What religion suffers the most hate crimes in the UK?

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      If you guessed Islam, the BBC agrees with you.  But it’s slanting the truth – and it’s time to ask why.


      Per the article, 52 percent of religiously motivated hate crimes were committed against Muslims.  12 percent were committed against Jews.

      What the article takes pains NOT to say is that Muslims outnumber Jews ten to one in the UK.  Therefore, Jews are about 3 times more at risk of hate crimes than Muslims are.

      Another  article is more honest:  The Independent on 26 July 2018 described:

      More than 100 antisemitic incidents are being recorded every month in Britain as monitors warn bigots are becoming “more confident to express their views”.

      Children as young as 11 have been physically attacked, while appalling graffiti has been daubed on homes and synagogues and MPs have been targeted with antisemitic abuse after speaking out on the issue.

      The fact that speaking out against anti-Semitism is leading to more attacks on the Jews who speak out about the attacks they suffer is pretty terrifying.

      The efforts that some loud voices put into pretending that “Jews are just making stuff up when they complain about antisemitism; Jews are the real problem” should worry everyone – especially real progressives.






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      per capita against the other. Sounds like bigots (perhaps not the same bigots) are targeting both.

      The far-right ‘populist’ seem not to discriminate in terms of whom they discriminate against.

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      At least the British government isn’t putting them into camps like the American one is Latin American refugees.

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        Plenty of antisemitism comes from people in Labour and people who are Muslim.

        Latest example:  on 12/16, a top Labour man named Mohammed Yasin was exposed for 2106 tweets saying “Jews are responsible for all the world’s wars”.

        He is not a “far right populist”.  Why do you assume only “far right populists” hate Jews?

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          Mohammed Yasin is a nativist?  Nope.  Muslim and Labour.

          Naz Shah, a nativist?  Labour.

          Ken Livingstone, maybe.  But he is Labour as well.

          Mark Lewis, a prominent Jewish lawyer who is fleeing UK for Israel after years of death threats from both the right and the left, says, “Corbyn lifted the rock that these creatures were hiding under.”

          All three main UK Jewish papers have named Corbyn as a man who fosters Jew-hatred and then blames Jews for daring to complain.

          Shall we believe that UK’s Jews are all lying and whining about nothing?  We don’t do that with other minorities.  Especially when the evidence -Yasin, Shah, Livingstone to name three – is so plain in view.

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      for an example back in 1980 my SO went “Paki bashing”. (she was joking – there was a thaw and she was stomping slush piles) The reference was that at the time attacks on Pakistani immigrants in England was an issue in the (Chicago) news.

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      Thanks,  shows how things can be slanted

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      the victim. A lot of Muslims feel the injustice in Palestine as injustice to all Muslims and hence target the Jews. Some Muslims feel and nurture the anti colonial sentiments but unfortunately end up tar getting the most vulnerable(Rape gangs etal) giving the nativists another excuse to demonize them.

      Never expect different result by following the previous steps

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