What percentage of voters fundamentally hate their opponents?

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      That red blue finger pointing.

      30% hate one side, 35% hate the other? something like that?

      what I would love to know is how many people hate both parties equally?

      Im not sure I can trust the 3rd party results for information there.



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      I’ve always said 1/3 always vote Republican and 1/3 always vote Democratic. It’s that other third that decide the election. Of that one-third I would guess a quarter dislikes both parties but that number is growing rapidly.

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      I’m surprised they are so easily manipulated and their Christianity is used as a bludgeon against them. They don’t even see how they are used and abused.

      They are nice people…except for the Nazi racists…The fascist and theocrats are few and the ones you do meet are very confused about what they want. Even the Libertarians I know are logically inconsistent in their beliefs. So you got to wonder who talked them into such muddled thinking.

      I really don’t hate them. I feel sorry for them because they are being used by the filthy rich. I keep rooting for them to think it through and come out of their fog. Eventually some do.

      But I really don’t hate them. I save my hate for the filthy rich and their tools. The capitalist king who would destroy our planet for a few extra bucks and their political henchmen. The greedy heirs of vast stolen wealth, who think a vice is a swell thing to base an economic system on, are our true enemies. They are the ones we are really fighting anyway. So, I save my hate for the filthy rich and the manipulators who help them.

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      ..because they’re what they have always been,both the party leaders and the rank and file.They have never pretended to be anything else but for Big Business.

      Now,the corporation flunkeys in the Democratic Party,I loathe with a pure and simple disgusted loathing.And I have absolutely no patience with the gullible rank and file who once believed in peace and the working class ,now paced by Crophead and her masters into being war freaks,snobs,and defenders of intelligence agencies.Both the party and the voters once were better,and now they aren’t but they still pretend to be, and the pretense makes me furious.

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      How many voters hate the piece of dirt they’re forced to vote for in order to avoid a worse piece of shit?

      (I make no claims that one is really better than the other.)

      "If we define an American fascist as one who in case of conflict puts money and power ahead of human beings, then there are undoubtedly several million fascists in the United States."
      - Henry A. Wallace
      (FDR's Vice President until he was forced out by the corrupt forces of obscene wealth.)

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      same here.  i know plenty of republicans.  few are actually mean-spirited, & many are good people.  different world view that led them to believe what they do.

      the mean ones, i know only a few.  them i steer clear of, but i wouldn’t say i hate them.  i just see them as dangerous, because at bottom, they’re motivated by anger and hate themselves, & its kind of indiscriminate & includes themselves, i think.


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      I do tend to feel sorry for them – and for us.

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      I haven’t communicated with any of them recently but I recall Alex Jones true believers, basically I saw a rising far right nationalist movement before Trump announced his run. He just ended up being the perfect candidate for these types. There is so much misinformation while I hang out in forums like this so I’m much more informed than they are.


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      Which is way too high, since that means about a fifth of all voters really, really hate a different group. The percentages go a lot higher for individual politicians. I admit that I loathe Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, the Clintons, Joe Biden, and all of the Vichy Dem apparatchiks. I can’t stand Trump, the Turtle, or most national Republican politicians, either.

      But that doesn’t mean I hate Biden or Trump voters in general, not at all. Most are just appallingly ignorant of what their individual representatives actually do. That’s not even mostly their fault. They have lives to lead, they’re busy, and the media, both mainstream and social, constantly misinforms them.

      It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

      Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I'll show you a crook.--Harry Truman

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      a sort of steady state hate takes place all the time.

      Im not sure how many states (one hand at most) I could count that dont hate California and Californians in general, if only through thoughtless fruits and nuts attitudes.

      Unfortunately, you dont need to go further than Oregon to feel the real.

      I think this pushes the percentages up.

      A lot of hate to go around, and a lot of misattributed blame.  Divide and conquer is easy when people have no avenues of honest information. Difficult to imagine how things will improve under our current system.

      I try to focus my ample resources of anger towards the politicians who I see as representatives of the problem, not the people forced to choose from bad eggs.

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