What Can We Learn From Cuba? Medicare-for-All is a Beginning, Not the End Point

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      There is already a right-wing effort to destroy Medicare and Medicaid in any form and leave people to only receive medical treatment they can pay for. It is part of the same movement to destroy the US Post Office and eliminate Social Security. It is funded by the same sources trying to get rid of public education except for a few schools that will prepare the poor to go to prison or be unemployed. These are neoliberals who believe that Black-Lives-Do-Not-Really-Matter. They hate all the gains won during the last century and a half and want to overturn any form of environmental protection, any workers’ rights, the eight-hour work day, child labor laws, and civil rights, including voting rights.

      What does the Cuban health care have to do with Medicare-for-All in the US? Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate and longer life expectancy than the US while spending less than 10% per person annually on health care. It has provided medical education to so many from other countries that in 1999 it opened the Latin American School of Medicine to bring students from impoverished countries to study and become doctors. By 2020 it had trained over 30,000 doctors. It had also trained huge numbers of other health professionals from beyond its shores.

      Even before Cuba brought in students, it sent its own professionals on “missions” to help those in other countries. Over the past six decades more than 400,000 Cuban medical professionals have worked in 164 countries and improved the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

      The US response to this incredible international medical revolution documents that it is not satisfied to stop medical care from improving but has an irresistable urge to reverse gains across the globe. The US government glommed onto complaints from physicians in multipe countries who whined because Cuban doctors would go to jungles and other dangerous areas where the the rich urban doctors refused to venture. Of course, the US had its own reasons to despise Cuban medical assistance.

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      Anyone who believes that Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security are programs for just the POC in this country are absolutely ignorant and are in for a very big shock if they let this happen. All of us who rely on it now will suddenly become totally dependent on our families to take care of us and that goes for the next generation as well and most middle class workers who think they can save enough for retirement with the bank accounts. These accounts are dependent on Wall Street and we all know exactly who WS works for. Not us.

      Cuba will look like one of the best run countries compared to the USA which will find itself back in Hoover’s Great Depression era.


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      Cuba sees healthcare as a human right.  The US government sees us Americans as commodity; slaves to provide corporate America with income.  We are still being refused the medicine Interferons-alpha and beta, and knowledge of it, by corporate owned Media.  We have lost our democracy and America now operates from a failed state with lots of unnecessary deaths.


      And from the web source in your OP:

      “Neither corporate party has any intention of providing Cuban-type care within the US. And they certainly do not even imagine putting protection of the world’s poor from Covid above profit potentials for US corporations. They never had any intention of telling US public that 72 countries had requested Cuba’s Interferon Alpha 2B for treating Covid-19. They wanted people to believe that only an American or European country could discover treatment.”

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