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    What Happens When an Ayn Rand Devotee Runs a Public School System?

    Just Ask Chicago.


    The reality is that privatization usually doesn’t increase efficiency, but it does increase inequality—both economic and political. By introducing the profit motive into what was previously the government’s job, private interests put profits ahead of the needs of a community. Jobs are cut, unions are targeted for weakening or elimination, wages go down, costs go up, regulations are skirted, and corruption runs amok.

    Despite these corrosive effects, privatization’s boosters—especially those with friends who stand to gain handsomely—still preach its gospel. Forrest Claypool is no exception.

    Thanks to his experience awarding private contracts and drastically cutting staff at the park district, Claypool labeled himself a “reformer” and soon ran for elected office, winning a seat on the Cook County Board in 2001. There, he made his name by fighting against tax increases meant to fund county services such as health care, positioning himself well in the eyes of the Chicagoland chamber of commerce, “reform” Democrats, and county Republicans.

    Claypool’s alternative to the tax increases? “The answer is to cut spending,” he told the Heartland Institute in 2003.

    He went on to run in the Democratic primary for president of the board in 2006. He lost to incumbent John Stroger, who was incapacitated following a stroke at the time of the election.

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