When did it become OK for Dems to favor cutting “entitlements”?

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      Watching that old clip of Neera Tanden talking about cutting SS and Medicare got me wondering. Why are these people Dems at all? Shouldn’t protecting the safety net that past Dems put in place be at least the bare minimum to be in the party? How have these assholes gotten away with this shit for so long? Who started it? Clinton or someone earlier?

      I know the horse has left the barn now, but it’s still sickening.


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      Republicans ripped him for it which is what happens when you try to meet them half way. I also heard it from others here in Arizona so it was not a smart move politically.

      One of the people that lead the charge against it was Bernie Sanders. He also was one of the only ones on the Democratic side who didn’t want to do another payroll tax cut which the Democrats used during an election to make the Republicans look like hypocrites on tax cuts. Sanders proposed to lift the cap, expand social security. It is one of the reasons why I trusted him out of all the candidates in 2016 & 2020.

      But yes that was normalized at the time.

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      Advent of The Third Way, “New Democrats,” DLC, Reagan Revolution, Margret Thatcher.

      The early years of the global corporate coup that we are subject to, and subjects of today.

      This is Joe

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      Austerity had been promoted by Jimmy Carter before then,but he couldn’t go that far.Bill did go there.

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        Adopt Republican positions and back them off a notch to make them seem more humane. If the Republicans advocate the death penalty for jaywalking, we protest, “On my God! That is so heartless and cruel! The death penalty should only be applied in cases of aggravated jaywalking!”

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      A little saxophone, a lot of pussy-grabbing, some cackling over dead people – voila!  Some people are still hornswoggled.  And hornswoggle means “to swindle, cheat, hoodwink, or hoax”, which sums up the Democratic Party very nicely and concisely.  IMO.  To paraphrase Butch Cassidy –  “the BLUES’ll probably kill ya!”  While they are pointing at the GOP.

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      With Billy boy Clinton. And for even that matter just after raygun was elected. It has always been the policy of the Rs. But after 1980 th Ds slowly moved away from supporting the people. Now it is nothing more than a donors party just like the Rs.


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      When they became corporate fellaters.

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      ..who were the voices of dissent? I don’t remember. It’s ludicrous that Dems would ever support dismantling things they created! It should have been killed off as an idea from the start.



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      The 80’s were a disastrous time for Democrats, and Reagan’s Republican Party was VERY popular. Remember, in 1984, Ronald Reagan won EVERY STATE (including such ‘socialist hellholes’ as Vermont, New York, and Massachusetts), except his opponent’s home state Minnesota (and even there, Reagan lost by a mere 0.18%).

      In the aftermath of that resounding defeat, it was thought the old antiwar politics of the New Deal/Vietnam era were thoroughly dead. Other things were attempted, but it was Clinton’s marketing of a “Third Way” (meaning not Republican but not the same old liberal New Deal Democrat) that won over.

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      but I go back to Daniel Patrick Moynahan “saving” Social Security by doubling the SS tax and creating the trust fund. I think he intended to shame Reagan, but instead he just gave him a slush fund. Then W claimed that the trust fund, which was full of t bills, was “nothing but worthless pieces of paper” – ie. he could default on the t bills whenever he wanted. He never had the courage, so instead Dick Cheney proclaimed that “defecits don’t matter” and social security became a promise to the financial masters.

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      came late in the game – beginning with the first Gulf War…..With that in mind, I do recall the Bush-Gore debates in the 2000 election and Gore mentioned putting social security in a ‘lock box’…Hoping some of the above can put that in context…Though at the time I trusted Gore, looking back it seems he’s no better than the Clintons.

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        Or put it into the stock market while Gore wanted to keep it in a “lock box”. One of the few good things Pelosi did was she stopped Bush from privatizing social security when Bush won.

        When Obama was in office Paul Ryan was speaker who wanted to cut everything and Obama tried to meet him half way.



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      He opposed a national healthcare system and wanted to cut welfare. So, he’s the start of cruel austerity policies for the poor and middle class. When he was president, I could visit a normal GP doctor and get some medicine for less than $60 without health insurance.

      Thanks for nothing Carter.

      But I think Obama is the one who took to destroying any social contract to the ultimate conclusion in America. He imposed crippling austerity onto the middle class and poor in the middle of the largest economic crash since the Great Depression while saving criminal banks.

      He protected banksters as they tore into homeowners with all forms of bankruptcies legal and illegal. He moved the wealth out of middle class’s hands and gave it to bankers so that we all learned the lesson to not expect the gubermint to help.

      He punished the middle class for over extending a bit with their mortgages while rewarding bankers for their excessive leveraging that caused the crash.

      The middle class and poor paid for Bush’s and Obama’s economic crash. And that set it up for this Covid crash.

      It was like watching  Chancellor Heinrich Brüning enacting austerity, harsh spending cuts and tax hikes in 1930. Setting it up for Hitler, his Nazis and WWII. Without Obama’s austerity, I doubt we would have had Trump, his Nazis and the Covid crash.


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      It was titled “The American Dream Initiative” and the author was one Hillary Clinton. This article was disappeared right before Her Royal Corrupt Highness of the Weathervanes began her first failed Presidential campaign in 2007, followed shortly by the disappearance of the entire DLC website itself.

      Seriously, try looking for any traces of that website now, or any connections between the DLC and those names which have been recently mentioned as potential Biden cabinet members, such as the DLC’s former CEO, Bruce Reed.

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      I did say in my pre-election post that Biden is worse than Trump on Social Security.

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