White House task force could soon recommend Americans wear masks

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      CNN)Most members of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force have come to agree that Americans should begin wearing face coverings in public and could issue formal guidance on the matter soon, people familiar with the matter said.

      Trump signaled he was open to the idea during Tuesday’s White House briefing and members of the task force are working to draft recommendations on how to fashion the coverings to prevent spread of the virus.
      “My feeling is, if people want to do it, there’s certainly no harm to it. I would say do it,” Trump said Tuesday. “But use a scarf if you want, you know? Rather than going out and getting a mask or whatever.”
      His comments reflect a growing belief by administration officials that more needs to be done to prevent the spread of the virus by infected people who aren’t displaying symptoms. A fabric covering of the nose and mouth could prevent the virus from reaching other people, health experts believe.

      I feel much better since I gave up hope.

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      A worse than useless recommendation

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        the 2020 Census on-line.  They sent a second letter last week but no mask came with it either.  And now they will send a paper census form in the mail in April; without a mask.  (IMO, filling out a paper form and mailing it in is much safer than on-line compliance.)  I believe that the Pentagon has millions of N-95 masks for soldiers.

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      Only those who are coughing/sneezing should use facemasks (excluding health workers)

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      NV Wino
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      I’ll just whip out my trusty bandanna and rush right over there. I’ll probably have a cell phone in my hand, too. What could possibly go wrong? 🙄

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      Those cheap masks you see people wearing do little to protect them from catching the virus. They do work fairly well when someone who is carrying the virus wears one, but not the other way round, except in extremely close quarters.

      And what about people who have already had it or been exposed more then three weeks ago and developed no symptoms? Furthermore, whose gonna pay for ’em, Trumpie? I wonder which of his friends or family members have investments in face masks.

      We need test kits and ventilators, not mandatory face masks.

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      Red Cloud
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      Is this the same brilliant epidemiologist who claimed it was all a hoax?

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