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      Is there any rule or requirement that trump stay until jan 20th? What if he throws a tantrum and leaves office this week? What if he just walks out and goes to mar a lago? I wouldnt be mad, or suprised, but he has apparently had a meltdown over losing the election. Who knows what this clown is going to do next!?

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      NV Wino
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      If he resigns, (fat chance) Pence would become President.

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      Blue Meany
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      quit a few months after being elected, since he clearly had no interest in governing.  However, I underestimated his ability to corrupt his associates, to find ways to profit from his position, and the magnitude of his narcissism that compels him to stay in the spotlight to get the adoration he needs to feel good.  I don’t think he will be leaving early, unless it is to escape prosecution.

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      It’s a contest between his ego and his need to stay out of jail. His best strategy would be to resign and get a blanket pardon from Pence. That would shield him from federal prosecution. He could stave off the New York prosecutors for a while. He might have to move to another country where he would be safe from extradition. Of course, his enormous ego is telling him not to do this because he always wins, or thinks he does. His actual method is lie, cheat and claim victory. When it dawns on him that this won’t work, he may just slink away. I would love to see that.

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      Jim Lane
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      I agree with @nvwino that he’s President unless he resigns.

      The only exception, a very far-fetched one, is that his behavior becomes so erratic that even the toadies in the Cabinet can’t stomach it.  They announce that he needs to focus his attention on reversing the Democrats’ electoral fraud, and that, while he’s doing that, he can’t also carry out the duties of his office.  The evidence is that he’s just sitting in Mar-a-Lago and tweeting and golfing and doing nothing Presidential.  Obviously, that largely describes his entire presidency.  Nevertheless, he has in the past found time for at least a few executive orders and judicial appointments and the like.  If he completely shuts down, they might invoke the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to let Pence handle things during Trump’s “temporary” incapacity.

      I’ll estimate the probability of this scenario as around 0.1%.

      The much more realistic danger is that, once he’s accepted that his reign is ending, he’ll go on a revenge rampage.  He could: order the destruction of various files; fire a lot of people; issue executive orders and take other actions that make life difficult for Biden, for example by entering into contracts with private companies.  Of course, that’s on top of completely violating the laws concerning transition.

      Compared to the worst-case scenario, I’ll be happy if he just goes into a sulk.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      @jimlane Looks like your darker scenario will be closer to reality than the long sulk. Of course, Esper’s had a letter of resignation handy for months, ever since he said the Insurrection Act didn’t apply to anti-police violence protests.

      If things stay relatively quiet re protests, though, Trump may not get the chance to see if he can bully the Joint Chiefs into sending regular troops in to crush BLM and the mostly imaginary Antifa. I don’t think he can, but I’d like it better if I didn’t even see him get the chance to try it.

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