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  • Snort McDork (2721 posts)
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    Where do we go from here?


    Where do we go from here?


    I’m not one to come up with good idea’s. My creativity is not as consistent as it used to be. Could be that age thing. But I still try. On occasion I blurt out something in a group setting hoping someone will take a-hold of my comment and do something with it. “That’s such a good idea dude. Why didn’t I think of it?” So when I think of where we are at presently after Saturdays DNC vote, I draw a blank as to what to do. At the moment, I’m not into really doing anything since the salt from the wound inflicted upon me and many others still stings. My pain level has to subside significantly before I do anything-just as if I broke my ankle. Or as in a true occurrence 1 year ago-walk again after fracturing my hip in a bike accident (hit by drunk driver). Injuries take awhile to heal. And indeed the sustained injury from Saturday has yet to have any level of pain subside. But if this was a boxing match you would get up off the canvas and try a few hard punches in return-with some success. Laying down and giving up was not an option. ■
    But here is the thought I wrestle with: I’m wondering how to get back at these bastards that gave the 99% a swift kick in the rear. I really don’t want to continue to lay down and allow someone to continue hitting me while I’m down on the ground. I have strong intentions to figure out how to get a few punches in myself and return the bleeding. ■

    The first thought that comes to mind in this case is to organize some sort of massive outrage directly at those who inflicted this injury. But my audience is small by contrast to what is really needed. But at least I can set the thought in someones mind. It may be true that those who inflicted this injury can be made to understand and suffer the consequences of this voting decision. There have been successes in the past related to a decision-reversed due to a massive outrage. I think back to my days of participating in logging protests in the Northwest and having success with legal challenges. That thought is forever etched in my brain.  But in the back of my mind the thought is to hit back twice as hard. Why? Because we are being ripped off (in a sense) from a government that belongs to us. The question is how do we get it back? ■

    The first thing that seems to be the obvious response is to form a third party and get the hell out of the Democratic Party. That is a given. Time and time again voters have repeated their disgust at corporate money in the political system. It is a cancer. They want it eliminated to bring themselves above the other political party that never saw a political contribution it didn’t like. But to working people, single mothers, students, poor people, environmentalists, etc, dirty money is just that: poison. As far as the 98% are concerned, the s*** has hit the preverbal fan. No more contributions to the DNC. No more calling on behalf of DNC candidates. No more rally’s. No more knocking on doors. No more fundraising for DNC candidates. Saturday was the last straw. ■

    So what is the second alternative?

    The online organization Move-On .org has had success in the past-as far as political battles are concerned-by utilizing billboards to point out the “Darth Vaders” of politics with catchy slogans and phrases. It is a novel approach to pointing out the ills of politics and with a wide-reaching audience. It is not clear if this method has been effective at actually having an effect on the targets of these campaigns, but some will have to admit it is creative and mainstream-as normal outreach is concerned. But getting back to that third party idea, I like the thought of an outreach method that truly focuses on a larger audience-that being those who spend their days on the road. A slogan of some sort that could carry into social media may be an effective method at having a thought stick-just as a television jingle would. ■

    Time and energy are of the essence. But the question remains: how do we solve this political dilemma? Is it enough to take to the streets and protest our brains out? However, the idea of protests at congressional offices is popular. Is it enough to write letters to our representatives till we’re blue in the face? Some of our letters and e-mail may never be read. I’m not sure what the answer is since I seem to go with what the majority of people do in the streets. But then again, I never was much of a creative individual. Except for when I was in my 20’s. Those days are behind me now. Time to look for something different and more effective than the days of future past. Perhaps this is a task for the creative minds in their 20’s as the torch is passed to the future generation to fix this mess. Loan them your hip waders to navigate through the mud and the pitchforks. After all, they are the one’s who are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore. ■


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  • Fordfairlanestl (1383 posts)
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    1. Saturday was a big one for me.

    Just as important as when Bernie lost due to a rigged system. This was kinda the last straw for me.  The fucking establishment won again. And only so they can prove how to lose it all over again. I’m pretty depressed right now, as this one will take quite a while to get over. I hate to say it, but Trump might be right about it being rigged. If so, its probably the only truth he’s had since the election. It’s another sad day in politics, where “We the people” lost again.

    There is no one like Bernie Sanders. NO ONE!!! I ONLY vote for grass root "progressive" politicians that support: "Single Payer", "Tuition Free College",and "15 bucks an hour". The cause is right!!  The time is NOW!!! That is all.....   Have a great day.
  • ThouArtThat (6133 posts)
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    2. In General – There Is A Path Forward – That Path Is

    1. Multifaceted / Multipronged
    2. Self Funded And
    3. Self-governed / Self-organized.

    The most important recognition is that the days of top down hierarchical political organizations is coming to a close.

    The replacement is mass momentum wherein each citizen can contribute to an effort with focus and which causes politicians to squirm.

    We see some forms of this starting to emerge with organizations like indivisible, justice democrats, our revolution and others.

    All those efforts are constructive, still more can be done.



    "In America Today, Power Corrupts and Money Corrupts Absolutely" - Anonymous  
    • 99thMonkey (3872 posts)
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      4. Should I assume your proposal includes working with DSA, Greens, et, al.

      as a starting place?   Where does your plan’s rubber hit the road?

      • ThouArtThat (6133 posts)
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        7. Collaboration Works And Is Appropriate – These Thoughts Require Tools That

        Enable citizens to take matters into their own hands.

        What citizens need is a mechanism from which they can pick and choose their own response to dissatisfaction with current affairs.

        With that said, there are only four things that citizens can do:

        1 Non-Violent Protest
        2 Economic Boycotts
        3 Locally Selected Candidates With Citizen Funded Campaigns
        4 Citizen Journalism

        The list of causes to which these four actions can be applied is almost infinite.

        What is needed is an information clearing house and technology that provides suggested action and direction on how to manifest these four actions.  So, in the minds eye, what if citizens could access a website that summarized every effective action they could take over the next week, next month, etc. and on a local, state and national level.  With that information, each citizen could channel their energies as best fit their level of enthusiasm and comfort.

        The technologies readily exist; the website could be built; people could volunteer their time to operate and manage it.  All it takes is a little vision and then diligence to build and maintain.

        "In America Today, Power Corrupts and Money Corrupts Absolutely" - Anonymous  
  • 99thMonkey (3872 posts)
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    3. We're in a pickle Snorty, but I like your fire.

    and determination to fight back.  I also share your conviction that Perez is the last straw.

    As someone said on another string, “The DNC elected Perez as Captain of the Titanic, to steer the party directly for the icebergs”.  Lucy and the football also come to mind.  The Dems will never “wake up”, they are never going to “learn”, they are never going to “listen”; because that would mean derailing their own cozy Gravy Train with Wall St/MIC/Corporatist interests.  The Dems have learned how to peddle their snake oil version of “liberalism”, to bait & switch true progressives, and laugh at us all the way to the bank.

    I suspect we may be near the same age, i.e. old fuckers, with similar impairments to our former creativity.  But, since you asked, I will offer my meager 2 cents.

    We need to begin the arduous task of coalition-building, starting at the Socialist/Progressive side of the spectrum, but by no means ending there.  Poll after poll shows that the American people ARE progressive in their views, in nearly every issue: on the environment, war & peace, big-money out of politics, minimum wage, health care, Social Security & Medicare, regulating Wall St., defunding the MIC, and on and on, issue after issue.

    This IS our moment in history for such a movement to take shape, grow legs and hit the ground running.  I think it’s absolutely imperative that we disabuse ourselves of debilitating notions, assumptions, i.e. the “conventional wisdom” about how lo-o-ong it will take to build a powerful 3rd party progressive coalition.  Previous efforts have been seriously hobbled by the fact that public opinion had not yet caught up with a progressive world view.  Today, this has all changed, dramatically changed.  Bernie’s brilliant campaign demonstrated this quite clearly.

    I plan on joining my local chapter of Democratic Socialist of America (DSA) as a starting point, to advocate for coalition-building with the Greens, et. al. with an eye towards 2020.

    Has such a thing ever happened before?  No.  Can be happen now? YES!!   $27 at a time.  Bernie has blazed that trial for us.  It is now begging to happen.



  • tularetom (2311 posts)
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    5. If the Dems want to ever be a major force in American politics again


    they better start convincing people that they can bring jobs back to America.  Thats why a lot of people voted for Trump.

    If you are middle aged, with limited or obsolete job skills, and little or no prospects of meaningful employment before your health begins to fail, transgender bathrooms is going to be pretty far down the list of issues that determine how you vote.

    And before anybody starts trashing me, I’m not opposed to transgender bathrooms, its just an example.  But if I were a “deplorable” rust belt voter, I might be more concerned about when and if I were ever going to be employed again, than who pees where.

    I went home with a waitress the way I always do  How was I to know she was with the russians, too?
    • 99thMonkey (3872 posts)
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      6. The Dems do NOT give a rats ass about winning or being a "major force"

      except for endless regime-change wars abroad and continuing to fleece the Middle Class to benefit Wall St.  They are not about to derail their very own Gravy Train.  Trust me on that.

      If you don’t see that by now, with Perez, I’m not sure what I can say to convince you :shrug:

      • tularetom (2311 posts)
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        9. Of course the DNC/Clinton/Obama neolib axis of evil don't care

        but the rank and file working class and middle class voter will eventually wake up to the fact that both parties are fucking them over.

        And if the jobs don’t come back, this little 200 year experiment in democracy is toast.

        I went home with a waitress the way I always do  How was I to know she was with the russians, too?
      • Snort McDork (2721 posts)
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        13. Another way to put it is….

        You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

        And the impression the Dem’s leave is they don’t really give a shit about us. Just ask the millions of people who lost their homes to Geithners foreclosure fire sale for the banks. And if tulanetom thinks the Dems will come around to their senses, I want to have what he’s smokin.

        • 99thMonkey (3872 posts)
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          15. +10

  • PADemD (1289 posts)
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  • aspirant (1931 posts)
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    10. The Bernie Model

    Bernie ran as an Independent, no party affiliation, until the 2016 election.

    He worked the streets and towns until people recognized his determination and progressive policies, then they joined in. Could this be a motivator for the Bernie supporters to get behind other like- minded Independents?

    The Independents aren’t a Party, but anyone can register and join the Team.

    They are the largest national group (43%) so running under their banner should get a good look over.

    This could help with any infighting among Progressive Parties because the Independent Team isn’t bound by specific platforms, they’re open to all ideas outside of the 2-Party system.

    Finding dedicated candidates who actually walk the walk can be most easily uncovered on a local level with the help of a statewide Team.

    You can call this Grassroots or Independent Thinkers but either way they are a necessary change from the status quo.

    • 99thMonkey (3872 posts)
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      11. +100!!!!!!!!!

  • Eggar (2093 posts)
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    12. I'm starting to like

    and looking more into what kliljedahl has been discussing



    • Snort McDork (2721 posts)
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      14. I'd like to make a request to one of the mods to add this to Daily Radical

      For future consumption.

  • Major Hogwash (3064 posts)
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    16. Which is a way that's clear?

    Still looking for . . that blue jean . . baby queen . . prettiest girl I’ve ever seen . . see her shake on the movie screen, Jimmy Dean

    Trump moya marionetka ~ Putin