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      I felt SO HOPEFUL at that moment. And the beauty continued with massive crowds at all his rallies. And continued further as his fundraising rose to this occasion and further buoyed me.And I thought a  dream was about to come true and  though I’m past retirement age I figured I’d have a good 10 years to watch things work the way I always believed they should. And I could get a preview of how life would be for my 2 kids and 5 grands after I was gone. And they wouldn’t have to live through the likes of Nixon Reagan Bush Bush hate greed fear poverty . I’ll never forget that ad.

      (Gotta make that song my new ear worm)


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      The first time I saw/heard this I wept, knowing that we were making history, which we did … just not the way I thought.

      I vastly underestimated the slimy depths that the DNC would stoop to, to  distort/ undermine/bugger the trajectory of the arc of justice.

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      I felt like we were embarking on a political reality inspired by occupy wall street, and rejecting the snake oil ‘hope and change’ with genuine hope and change. The grass roots support and enthusiasm to follow was contagious, and for a long while we believed that Bernie and us were the change that were waiting for.

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