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Home Topics in Depth Clinton- Leaks/Emails/DNC/3rd Way Who is your most despicable player in this election and why?

  • HootinHoller (821 posts)
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    Who is your most despicable player in this election and why?

    Nominating skinner or his wife will be removed without notice, but I feel ya.

    Who are the people that worked so hard to fuck over our country this election cycle?

    I’m assuming that Her and Him are in there.

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    To argue with a man who has renounced his reason is like giving medicine to the dead. - Thomas Paine

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    • NVBirdlady (3774 posts)
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      1. M$M – 1st Place CNN

      Reuters -2nd Place

      President Trump. Thanks DNC, HRC, DWS. #StillSanders. #NoDAPL  #NoKXL Giant Meteor 2020
      • bjo59 (3609 posts)
        Profile photo of bjo59 Donor

        14. I second that. No free press, no democracy.

        This election made it clear to many more people that the mainstream media is the propaganda wing of the corpo-state.  (Not that I think enough actually care.)

    • MistaP (5259 posts)
      Profile photo of MistaP Donor

      2. BROCK, and his army of trolls

      followed by all the state party officials that staged their 58 little “primaries”

      http://www.salon.com/2016/11/09/the-hillary-clinton-campaign-intentionally-created-donald-trump-with-its-pied-piper-strategy/ (Third Way = Bell Curve)
      • NJOCK (419 posts)
        Profile photo of NJOCK Donor

        25. You beat me to it

        That is the epicenter of this shit storm today

        “The first revolution is when you change your mind about how you look at things, and see there might be another way to look at it that you have not been shown. What you see later on is the results of that, but that revolution, that change that takes place will not be televised.” -Gil Scott-Heron
    • TwilightSporkle (1796 posts)
      Profile photo of TwilightSporkle

      3. I hear bad things about these "Rushyerr" and "Jiiinah" characters.

      Ahem. But really? The Berniebutters. These people who were all like “I like Bernie but…” – we now know at least some of them were doing this on a professional level for kickback, but i’m sure there were a lot of people who were genuinely, if ignorantly, making the argument. Thanks to these delightful folks we’re now faced with the current choices. I do hope they appreciate the outcome either way.

      What if I want to tell you to leave me and my beloved ones in peace

      But you only understand the language of the sword

      I let the blade do the talking

      So my tongue shall become iron

      And my words the mighty roar of war

    • MissDeeds (855 posts)
      Profile photo of MissDeeds Donor

      4. Three way tie

      between Herself, DWS, and the DNC for rigging the primary and cheating Bernie and all of us who voted for him.

      I hope Herself goes down in flames.

    • Rozinante (2953 posts)
      Profile photo of Rozinante

      5. Easy – DWS.

      If she had done her job, overseeing a fair and impartial primary process, we wouldn’t be in this predicament of having an unpopular, criminally corrupt, Corporstist, war-mongering, Democrat opposing a neo-fascist demogogue.

      However, it wasn’t unexpected. Anyone who saw her in action during the ’08 primary as Clinton’s Florida Campaign Chairperson probably figured out she’d tip the scales this year where and whenever possible. We even spoke up early on, knowing there were going to be shenanigans.

      this utter corruption of the Dem Party is why I left it. Reform isn’t going to be possible. Burn the motherfucker down, and sow the seeds for something new and positive to grow.

    • tularetom (1819 posts)
      Profile photo of tularetom Donor

      6. Barack MFing Obama and his fucking legacy

      He knew what a miserable lying bitch she is and if he told the truth he would have excised her stench from American politics forever.  She and Billy Bob have treated him like their personal lawn jockey and he just sat there and took it.  He could have squashed her like a bug but he opted to save her ass.  In return he gets to take credit for TPP, TTIP, and lands a fat payoff from some corporate think tank.

      I went home with a waitress the way I always do  How was I to know she was with the russians, too?
      • Rod Beauvex (296 posts)
        Profile photo of Rod Beauvex

        8. Yes.

        His role in this cannot be understated.

        • FanBoy (7985 posts)
          Profile photo of FanBoy

          12. i'd say that's on the electorate who didn't hold his feet to the fire, speak

          out, or ask anything of him

          the delusional electorate just as delusional as the ‘first woman president’ folks

    • NedDevine (506 posts)
      Profile photo of NedDevine

      7. The whole democratic party

      Except for two congressmen, not one of them came out for the only true viable candidate that spoke on the real issues facing Americans and the world. Didn’t it strike anyone as odd that in an open primary year, the party ran Her as if she were the incumbent?

      • share (355 posts)
        Profile photo of share

        43. But it was Her TURN!

        That one always burned me.

    • Cleita (2136 posts)
      Profile photo of Cleita

      9. Right now it's the DNC and the people running it, first

      Debbie Wasserman Schultz and now Donna Brazile all the way down to the local chapters. They are all corrupt and have made this election, which could have been one of the best since FDR was elected, a travesty of payola from lobbyists and the means justify the ends politics. I expected this from Republicans but not the Democrats.

    • truly (92 posts)
      Profile photo of truly Donor

      10. The American public/electorate.

      Hillary and her team are suckering so many progressives but only cause they are such an easy mark. Our system should be able to withstand the onslaught of the two horrible candidates chosen for us by the duopoly. But only if the electorate does their part.

      That folks who call themselves progressives, liberals or even just moderates can overlook that HRC and WJC absorbed over 200 million dollars from the monied interests and still think the HRC will not be corrupted by this is simply inconceivable.

      You and I don’t deserve what is coming our way, but as a Nation, in aggregate, we do.

      • FanBoy (7985 posts)
        Profile photo of FanBoy

        13. yep. americans are idiots who imagine they're intelligent.

        the folks at the office were babbling away about how historic this election is gonna be

        yeah, legal aid is gonna be completely defunded

    • incognito (1413 posts)
      Profile photo of incognito Donor

      11. The corrupt corporate owned MSM, OBAMA, DOJ and the FBI.

      Every one of them are major players in this and have let the destruction of our country move forward. They should all be tried for treason, but who’s going to arrest them? There are no honest brokers in our government. They saw our apathy and took advantage while they could. And it worked.

      And here we are, facing a misogynistic, xenophobic, bigoted buffoon or a warmongering, corrupt to the core felon who will be pounding in the final nail in our coffin and most likely by a nuclear war…if the warmongering felon has her way. I so hope she’s stopped by someone /something.

      Whatever happened to the NYPD that said THEY would release all the dirt on the warmongering felon if Comey didn’t arrest her? More hyperbole by RWers?

      • Akallabeth (2234 posts)
        Profile photo of Akallabeth

        18. Why DOJ? / global coup.

        why FBI?

        I’m not trying to claim they are blameless in all things but I think the overwhelmingly evil players have to be the selling out of the public over the last twenty five or thirty years by the people who control the “two parties”, the mega banks and drug companies and insurance companies and energy companies and the people who collude with them.. (to the detriment of all society)  They are also teamed up with the WTO/OECD/World Bank, IMF, and so on which are ALSO run by the global ultra wealthy and their corporations-

        They’re literally taking over the whole world and ending democracy in all respects – leaving us with a sham- democracy in name only with their trade deals.

        Thats why Hillary-Trump is getting shoved down our throats NOW (along with lies about how we’ll be able to reverse any damage in four years. etc. we wont be able to, thats a bad joke.)

        Its all happening because jobs are going away for good fast, due to exponentially improving labor saving technology. So in 20-30 years there will be practically no jobs. So the goal is to lock down the future and end the safety nets irreversibly now while they still can.

        Its a global coup.

        "Out of many, one"
      • Koko (3345 posts)
        Profile photo of Koko Donor

        21. I'd add another……

        to the list.  Our Democratic Party that sold us out to get the spoils and rewards of the Republicans to make themselves prosper.

        The Wikileaks Podesta revelations show it all.  We suspected our Dems had gone afoul…now we have evidence.  Problem is…what do we do about it when even those we trusted have turned to the dark side and shafted us in the back?

        We got Bernie enough small donor funds to run to the finish.  When are we going to put together crowd funding for an independent media, featuring investigative reporting, given that Obama has pretty much made whistle blowers an example for Govt. crackdown and set the stage for the “Final Solution” for the Dem Left (FDR Dems)?  :shrug:

        I miss Bill Moyers and his efforts.  We have to find someone to lead a Mainstream Media Revolution.



        • incognito (1413 posts)
          Profile photo of incognito Donor

          24. Completely agree, Koko!

          That list is long.

          The corporations have made sure the talking heads spew their propaganda. There’s not one person in the corrupt corporate owned MSM I could see taking a stand on this. Their paychecks are too big to give up.They’ve all sold us out. Every-Single-One-of-them. There’s no more Bill Moyers, Walter Cronkite or Edward R. Murrow and if they existed, look at what the did to Dan Rather!

    • kelly (428 posts)
      Profile photo of kelly Banned

      15. AP

      the corporatized information resources of our country are

      Public Enemy Number One.


      that should be common knowledge and widely stated over the next few years.

      • MistaP (5259 posts)
        Profile photo of MistaP Donor

        26. Oehlemacher!

        http://www.salon.com/2016/11/09/the-hillary-clinton-campaign-intentionally-created-donald-trump-with-its-pied-piper-strategy/ (Third Way = Bell Curve)
    • gordyfl (383 posts)
      Profile photo of gordyfl

      16. David Brock.

      Donna Brazille, NY Daily News, Bill Clinton, Debbie Wasserman, Nevada Convention Officials, Gloria Steinem.

      • Koko (3345 posts)
        Profile photo of Koko Donor

        23. Who hired Brock, though?

        The Clintons.

    • Totally Liberal Dem (1479 posts)
      Profile photo of Totally Liberal Dem Donor

      17. Donna Brazile

      Today, on the news, I heard her say that she is just fine with all that she did.  Talk about deplorable.

    • Night Shifter (482 posts)
      Profile photo of Night Shifter Donor

      19. Starts at the top… Soros and the rest of the financial elites

      • FanBoy (7985 posts)
        Profile photo of FanBoy

        51. thats whos really fighting — the hidden owners of power

    • changewillcome (113 posts)
      Profile photo of changewillcome

      20. James Comey. If he abided by the law, HRH would be finished. n/t

      • Wet Blanket (167 posts)
        Profile photo of Wet Blanket

        30. I disagree, I think Comey got sandbagged by Lynch & Obama

        Even if Comey had recommended charges be brought against Clinton, it would have been up to the DOJ to proceed with the case and they would have strung the case out until well after the election.

        I think the President told Lynch to make sure there would be no indictment and to let the Clinton’s know, hence the meeting at the airport that we never would have found out about if some airport worker hadn’t called someone in the local news.

        As to why the President told Lynch to make sure there was no indictment, I have two theories: the first theory is that the Clinton’s had something on Obama that would have destroyed him publicly; the second theory is that a trial would have brought into the light not only how many important Democrats knew about the private server, but that many of them also had a private server so that they could communicate with being subject to FOIA requests or having the information become part of the official government record.

        The MSM is not our friend.  Always wonder what agenda a news story is trying to push.
    • Matariki (2246 posts)
      Profile photo of Matariki Admin Emeritus

      22. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is high on my list of despicables.

      Mike Pence too, even more so than blowhard Trump.

      Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc.
    • HawkeyeX (702 posts)
      Profile photo of HawkeyeX Donor

      27. I'm sorry but I'm nominating Skinflint and his wife.

      They threw us out. Nothing but Hillary adoration. JPR was established, and I thank Skinflint for it, and I haven’t even bothered with the other place, and it’s taking a huge nosedive and taking in a lot of water.

      Skinflint will have no choice but to sell the website for a dollar once he is cut off from the HRC trough tomorrow.


      • VoiceOfReason (989 posts)
        Profile photo of VoiceOfReason Banned

        54. Hey, I know him

        He’s a real jagoff, a faker, and a liar.

        "Men who do evil brilliantly are often admired"  Voltaire BERN BABY BERN!!  War is madness!
    • Mario (275 posts)
      Profile photo of Mario

      28. The HRC Dirty Dozen IMO…

      1. MSNBC
      2. CNN
      3. David Brock
      4. Donna Brazille
      5. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
      6. John Podesta
      7. George Soros
      8. Bill Clinton
      9. Loretta Lynch
      10. Obama
      11. Cheryl Mills
      12. Huma Abedin
    • Betty Karlson (3349 posts)
      Profile photo of Betty Karlson

      29. Clinton

      for destroying everything and anyone in her vain-glorious quest to be the first pair of mass-murdering labia in the oval office.

      "Someone hacks the DNC allowing all of America to see how the DNC operates as one of the most corrupt political machines in national history. Ergo, Hillary Clinton should be installed as President by judicial fiat. And if you do not agree to this scheme you deserve to be brought up on charges of treason because fascism." - NUGrrl, december 2016 “Once a person has been determined to be an UNTRUSTWORTHY LIAR, their pretend stances on important issues are simply not relevant to rational discussion.” – Ida Briggs, September 2016
      • The Crone (3078 posts)
        Profile photo of The Crone Donor

        58. ROTFLMA!

        Thank you. That was very well done.

        "Let us not seek the Republican answer nor the Democratic answer but the right answer." John F. Kennedy   America is the only country that has real   lemons in its furniture polish, and artificial lemon flavoring  in its lemonade!
    • CharlotteVale (177 posts)
      Profile photo of CharlotteVale

      31. Obama. He showed what a sham the Democratic party is.

      But that doesn’t mean I don’t think Trump is a million times worse.

    • Flygirl (2631 posts)
      Profile photo of Flygirl

      32. All the Super Delegates that pledged to Hillary before the people

      in their states voted in the Primary,..this is on them!!

      According to the DNC I am a Wife of a Taco Bowl Member!
    • Satan (2032 posts)
      Profile photo of Satan

      33. Debbie Scatterbrained Lush

      That crackhead poodle was responsible for 900+ Democrats nationwide losing their seats, because the ONLY thing she ever gave a shit about was installing her precious Queen Weathervane as President.

      And when it was clear that Hillary couldn’t win the primaries, she made sure they were stolen.

      And even THAT wasn’t enough. Yeah, they kicked her out of the big chair, but the damage was done. And will probably never be undone.

      Fuck you Debbie. Fuck you sideways with a dull rusty pitchfork.


      Fuck the DLC, Third Way, and Emily's List. They have proven themselves to be a threat to all life on Earth.
      • VoiceOfReason (989 posts)
        Profile photo of VoiceOfReason Banned

        55. Crackhead poodle?


        "Men who do evil brilliantly are often admired"  Voltaire BERN BABY BERN!!  War is madness!
    • Sunflower (519 posts)
      Profile photo of Sunflower Donor

      34. Hillary is

      She is the one who let this happen.  This is the way she campaigns.  I remember when she ran in 08 against Obama.

    • RealityCheck (705 posts)
      Profile photo of RealityCheck

      35. Let me try to narrow this down …..

      THE  DNC  TENT 

    • Blue Meany (338 posts)
      Profile photo of Blue Meany

      38. I vote for the actors we have not yet identified, who skewed the count in

      13 states, who hacked and purged Bernie voters from the rolls in Arizona and who attempted to do so in Illinois.  The hacking of these voter rolls were the first ones the FBI suggested might be Russian origin, because they launched attacks from servers owned by a Russian (though most of these servers are in the US and Europe); but the the FBI never followed up when the Russian owner offered to cooperate to help find the hackers.

    • Whisp (2047 posts)
      Profile photo of Whisp Banned

      39. The Clintons – the heads of the rotting snakes.

      “Non-conformity is the only real passion worth being ruled by.” ― Julian Assange
    • Flygirl (2631 posts)
      Profile photo of Flygirl

      40. Hillary..

      According to the DNC I am a Wife of a Taco Bowl Member!
    • Piperay (530 posts)
      Profile photo of Piperay

      41. Barbara Boxer is right up there IMO, maybe not the most despicable

      but I can never forget her lies about what happened in Nevada and her blowing “kisses” to the Bernie people. :grr:

    • goodgirl (2185 posts)
      Profile photo of goodgirl Donor

      42. Hillary.

      Arrogant entitled lying witch.

      Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.    John F. Kennedy
    • notesdev (1729 posts)
      Profile photo of notesdev Banned

      44. It would have to be Clinton herself

      In addition to being the living embodiment of graft, she is a big time criminal with a lot of blood on her hands… and everyone with a lick of sense knew it.


    • TRex (2229 posts)
      Profile photo of TRex

      45. Well since it seems we all know who is to blame.

      I feel that. Beyond our little blogsphere – my number one ratfucker of the year award goes to – our corporate press for creating and talking non stop about Trump.

      Runner ups would be a tie between the CIA and Congress.

      We can thank the rich for one thing - times are changing due to the silent depression in the working class. I don't think the rich will be happy with the changes, but they forced it upon themselves through greed and avarice.
      • Rosa Luxemburg (1149 posts)
        Profile photo of Rosa Luxemburg Donor

        46. yes the MSM gave up Trump on a plate

        Trump salt trumpG7
        • TRex (2229 posts)
          Profile photo of TRex

          47. NPR wants to coronate him as king of reality.

          They gush and gush over him. Twilight Zone strange.

          We can thank the rich for one thing - times are changing due to the silent depression in the working class. I don't think the rich will be happy with the changes, but they forced it upon themselves through greed and avarice.
      • Salemcourt (389 posts)
        Profile photo of Salemcourt Donor

        52. The press

        tried to give us HRC.  We escaped that bullet.

        • TRex (2229 posts)
          Profile photo of TRex

          53. Everyone in the digital media world thought she would win.

          Well, not everyone. MMoore said Trump would win and everyone laughed at him. Ellison said Trump was a serious threat and got laughed off stage.



          We can thank the rich for one thing - times are changing due to the silent depression in the working class. I don't think the rich will be happy with the changes, but they forced it upon themselves through greed and avarice.
    • Badger Badger (78 posts)
      Profile photo of Badger Badger Banned

      48. Many good nominees here, but I will add a new one

      Clinton is the biggest failure in this whole thing.  She lost Wisconsin in the primary by 15 points to Bernie and then NEVER campaigned in the state even though an honest man like Russ Feingold was begging her to bring some excitement to the race in the Badger State.  This was just shameful, but there were big fundraisers in California, ya know…  A Clinton pass up FREE MONEY?!?!?!

      But the MSNBC lineup of Clintonbots, none worse than Rachel Maddow, really set up this whole disaster — remember — if Clinton wins, all of this would have been hush-hushed.   It was only after the election that Obama had the “courage” (or is it arrogance) to come forward.

      I decided I had to turn off Rachel when she was boastfully and laughingly claiming that PPP (bogus dem polls) not only proved that Clinton would win in a landslide, but that bedbugs were more popular than Donald Trump!

      I don’t even want to know what disgusting creature is now more pop-pop-popular than Hillary Clinton.  But over at DU and DK, morons want to bring her back for 2020, even going so far to say she will be a “shoe-in” by historic landslide proportions — just INSANE!

      That solid 4 hours of Clinton propaganda every weeknight on MSNBC was not enough to, you know, actually get people to think she was worth getting out and voting for.  Please don’t forget, she spent almost TWICE what tRump spent.  Please help us if Hillary (or any Clinton) ever gets catapulted onto the national stage like this again.

      Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, Argh! Snake, a snake! Snaaake! A snaaaake, oooh its a snake!
      • The Crone (3078 posts)
        Profile photo of The Crone Donor

        50. I am hearing Clinton thinks she

        Should replace DeBlasio in NYC! A tragedy if it happens to NYC, but at least she won’t be attempting to be President if she’s mayor.

        "Let us not seek the Republican answer nor the Democratic answer but the right answer." John F. Kennedy   America is the only country that has real   lemons in its furniture polish, and artificial lemon flavoring  in its lemonade!
    • The Crone (3078 posts)
      Profile photo of The Crone Donor

      49. Kamela Harris would make my top five.

      She held the Office of State Attorney General in California during a time when Californians were hard hit by the housing collapse, and while Obama and Eric Holder arranged raids on people in poor neighborhoods where it was assumed that folks might be growing pot.

      She never punished Mnuchen, the head of a major banking firm here. Now this criminal will go on to head Treasury, which would not be happening if he’d been indicted. And she certainly didn’t try and stop Holder from his pot raids. Stopping him might not have been that hard, as often the raids occurred without warrants.

      Somehow she is perceived as being progressive, but it’s another case of an attractive person of color appealing to people. The public so often  reads into a person’s character what we want to see, not what they truly are. It’s a shame as California deserves a decent US Senator, not another Di Fi or HRC-type.

      Jimmy Dore does a great smack down of Harris here:

      "Let us not seek the Republican answer nor the Democratic answer but the right answer." John F. Kennedy   America is the only country that has real   lemons in its furniture polish, and artificial lemon flavoring  in its lemonade!
      • VoiceOfReason (989 posts)
        Profile photo of VoiceOfReason Banned

        56. The electric college

        They juiced real democracy.

        "Men who do evil brilliantly are often admired"  Voltaire BERN BABY BERN!!  War is madness!
    • Aya Reiko (20 posts)
      Profile photo of Aya Reiko

      57. My Top 3

      1. DWS and the DNC for running a sham and utterly corrupt primary

      2. The M$M and CNN in particular for selling its soul (and legitimacy) to Her.

      3. The Queen Moron HerSelf. Unqualified, unpopular, and ran an idiotic campaign.

      • clg311 (41 posts)
        Profile photo of clg311

        59. Paul Krugman

        Attacking Sanders for advocating his policies, giving faux progressives justification for supporting Clinton.

        He was very much like Fred McMurray’s character on the Caine Mutiny.