When you want to sanction States, you call them "terrorists"

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      by Thierry Meyssan, VoltaireNet

      The new unilateral sanctions by the United States against Iran, Russia and Syria add to the previous actions concerning the same three targets. They now form the most unforgiving embargo in History. The way in which they have been organised is illegal according to the definition of the Charter of the United Nations – these are weapons of war, designed for killing.

      For his visit to Moscow on 8 November, ambassador James Jeffrey was tasked with explaining the current US obsession with the expansion of Persian influence in the Arab world (Saudi Arabia, Bahrein, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen). Washington now wishes to formulate this question in geo-strategic rather than religious terms (Chiites/Sunni), while Teheran is organising its national defence around forward posts composed of Chiite Arabs.

      Moscow then considered the possibility of negotiating on Teheran’s behalf for the easing of unilateral US sanctions, in exchange for its military withdrawal from Syria. President Vladimir Putin confirmed his proposition, not only for his US opposite number, but also for the Israëli Prime Minister, during their meeting in Paris on 11 November for the celebrations marking the centenary of the end of the First World War .He attempted to convince the Westerners that Russia alone in Syria was preferable to the Irano-Russian tandem. However, he could not guarantee that Iran would have sufficient authority over Hezbollah – as both Washington and Tel-Aviv pretend – to be able to order it to withdraw also.

      Washington’s only answer, nine days later, was to announce the eleventh series of unilateral sanctions against Russia since the beginning of August. This was accompanied by a ridiculous speech according to which Russia and Iran had together organised a vast plot aimed at maintaining President Assad in power and expanding Persian control in the Arab world.




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      Johnny Rash
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      Especially, when that somebody has no more credibility left ….no leadership left ….no morality left ….and no conscience left!

      That somebody has no clothes anymore – that’s what! 

      "Nothing really happens in this world until it is written in stone!"

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      That’s not in dispute anywhere.   They fund it and choose its leaders.  They ordered Lebanese men to run into Syria and die for Assad when Assad’s position was weak and he was close to defeat, approximately 2014.  The Lebanese men had to obey the masters who fill their coffers and supply their weapons – and so, many gave their lives to prop up one foreign dictator on the orders of another.  Meanwhile, the fragile democracy of their own country continues to circle the drain due to Iran-funded Shiite ascendancy and the anxiety it causes the other groups.

      However, Iran’s government faces pressures at home from a disgruntled populace for reasons JPR denizens should sympathize with:  As Iran pours its money into colonialist adventures – supporting militias in Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq, and Yemen – the Iranian people are yelling for their fundamentalist overlords to STOP spending on world military conquest and keep food on the table for ordinary citizens.

      Natch, the fundy overlords and their Revolutionary Guard will continue to jail, torture, or execute all protesters until morale improves.  Viva the glorious Islamic Republic!


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      Iran had a secular Democracy, but we overthrew it. And installed the Shah.


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