White supremacists have been infiltrating police departments for years — and now the problem is ‘10 times worse’: report

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      The FBI warned more than a decade ago that white supremacists had infiltrated the nation’s police departments, but now experts say the problem “has gotten 10 times worse.”

      An internal report, “White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement,” compiled in October 2006 has circulated for years in heavily redacted form, but 28 lawmakers have called on the FBI and the Department of Justice to finally release the full document, reported The Daily Beast.

      “This report is more than 14 years old,” said Rep. Norma Torres (D-CA), who’s leading the effort to force its release. “God knows where these officers that were looked at back then are in the rank and file of our police departments.”

      Numerous law enforcement officers have been revealed as members of far-right groups — which have grown more powerful and plentiful since the report was compiled — and experts say hate group members have found work as prosecutors, police officers, medical examiners and even judges.


      Bernie figured he could do more good ALIVE,
      than dead in a small plane "accident".
      I think he's right.

      Don't you?

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      Right wing groups in general, not just white supremacists. Not surprising. It’s a career that is a perfect fit for the more extreme end of that personality. Everything they value is there: strict hierarchies, law and order culture, power over others, devotion to authority, the uniforms, and all without the level of risk and sacrifice you may be required to face by joining the military.

      The current train of thought is right. You’d have to rebuild law enforcement from the ground up into something different, and even then the nature of the work just attracts that way of thinking, so the biggest challenge will be always be curbing the worst of their instincts while channeling their impulses in a prosocial manner. Difficult, but not impossible.

      In other news: Local Fish Found to Prefer Water to Land

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