaders of our time wallow in.  Instead inspiring us to take a flight into infinity, hoarding over shallow mud puddles is where vision lies.  Pathetic is the vision of those the masses look today for guidance.

    • ZimInSeattle (1628 posts)
      Profile photo of ZimInSeattle Donor

      35. Yup. Giant load of shit. Excellent post. I too was for Obama back in the day,

      but by the time the campaign was cranking up for his re-election, I was calling for a little known Senator from Vermont to primary him. Obama sold out to Wall Street almost immediately with his bailout leaving Main Street to struggle. Read recently that the 10 million or so jobs created during Obummer’s two terms are 94% temporary, contract, or ‘gig’ jobs without any real benefits. Put’s the lie to his job creation record. When history reveals the final analysis of his presidency, I’m sure it will be seen as an epic failure on multiple levels. The only thing he accomplished was paving the road to authoritarian fascism for the Pumpkin Fuhrer to exploit.

      Proudly #DemExited & #LeftOut  | "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" - JFK | Bernie would have WON!  |“Fascism is a result of the failure of the left to provide an alternative” - Leon Trotsky | Sanders/Gabbard 2020 (PPP