White Supremacy Set the Stage for Texas’ Miserable Disaster Response

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      That’s roughly the Latinx, Black, Indigenous, and Asian population of Texas, which comprises nearly 60 percent of the state. Only 3 states and 69 countries have a larger total population. Denmark, Finland, and Norway combined do not total 17 million residents. Of the 13 cities in the U.S. with populations above 900,000 today, five are in Texas (Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Fort Worth) and only 25 to 48 percent “non-Hispanic whites.” Thus, any story of Texans freezing, dying or hospitalized from carbon monoxide poisoning, losing power for vital medical equipment, or suffering without water or pipes bursting is more than likely occurring among the states BIPOC majority.

      Outrage has erupted in Texas and throughout the nation, perhaps building on the momentum of the 2020 uprisings against white supremacy and police-perpetrated violence. Coming on the heels of the Trump-fueled mob attack on the Capitol and GOP refusal to hold the former president accountable, the catastrophe in Texas may be similar to the many “100-year” or “500-year” events that have now become commonplace. Floods, wildfires, freezes and heatwaves wreak havoc today but provide a preview of much worse effects to come from the compounded effects of industrial pollution and capitalist consumption.

      Second, Gov. Greg Abbott’s spurious scapegoating of renewable energy for the power outages—a perfect exposition of what Naomi Klein has called “disaster capitalism”—has escalated demands for a Green New Deal. More broadly, it has exposed the need for an immediate and transformative response to the climate crisis rooted in principles of climate justice that empower and uplift peoples in the global South and the most oppressed sectors of the global North bearing the brunt of the crisis.

      Third, Ted Cruz’s “let them eat cake” vacation to Cancun was a visible reminder of the cruelty of our political system — a system that rewards politicians propped up by corporate money, right-wing lies, and racist ideologies for blaming others and evading responsibility. The elites most responsible for the disastrous effects of climate change, racism, ableism, and poverty would have us believe that it is always others who must suffer instead of their own families.

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      Hitting great men in the balls is easy er somethin like that…

      2020 the year we realized the dangers of pseudo-realities are really real and that for safety sake we must really believe that, even though we really know pseudo reality isn't really reality.


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      ..it was unregulated,neoliberal capitalism.Pure and simple.Brought to you by Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

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      A lot of the states who rank towards the bottom in infrastructure are also some of the whitest (West Virginia, Iowa, South Dakota). It simply isn’t true that a large minority community is a requirement for bad policy to flourish.

      New deal, soc dem lite, policies getting cut down by the axe of neoliberalism was a lot more complicated than this racialist tunnel vision (just shout “white supremacy” or “racist” at everything) would suggest. One factor with a small element of truth is a poor substitute for a holistic analysis. In order to buy into this brand of racecraft you would have to believe corporations hate brown people more than they love money, and/or that they love white people as much as they love money.

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      Allowing public utilities to be run as capitalist enterprises caused this, not racism. Jesus H. Christ with a chainsaw.

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