What would happen if Bernie was photographed hanging out with Trump?

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    Giuliani, Trump, Bloomberg, and Bill Clinton.

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    HalfCentury Man
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    The same thing they say about Jill Stien because she was photographed sitting at a table with V. Putin.

    The things they won’t say about the many pictures of trump and clinton with J. Epstein.

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    John F. Kennedy: 13 March 1962.

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    And if Bernie played golf with Trump even after his racist birther attacks:


    “I like him. And I love playing golf with him,” Clinton said in a May 2012 interview with CNN, according to transcripts. He spoke highly of Trump, despite the real estate tycoon’s prominent role in the so-called “birther” movement, wherein he spent months publicly questioning President Barack Obama’s original birth certificate. Trump, speaking to Fox News earlier that same year, said he thought Clinton was “a really good guy.”

    But apparently this was ok over at SV because it’s golf. And they said if you don’t understand that it is important for Bill to golf with Trump you’re stupid because golf is more than just golf. That was the justification for Bill hanging out with the leader of the racist birther movement against our president…

    Bernie: "Not Me. Us"

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    I wouldn’t trust those 4 to get a pizza order correct, much less run the world.

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    I love one of the comments; “If that picture was any whiter or more criminal, it would be cocaine.”

    Slavery was the legal fiction that people can be property.
    Corporatism is the legal fiction that property can be people.

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    The Four Whoresman.

    All governments lie to their citizen's, but only Americans believe theirs.

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