What motivates ivermectin fraud?

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      When the first ivermectin studies began showing exceptional success, most people accepted the findings. After all, why would they lie? The authors seemed to be unconnected to any enterprise that would profit by faking results, unlike Big Pharma, which had financial incentive to discourage use of alternatives to its products. But it turns out that several ivermectin studies were simply faked, but why? Nobody seems to know. It’s possible the researchers were just careless or not familiar with the requirements of conducting research. Maybe they were too eager to publish something, anything, that would promote their academic careers. Maybe they find satisfaction in being leaders of alternative opinion movements. It is known that at least one or two of them have long running disputes with their mainstream colleagues, so there are some axes to grind. What is undisputable is that bad information has proliferated and has been aggressively promoted, and has been included in several meta analyses, thereby ruining them. There is a lesson here, but I’m not sure what it is. I can see why we should be skeptical of those who are selling us drugs and vaccines, but they appear to be more honest than their critics, which is upside down.

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      There was a market for an alternative, so someone was going to fill that demand with something. It’s just like reflexology and all of those useless supplements. Cite some questionable research and sell people something that probably won’t kill them, but won’t really do anything either.

      Sketchy telehealth companies start popping up. They charge people $100 in consultation fees plus the prescription cost in order to get ivermectin.  America’s frontline doctors are probably the most well known group of grifters, but there are others, and they’re often financially connected in some way. Millions of dollars were made.

      “A fool and his money…” and what not.

      "He busted in, blessed be thy lord
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        I noticed some websites selling ivermectin, sometimes with a consultation fee. I wonder how big it was, or still is.

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      they have billions of profit on the line. They do not want an inexpensive alternative to be known about. Especially if it is safer than the product that they plan to make billions on.

      Fortunately for big Pharma there are folks like Hill who want a $40 million dollar gift and are willing to reverse their position to enhance their career. And there are bloggers and commenters who are happy to push big Pharma talking points.

      Last I checked 6 out of 7 meta analysis suggested the benefits of Iv. 70 or more studies suggest the benefits. Thousands of Drs and researchers have signed off on these studies. In the meantime big Pharma has done one study each for each drug they want approved. The conflicts of interest are obvious. Whistleblowers have stepped up to point out shoddy work. And these studies have failed to be transparent about their findings. And they ended the studies prematurely so we will never know the real story about the effectiveness of their products.

      I think it really is obvious why the ivermectin fraud. What is a little harder is understanding who is actually committing it. Drs who want to save lives? Or Pharma that wants to make money. Hmmm.?

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        Especially your last lines regarding who are the more likely fraudsters.

        Why anyone here:
        #1: Trusts our government.
        #2: Trusts Big Pharma.

        ….is beyond me.

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        I watched the video between Hill & Tess…

        Letting & watching people die for MONEY. smdh In my old age I am finding I like less and less humans.

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      It is not relevant or valid given the recent studies that have been published.

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        Good point. The hucksters have added several new fake studies and bogus meta analyses. There is really no point in repeatedly debunking what was shown to be fraudulent six months or a year ago.

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