‘What Democrat beats that guy?’: Top Dems flinch from Rubio challenge

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      This post is dedicated to @djean111 . When I read this, all of her comments over the years on how Florida Democrats well and truly suck because they are corrupt, Vichy Dems dominated by people with initials like DWS came to mind. The Democrats are already saying they have no chance against Rubio, even though his approval ratings are below 50%. They just leave off the part about them sucking less, because I guess they suck just as much. From Politico:

      MIAMI — Few Republicans are more loathed by Democrats than Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. Many have never looked at him the same since, after helping to draft the 2013 bipartisan immigration bill, he backed away under conservative pressure. They mock him as an opportunist or a Donald Trump sycophant.

      With an approval rating under 50 percent, Rubio would seem ripe for a takedown in next year’s election. But right now, Florida Democrats don’t have much confidence they can topple him.

      The state’s top Democratic prospects are instead jockeying to run for governor against Rubio’s fellow Republican, Ron DeSantis. And the architecture of Trump’s Florida victory in November revealed just how difficult it will be to knock off the two-term senator in a general election in the giant, expensive and red-leaning state.

      “For a variety of reasons, Rubio will be tough to beat — whether because it is an off-year election, his Miami roots or his profile — that’s hardly a surprise to anyone and I believe that is why there is an absence of big names lining up early,” said Steve Vancore, a veteran Democratic pollster and strategist.

      Full story here


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      instead of a succession of R-Lites, this will continue.

      Florida is a prime example of Truman’s statement about running a fake Republican against a real one holding true.

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      have Patrick Murphy – very recently turned Democrat in order to run against Alan West, not because of any silly stances on issues – run against Rubio, and Rubio beat Murphy by almost 8 points.  I would vote for Grayson, if he ran, even though he would be stifled in Congress, but I am guessing the usual Vichy Dems will be offered.

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      against Rubio and is gaining steam.



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