White rats save only white, not black rats. Unless they're raised with black rats

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      Scientists at the University of Chicago further explored the nature of empathy in rats. They found that a white rat raised among only white rats will do nothing to save a black rat from a trap. Rats, like humans, can be biased in how they act on, or don’t act on, their empathy.

      In a variant of the experiment, a white rat raised among only black rats would save a black rat from a trap — but would fail to save other white rats.

      And a white rat raised among black and white rats rescued rats of both colors. The researchers found that it is not the rat’s color that determines which type of rat it will show empathy for, but the social context in which it was raised.

      In short, rats do not show empathy because of an innate recognition of similarity in physical appearance. Likewise, when human empathy can be partial, it is because the experiences of people from some groups are hidden from our view, which limits our empathy toward them.

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      That’s more amazing to me than the color stuff.

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      The little guys were pretty damn smart and made great companions.  They only live about 24-28 months which is why we stopped buying them.  Too many deaths.

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      My father raised geese and the white ones often stayed away from the others. Even avoided an older grey/white one when it was dying. I suspect it is because of color.


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