When Bernie Met Sandy

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      What sets Sanders apart is movement building. Sanders understood that winning an election, even a presidential election, would not alone be enough to effect real lasting change. He set about building a political revolution, Our Revolution, one of whose core strategies is to promote progressive candidates across the country for offices large and small, to change the political dynamic from the ground up.

      Women candidates comprise about fifty percent of those endorsed by Our Revolution, many of them women of color and young women. In some cases, Sanders personally mentored candidates. An excellent example is the newly elected Democratic congresswoman from New York’s 14th district, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Ocasio-Cortez, who first met Sanders at a political rally in New York City while she was still known as “Sandy the bartender,” credits him for inspiring her to believe she could run and win.

      If Ocasio-Cortez embodies the Aqua Wave that wrested control of the House from the Republicans for the Democrats, then the slate of candidates endorsed by Sanders and Our Revolution is the team picture.

      Since 2016, Our Revolution has endorsed over 500 progressive candidates nationwide, about half of them women and half victorious, overall. This is a huge achievement, and it sets Sanders apart from any other American leader. Empowering women hasn’t been a campaign slogan for Sanders, it’s been a central pillar of his strategy.

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