What were military jets going to do?

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      Aug. 31 (UPI) — British authorities arrested two men after a Ryanair flight was intercepted by military jets following reports of a suspicious device on board, officials said.

      The men, a 34-year old from Kuwait and 48-year old from Italy, were arrested at London Stansted Airport on suspicion of terrorism late Sunday.

      Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter jets had intercepted the aircraft and escorted it to the airport, military officials said.”

      Were they going to shoot the plane down?  I don’t get the ‘escort’.

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      to prevent a hijacking from becoming a 911



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      In various airports around the world, you see police and military personnel with submachineguns. It kind of makes you wonder what would happen if there was an “incident.” Of course, in some places, soldiers would be perfectly happy to spray the crowd with bullets if they saw someone enter through the exit door or walk on the grass. Or act suspiciously black, if you want to think closer to home.

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      …. if it looked like it would be employed as a giant guided missile.

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