What to Say if Someone Wrongly Claims ‘99 Percent of People Survive COVID’

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      Mortality is not the only problem that matters. COVID can last a long-ass time, so a few days of fun now could lead to weeks and months of debilitating sickness down the road. As if the physical hardship isn’t enough, there are also the financial consequences, like bills for COVID-related medical care (because, yeah, people are still getting hit with those, despite hand-waving about coverage from the federal government). Then there are the potential costs of being unable to work for a long period of time, because sick leave varies widely from employer to employer. Unpaid sick time with no other incoming funds could lead to people missing out on rent payments or other bills like student loan payments, credit card expenses, or preexisting medical debt.

      What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Not at all! Don’t forget to bring up how much COVID could suck in the long run—the long term effects of contracting COVID-19, especially a severe case, are still very much unknown (scary), and have included everything from organ inflammation (even in young and fit people, like college athletes!) and permanent brain damage to debilitating exhaustion. Anecdotal evidence has surfaced all kinds of nasty complaints and ailments.

      chest pain, joint pain, kidney damage, reduced lung function, and loss of taste and smell is not a tantalizing prospect, (just some of the long term effects the CDC has already identified) but it’s something that COVID survival truthers are eliding when they say they’re not concerned about catching the virus.

      In an opinion piece for Forbes, meteorologist Marshall Shepherd compared the dismissal of COVID’s danger over a “high” survival rate to the way cities prepare for hurricane season: Imagine if the National Hurricane Center issued this warning: “Hurricane SoandSo will make landfall in the Miami area tomorrow, there is a 99 percent survival rate so don’t take any precautions and we are sorry in advance for the 1 percent that we will likely lose.” There are over 6 million people in Miami. 1 percent of 6 million people is 60,000 lives. That would be ridiculous.

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      Then the percentage of people who survive Covid is well OVER 99%.

      (From the article: “more than 1.5 times the supposed 1 percent mortality rate.” For those who are math challenged, 1.5 multiplied by 1 = 1.5…so according to this article the survival rate is not 99% but only 98.5 percent…)

      Is it really a PANDEMIC if the victims are all the oldest and the sickest? I don’t want to sound heartless but is a suicide by a young person whose future has been crushed by quarantine really worth less than a nursing home resident with one foot in the grave already?


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        You do sound heartless when you trivialize the deaths of the elderly.   Rather than “crushing” young peoples’ future, quarantine is providing some quality study time alone with their books.  Maybe one of the positive benefits of the pandemic will be a more well-read generation of college students.

        As for whom the pandemic hits hardest, we can learn from the AIDS pandemic, which you would argue really wasn’t one, because only queers died.

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        You write:

        Is it really a PANDEMIC if the victims are all the oldest and the sickest?

        First, there are people who have died from COVID who were under 65 and who had no pre-existing conditions.

        Beyond that, the category of victims extends well beyond those who die.  Many of the survivors are left with serious long-term problems.

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      @Hamlet That lockdowns are more harmful than the virus itself for most age groups.  For the elderly, social isolation is probably better than getting Covid.

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