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  • Fire with Fire (1353 posts)
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    What, Me Worry?

    Alfred E. Neuman


    Alfred E. Neuman’s signature line was perfect for the early 60s, as the Baby Boomer children were told at school that hydrogen bombs were likely to explode overhead at any moment.  We did not worry because we were taught to put our hands behind our necks while crouching into a little ball in the school hallway.  I understand that the practice varied and in some other schools, the kids got the extra protection against the heat, shockwave and radiation from having their desks also over their heads.

    Luckily, Neuman was right and there was nothing to worry about and the Cold War ended in 1991 without anybody having to duck and cover for real.

    We had no idea we had it so good back then.  To be sure, there were a lot of goofy underground theories like Water Fluoridation or that Lyndon Johnson stole the Senate election in 1948 by having goons stuff the ballot box.  (Well, this one turned out to be true.)  But almost everybody looked at the Soviets as the Bad Guys and ourselves as the Good Guys, and we all had faith that our leaders were at the very least on our side and not puppets of the enemy.

    So now if you go by the front page of General Discussion on this board, you find a long list of things to worry about:

    1. Russia might have put Trump in the White House
    2. The Democrats might have created the lie that Russia put Trump in the White House.
    3. Trump might drop nuclear weapons on North Korea, leading to probably several million casualties.
    4. North Korea might launch a nuclear armed missile at Guam or somewhere.
    5. Trump might be mentally ill.
    6. Both major political parties might be faking their opposition to each other as they serve their shared pool of big money donors.
    7. There might be a Deep State of unelected manipulators who control both political parties.
    8. Seth Rich might have been murdered by agents of the Democrats
    9. Seth Rich might have been murdered by agents of the Deep State
    10. Seth Rich might have been murdered by a random asshole, but the cops aren’t investigating it properly due to influence by you name it . .


    Funny thing is, I am not worried about any of that shit.  I suppose I should be.  But I am not.

    I am for more worried about how we are going to get back to anything resembling politics about how we live together rather than how to diagnose mental illness and how to solve crimes based on “clues” gleaned from the main stream media and the internet.

    Anybody else not worried?

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  • Marym625 (29805 posts)
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    1. Going on The Daily Radical

    Excellent. Thank you!

    Take Action #StopFCC https://www.battleforthenet.com/breaktheinternet/ "Once the decision was made to go into Iraq as an invader and occupier,  it’s like our nation lost its conscience. And it has not yet gotten that conscience back." Madfloridian  
  • Ohio Barbarian (8976 posts)
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    2. Recommended for the Socratic Zen shock question.

    The only thing that I would substitute “might” for “is” is your #5. There is no doubt in my mind that Trump is mentally ill and must be removed forthwith. Invoking the 25th Amendment would be quick and constitutional to boot. We’ll just have to oppose Pence. Could be fun.

    You express a nice sentiment about getting back to something “resembling politics about how we live together.” Depending on how you look at it, either we have never had that kind of politics or we have had it all along. The Confederacy thought that it was standing for a political system that determined how we live together, same as postwar Denmark. Radically different systems, but both ways of determining how we live together.

    If you mean living together in peace or harmony or where everybody is happy, I’m not sure any society has ever had that and I don’t believe this species is capable of it. We are capable of making a majority at least mostly content with the situation, but that’s it.

    Ignorance is the foundation of tyranny.   
  • iggy (2623 posts)
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    3. Nah

    I’m too old to give a shit.

    Truth has no Expiration Date. Life without Dignity is Slavery.
    • Ohio Barbarian (8976 posts)
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      4. LOL! There is that.

      Ignorance is the foundation of tyranny.   
    • joentokyo (942 posts)
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      11. Roger that!

  • NV Wino (7284 posts)
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    5. I'm with Iggy—too old to give a shit.

    I do dispair of the young people, although so happy I never had kids.

    Resist-sm_zpswfchkz8t “As we act, let us not become the evil that we deplore.” Barbara Lee  
  • BillZBubb (3135 posts)
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    6. What can I say?

    DemExit! Don't give the Democrats a dime. Don't identify as a Democrat. Drop Democratic identification below 20%. Only then will they support true progressive policy. Until then, corporate money rules.
  • Tierra y Libertad (2348 posts)
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    7. Conspiricy Theorists are seldom right but always righteous.


    But such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, and all it wants is the liberty of appearing. Thomas Paine

    • Coldmountaintrail (6300 posts)
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      9. thought i answered this before but: they're batting better than

      than the msm these days.

  • Coldmountaintrail (6300 posts)
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    8. I always say that it was pretty standard in the ussr for people to try to

    “read” the russian press for “clues” since they couldn’t trust the explicit content.  “Clues” = who stands next to who in some ceremony, who is or isn’t at an overseas meeting – pretty esoteric stuff.

    We are here, just about 30 years later.  Because we now have to do the same thing, with a slightly better clue base.

  • Haikugal (7369 posts)
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    10. Perfect, thank you!!!


  • Satan (3842 posts)
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    12. I'm in Hell, so most of this list doesn't impact me directly.

    Nuclear war being the exception, because the sudden arrival of millions (or even billions) of souls down here would be a HUGE burden on our infernal infrastructure.

    I didn't refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton because any goddamned Russian told me to. I refused to vote for her because she is a warmongering, election stealing, Goldman Sachs fellating, Republican WHORE. No offense to sex workers.