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      JPR 3.0 is different compared to 2.0 …

      On 2.0, the reply button was on the bottom of a post. On 3.0, the button is on the top:

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      But I’m still confused by one thing: When I click on a Reply for a comment, as opposed to the OP, the reply box says “Reply To: [OP title]” as opposed to replying to the comment title. So I’m hesitant to post my comment lest it get nested in the wrong position.

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        and it’s not available in any of the formats. We are going to hire a programmer to create a plugin to fix things like this—but it’s going to take some time. It’s OK to trust it will go to the correct place, I’ve been testing it and it does work…

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      Since it looks like posts are running towards each other, and that line just before the responses up top, makes it look like it is part of the previous posts.

      Also, I can’t post again.

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      Cold Mountain Trail
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      except occasionally by context.

      Also, when I reply to a post, I generally cant post anything in the main text box unless I type something in the header, attempt but fail to post it — whereupon I am allowed to type in the main text box and then to post.

      However, in general, things seem to be getting easier.  Not sure if its just a learning process or if you all have been making some changes.

      anyway, thanks for hanging in there!

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      Finally worked!!  I got the little indicator down to the comment section !!!  but don’t know

      how I did it????

      Wanted to ask, wasn’t it possible to just use the same system that the old JPR used?

      Or whatever Reddit uses?  And/or aren’t there website set-ups on internet you can use

      while you develop your own system?

      Like the blue and white — and guessing these are stupid Qs so feel free to treat them that

      way.  Best wishes to you all.  Looking forward to being with you here.

      Do you need a minimal donation and how do we work that out???

      Prefer to send check — don’t use paypal.

      And I continue to ask, why are so many liberal sites/candidates using paypal to make

      the rich Banks richer?




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      I’m able to do it here, but I can’t do it here:  https://jackpineradicals.com/boards/topic/wikileaks-emails-expose-new-york-times-smearing-bernie-sanders-2020/

      I’ve tried to reply to it multiple times. I get the Hamster progress indicator, the page refreshes, and then I’m back trying to reply again. Like it doesn’t take. This has happened to me in several threads.

      Mods, I love you, but damn it sure gets frustrating.

      That being said, I know you guys are trying and I’m riding the rapids with you.



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      I can reply to anyone except to whoever is the last one to post on a thread, including this one. The blue “reply” does not appear at all.

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