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  • Tuesday (628 posts)
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    Who do you believe America?

    asks CNBC’s John Harwood on Twitter. Wikileaks or  US Intel Officials?

    Wikileaks 83%

    US Intel 13%



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  • sabrina (5959 posts)
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    1. There have been so many strange things happening. With all the efforts to

    demonize Assange and Wikileaks, the people decided for themselves who is deserving of credibility.

    Once the lies told about Iraq finally became indisputable, our government and its various agencies lost the power to influence people.

    The treatment of Whistleblowers over the course of the Obama administration, rather than do what they had hoped, discredit them, only made heroes of them.

    They have learned nothing from history,  when a government consistently lies to its people it eventually loses its power to influence them.

    It must be very disturbing to them that they have lost that power, and that TRUTH via Whistleblowers,  is prevailing.



  • PennLawyer (2090 posts)
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    2. I'll take Wikileaks for the win, please.

    • RealityCheck (705 posts)
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      3. US intel has already proven themselves to be wrong