Where Did BILLIONS Meant for Struggling Renters Go? (Status Coup)

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      Yeah, where did those millions for renter relief go?

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      If there was really any money for renters, it would go straight to the big Wall Street landlords, and the renters would, of course, still owe that rent.  much like how Obama solved that mortgage crisis.

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      Potentially, tens of millions of people could be evicted in the next three or four months. Do you really think they’ll all just happily go to the shelters or the parks or the streets? This could have a massive impact on history, and yet few are even talking about it. It’s like the comfortable people who voted for Biden are just going back to brunch and just forgetting about it.

      I asked one of my liberal friends about what would happen when the evictions start up again, and he said, “Well, it will be bad,” and refused to discuss it further because he didn’t want to hear that Biden or his precious Democrats had the power to do something about it and just don’t want to. He also said he didn’t want to hear about Republicans winning the midterms due to Democrat failures to deliver.

      Naw, he’d much rather think about his next international vacation and to brag about it.

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