What the Medical GoFundMes That Don’t Get Funded Say About America

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      That you deserve health care if you are cute, but not if you aren’t?


      There are hundreds, thousands more stories. It’s the dark shadow of the viral success story, of the whole town coming together for a charity clambake, of the fully-funded child beaming from beneath a web of tubes. Under a thin scrim of inspirational success is an ocean of pain, of loss, of fear and precarity. Clicking through each is a public window into private pain. Cumulatively, it is a source of rage.

      GoFundMe itself acknowledges that its platform is no substitute for a sane society. In a statement, the company told me as much: “While GoFundMe can provide timely, critical help to people facing health care crises, we do not aim to be a substitute social safety net,” a statement from a company representative read. “A crowdfunding platform can not and should not be a solution to complex, systemic problems that must be solved with meaningful public policy. We believe that affordable access to comprehensive health care is a right, and action must be taken at the local, state, and federal levels of government to make this a reality for all Americans. But in the meantime, we will continue to work hard to provide a place where Americans can help one another during times of need.”

      Living in the meantime, clicking through the stories, the mind strains to understand how we have failed so many people so badly. How can we have failed Alfreda, who is working three jobs to afford her daughter’s cerebral palsy treatment? The baclofen pump is failing sooner than expected and the bills are due. And she loves her daughter. And she’s raised $350 out of a $10,000 goal.

      There are thousands of these stories; there are over a million, in fact. You should not have to be photogenic and spell well and have a lot of friends on social media not to die in debt. You should not have to ask for largesse from the Internet not to drown, but the waters are rising all around us, and from those dark waters, grasping hands rise like anemones, and clutch for a spar or at air.

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      I do think there is a bias for “cuteness” but I think it has more to do with how social media savvy you are which should also not be a criteria for if you get health care.  Some people are more successful at getting their story publicized – even if just locally.  The desperate need for M4A seems so obvious that it’s hard to imagine someone not supporting it.

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      no doubt being cute and blonde gets better response to GoFundMe.

      u do not contribute to these things (no matter how cute) because so many are scams. even if the cute kid really does have cancer, how do I know the money is actually going to her care?

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      This is approaching shaming about something that should not even be FUCKING NECESSARY!!!!!!

      What does it say about the United States that this is used for health care???????  And, I promise you, there are both Republicans and Vichy Dems who would point to GoFundMe and say – this is the American spirit!  Helping each other to fucking LIVE!  While we lavish money on ourselves, the MIC, Wall Street, corporations, and billionaires.

      And this is one of the reasons I will vote for Bernie or vote for Green – because IMO none of the other candidates would even pretend to try enacting M4A.  Fuck them.  And for anyone who says voting Green is throwing my vote away – fuck you too.  Voting for a Vichy Dem is throwing my vote away.  I want to feel I at least went to the polls.  IMO the DNC is counting on Bernie supporters to not vote at all if Bernie is not the candidate.  Or “hold their nose” and vote for their Vichy Dem.   Fuck that.

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      A lot of people are poor. Who is supposed to be giving money to all the ones that need funding? People have to pay their own bills. I would think that’s the reason, not lack of cuteness.

      Kind of a weasely statement from Go Fund Me with that word “access” that we all hate. Be bold and get behind Bernie and Med. for All.



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