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    What Really Happened: Bernie Sanders Refutes Hillary Clinton’s Book

    This summary at the end says it all: “Since the election, Bernie Sanders’ and his policies have become mainstream, but Clinton and her supporters continue to blame him for her loss. Her book is a desperate attempt to salvage her reputation—even if it means further fracturing the Democratic Party.”


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    “In the American republic the fact of oligarchy is the most dreaded knowledge of all, and our news keeps that knowledge from us. By their subjugation of the press, the political powers in America have conferred on themselves the greatest of political blessings--Gyges' ring of invisibility.” ~Walter Karp

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  • Ejbr (280 posts)
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    1. You don't hear Jeb Bush

    bashing Chris Christie for him not doing better because of his attacks on him. talk about snowflake!

    Done with Corporate Dems. Done. "The time is always right do the right thing." MLK
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    2. herself is very self-centered


    Invest in people.  Seek TRUTH.
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    3. Hillary Clinton's New Book Attacks Bernie. But Why?


    Hillary gladly accepted $225,000 a speech from Wall Street ? nearly five times what the average worker makes in a year ? because she believed it was her due. She and Bill went to law school with many who are now financial elites. They are socially entwined. It just never dawned on Hillary that it might be bad optics to take all that money from Wall Street after its billionaires crashed our economy.

    She is not alone. The Democratic Party is loaded with players whose primary goal in life is to do well by doing good. Yes, they have sympathy with progressive causes, but they care as much if not more about getting richer and richer.

    Bernie and his supporters are far more suspicious of wealth accumulators and their enablers. They see our government as catering to the rich and contributing mightily to runaway inequality. This isn’t just a little problem that can be wished away by removing barriers to upward mobility, reducing student loan rates and instituting profitable public/private partnerships in poor communities. Runaway inequality is a core problem that is totally entwined with racial justice and rural/urban poverty. It must be reversed through programs that halt the financial strip-mining of our economy by moving money from Wall Street to Main Street like financial transaction taxes, ending the carried interest loophole, instituting public banks and a wide array of anti-Wall Street policies that corporate Democrats detest.

    Instead, Hillary and the Democrats are conveniently convinced that you must take Wall Street money in order to compete. Here’s her justification: “There’s always a danger of spending too much time courting donors because of our insane campaign finance system.” She makes no mention that even within that “insane” system, Bernie out-raised her with millions of donations averaging $27.

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