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    What war?

    Mrs Greenspan on MSNBC saying that Donald Trump making the comment asking if the US is  Nazi Germany isn’t helping “this war.” Anyone know what war Andrea Mitchell is talking about? Is war being waged against Donald Trump?

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  • Fuddnik (756 posts)
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    1. Does Mrs. Greenspan have any idea what she's talking about?

    Usually not.

    The Universe is made of protons, neutrons, electrons, and morons.
  • tularetom (2056 posts)
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    2. Thats a good question, but a better one would be why does Andrea Mitchell

    still have a job?

    I went home with a waitress the way I always do  How was I to know she was with the russians, too?
  • bpilgrim (335 posts)
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    3. wow! when did trump say that?

    he would certainly have a point if he actually said that.

    • StupidRedhead (2246 posts)
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      6. Yes, he said that or used very similar words at his press conference

      today while he was addressing Buzzfeed’s story that Donald hired several prostitutes and paid them to piss on a bed that Obama had slept in at a hotel in Russia.

      It’s a stupid story. How would Trump paying prostitutes to piss on the bed afterObama had slept there hurt Obama? Not like Obama would go back to Russia and sleep in the same bed again. So what would be the point? Oh, that’s right. This is top secret info on Donald Trump that the Russians would used to keep him in line. Seriously, would anything anyone said that was derogatory towards Trump be a surprise at this or any future point in time after everything else he’s been attacked with?  The story also claimed that Russia has been grooming Trump for over five years.

      Trump also said in his interview that normalizing relations with Russia should be considered an asset, not a liability. So folks- there you have it. Trump is an agent of Russia who has been trained for the last five years to do what? Make peace?

      • bpilgrim (335 posts)
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        8. thanks for the details

        i guess i was hoping it was a different context; e.g. us bombing 7 countries now, torture, spying on everyone (not just him) but I suppose he still has a point.

        and i agree with your point that this whole blaming russia nonsense is stupid, but add that this crying wolf syndrome is also very dangerous, to glenn greenwalds point; how will we know when they are reporting the truth about the donald :shrug:



      • FugitiveBirdie (1706 posts)
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        10. The last time a President threatened peace with Russia…

        … the establishment didn’t treat him so well.


        • StupidRedhead (2246 posts)
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          11. I'm already on the record as believing they(TPTB) will assinate him

          Of curse it will be reported as a suicide  or heart attack.

      • kliljedahl (1119 posts)
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        13. Actually it was a tweet

        Intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to “leak” into the public. One last shot at me.Are we living in Nazi Germany?

        — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 11, 2017

        Trump stands by ‘Nazi Germany’ tweet after Jewish groups demand apology


        • StupidRedhead (2246 posts)
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          14. Thank you.

  • INTJ (2391 posts)
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    4. I'm sure it's the War that Clapper is fighting, but it's secret.

    Talking about it would reveal methods, and put our patriotic warriors, and those of our allies at risk!

    Third-way, where cheques provide no balance.
  • TRex (2760 posts)
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    9. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan, those two wars America likes to forget all

    about. IMO.

    We can thank the rich for one thing - times are changing due to the silent depression in the working class. I don't think the rich will be happy with the changes, but they forced it upon themselves through greed and avarice.
  • Dont call me Shirley (3107 posts)
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    12. It's she, her husband and their ilk's war on regular people.