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  • Scott Crowder (643 posts)
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    Who "They" are

    Someone was asking this question on another diary.  It was a question brought up in the 70’s to try to discredit the left back then and IMO it worked.

    Well, nowadays we know exactly who “they” are and who they’ve always been.  So I’ll let you younger folks in on it:

    In the early 30’s Prescott Bush plotted a military coup to overthrow FDR.  It never happened because the man they approached, Smedley Butler, blew the lid off the entire enterprise.


    In 1933, Butler was approached by men representing a clique of multi-millionaire industrialists and bankers. They hated U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) with a passion, and saw his “New Deal” policies as the start of a communist take-over that threatened their interests. FDR even had the temerity to announce that the U.S. would stop using its military to interfere in Latin American affairs! Wall Street’s plutocrats were aghast! They had long been accustomed to wielding tremendous control over the government’s economic policies, including the use of U.S. forces to protect their precious foreign investments. Because of Butler’s steadfast military role in upholding U.S. business interests abroad, the plotters mistakenly thought they could recruit him to muster a “super-army” of veterans to use as pawns in their plan to subjugate or, if necessary, eliminate FDR.

    Butler played along in order to determine who was behind the plot. He later testifying under oath before the MacCormack-Dickstein House Committee on un-American Activities. During that testimony Butler named those who were directly involved in the plot. He also identified an powerful organization that was behind the scenes coordinating and backing the plot. This organization, the American Liberty League, was comprised of some of America’s wealthiest bankers, financiers and corporate executives. (Click the American Liberty League link for details on the League’s main backers.)

    Dig deeper and you find that a very large percentage of those people had KKK ties.  These people then went on to form the CIA.  This organization was never about counter intelligence.  It was created from day one to be a rogue entity to use against the working class and the left.

    The Deep State is an unholy alliance between the Deep South and banksters on Wall St.

    It was later, in the 60’s that the CIA killed Kennedy when he threatened to dismantle the organization.

    They targeted “FDR” Democrats, civil rights leaders, etc.  Thus the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, MLK, etc.

    In the 70’s, the neocons – Dick Cheney was put in charge of this as WH Chief of Staff – began the dismantling of the New Deal.  In the 80’s their man Reagan continued the fascists agenda.  George Bush had taken over for his daddy by this time.  Bush has been identified as having been involved in the Kennedy Assassination, indicating the Bush families central role in the neocon movement to destroy FDR’s legacy.

    Bill Clinton aided the CIA drug smuggling operations of the 80’s.  He allowed heroin to be landed at runways in Arkansas.  This was during the Drugs for Weapons days of the Reagan administration.  His reward for being part of the CIA-Bush-Deep State regime was becoming the next POTUS.  Then came Bush Jr.  then Obama.  Now Trump.

    People can claim Hillary was supposed to be next, but Trump just pulled back the ban on highly lethal viruses.

    As I have been saying for over a decade and have said here many times, the next step in the neocon agenda, as detailed in the PNAC

    Cheney was a founder for the Project for a New American Century (PNAC).  This is the neocon Holy Grail.  If you want to know what they plan for America’s future, just read that.  It contains all sorts of wonderful ideas, like how a “Pearl Harbor” type event would be necessary to propel America into their “process of transformation”.  A completely “Ledeenian” type of statement.  Or how we should develop genome-specific bioweapons.  Eugenics being right up Michael Ledeen’s alley, I suppose.

    So Trump is merely continuing the agenda of the Deep State. Meaning all this Russiagate crap is exactly what most of us have been saying all along: a diversion from the Democrats stealing the primary from Bernie and fear mongering to keep Democrats in line and continue voting “lesser evil” instead of creating a viable third party to challenge their power.

    Let’s not forget what the agenda of the Deep State is and always was:  Nazi fascism and southern racism.  That’s why Nixon started the War on Drugs.

    …by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”

    Their next step is to develop genome specific bioweapons, ie, The Final Solution.

    Stop worrying so much about who “They” are and start asking yourself:  what needs to be done to stop them?

    I’m going to Edit to add more to this: 

    Prescott Bush, as has been pointed out in the comments below, was in league with the financier of Nazi Germany while at Harriman Brown Bros. Investment firm.  The members of this firm were all members at Yales Skull and Bones society.  The Skull and Bones were established in 1856 as Russell Trust Association. By 1978, all business by Russell Trust was handled by its lone trustee, Brown Brothers Harriman partner John B. Madden, Jr. Madden started with Brown Brothers Harriman in 1946, under senior partner Prescott Bush.

    This Society is what linked the southern racists forever with the banksters and industrialists.

    Yale was the northern college favored by southern slave-owning would-be aristocrats. Among Yale’s southern students were John C. Calhoun, later the famous South Carolina defender of slavery against nationalism, and Judah P. Benjamin, later Secretary of State for the slave-owners’ Confederacy.

    Young South Carolinian Joseph Heatly Dulles, whose family bought their slaves with the money from contract-security work for the British conquerors in India, was in a previous secret Yale group, the “Society of Brothers in Unity.” At Yale Dulles worked with the Northern secessionists and attached himself to Daniel Lord; their two families clove together in the fashion of a gang. The Lords became powerful Anglo-American Wall Street lawyers, and J.H. Dulles’s grandson was the father of Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles.

    Yep, the Deep State connection is clear.  The Dulles made certain that the CIA was a rogue entity from its inception.  And to this day, there traditional business endeavor – drug running – is a well known CIA staple.

    Skull and Bones–the Russell Trust Association–was first established among the class graduating from Yale in 1833. Its founder was William Huntington Russell of Middletown, Connecticut. The Russell family was the master of incalculable wealth derived from the largest U.S. criminal organization of the nineteenth century: Russell and Company, the great opium syndicate.

    Samuel Russell, second cousin to Bones founder William H., established Russell and Company in 1823. Its business was to acquire opium from Turkey and smuggle it into China, where it was strictly prohibited, under the armed protection of the British Empire.

    In my Usual Suspects series, I uncovered evidence of this ongoing opium syndicate operating in Turkey.  The Usual Suspects:  The Heroin Connection

    In 1995 Perle, along with Douglas Feith, illegally act as advisors to the government of Bosnia during the Dayton peace talks without registering with the Department of Justice, as required by law.  Perle goes on to serve as military advisor to Bosnia.  Within months, Perle is lobbying to get Turkey to arm and train Bosnian muslims, which he claims is of vital interest to the United States.

    It is soon after this that it becomes apparent to Interpol that the KLA has taken over heroin trafficking from Turkish criminal elements and that the KLA is also receiving protection from the US.  Intercepted messages speak of the desire to drown the western infidels in drugs.  Interpol realizes that Turkish-Albanian drug smuggling and political activities are deeply intertwined and that Osama bin Ladin is involved.
    Perle was a signatory on the PNAC letter sent to President Clinton in 1998 calling for him to use military force against the Serbs.  They urge Clinton to support the KLA.

    As is also pointed out in the comments below, the Business Plot involved the Morgan Bank (though not the Harriman Bros).  That would be John Pierpont Morgan.  The Pierponts were Skull and Bones.  One of them administered the estate of Benedict Arnold.

    So a Society founded by southern secessionists and Tories, neither of whom sided with the founding fathers, but believed in Authoritarianism, found friends in Nazi Germany, snuck German scientists out at the wars end, worked with closely with the Nazi parties chief financier, founded the CIA and hated the New Deal has existed for nearly 2 centuries and people still ask who “they” are?

    Koko, TRex, mntleo2 and 50 othersPuffGranny, ccinamon, Segami, JEB, VagrantPeters, 7wo7rees, Baba OhReally, Pacco Fransisco, ElfinWilde, leveymg, Ichingcarpenter, Deadpool, hypergrove, Salemcourt, tokenlib, Harold, NJOCK, Ferd Berfel, ctsnowman, Phlem, xynthee, djean111, iggy, jwirr, h-32, Enthusiast, Colors of the Rainbow, Grateful Curd, ThinkingANew, chknltl, ravensong, slay, Haikugal, glinda, Marym625, Cassiopeia, talkstoclouds, hopemountain, ThouArtThat, PADemD, incognito, Peace Patriot, DamnYankeeInHouston, GloriaMundi, OCMI, 99thMonkey, 3FingerBrown, Johnny Rash, caliny, bemildred like this
    Think of all the “moderates” who, throughout history, have failed to oppose state-sanctioned aggression, oppression, and abuse, from slavery to child labor, while maligning those who call for change as dangerous and misguided, violent radicals. And yet, in retrospect, when a renewed social contract is established as the new normal, the unlawful actions that brought about these societal shifts are turned into mythical tales of nationalistic heroism and dates for kids to memorize at school.

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  • 1 week ago #29
    • Johnny Rash (1174 posts)
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      1. Definitely Bookmarked for later.

    • 99thMonkey (3869 posts)
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      2. +++ 1000 Recs times 42!

      Wow.  This is by far the most important story out there.  By. Far.

      If we don’t somehow stop this in its tracks, we and everything we care about are done for; and it may already be too late.

      Nominated for Daily Radical, if I may.

    • RufusTFirefly (2724 posts)
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      3. I think you're overselling Prescott's role in the Business Plot

      Not that he wasn’t a fascist sympathizer who traded with the enemy,  but I’ve never seen convincing evidence of his role in the plot.

      I hate to see one unverified fact run the risk of undermining what is otherwise a bombshell of a story.

      P.S. Did you suggest that Reagan was on the Warren Commission??? He definitely was not. You should really fact check your post. The errors do a real disservice to some important points.

      • Scott Crowder (643 posts)
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        9. my bad totally about Reagan

        I dont remember how I first thought Reagan was on the Warren Commision but had you asked me 30 years ago I would have said so.  I looked it up after your remark and realized Id been mistaken.    I no longer remember how I came to be mistaken about that.

        I will edit it when I get home.  My phone doesnt do well in that department.

        Think of all the “moderates” who, throughout history, have failed to oppose state-sanctioned aggression, oppression, and abuse, from slavery to child labor, while maligning those who call for change as dangerous and misguided, violent radicals. And yet, in retrospect, when a renewed social contract is established as the new normal, the unlawful actions that brought about these societal shifts are turned into mythical tales of nationalistic heroism and dates for kids to memorize at school.
        • hopemountain (2342 posts)
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          13. reagan accepted the Grace Commission Report of 1984

          this report exposed the IRS as a fraud to some – that collects taxes for banking dynasties.

          there were other commission reports reagan accepted and announced to the american public – including the tower commission reporting of the iran-contra affair.

          "economic and environmental justice is spiritual work." ~ tom b. k. goldtooth .... "question everything – including, organizations touting labels proclaiming stewardship of living things and high ideals when in truth, they fanatically practice the stewardship of exploitation, greed, and destruction."
        • leveymg (3802 posts)
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          16. Mr Firefly is right about Prescott Bush not being involved

          in the Bankers Plot. That was a Morgan Bank centered conspiracy that also involved many of the RIght-wing arms merchants and industrialists implicated in the Merchants of Death hearings.

          P Bush and his in-law George Herbert Walker were instead executives at Harriman Brown Bros. Investment firm which during the Nazi era fed Wall Street capital to the German Steel Trust that rearmed the Third Reich’s military. Bush and Walker managed the Silesian-American Company that owned the land on which the IG Farbin synthetic oil and rubber plants were built in Silesia, a coal rich region of Poland bordering Germany occupied by the Nazis. The Silesian-American company was managed by Bush and Walker until it was seized by the Custodian of Enemy Property in 1942.

          Silesian-American company land was developed into the Auschwitz concentration camp that provided slave labor for the plants and mines on the site.

          • Scott Crowder (643 posts)
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            22. It's difficult to believe that he wasn't involved, all things considered.

            Consider that  Robert Sterling Clark graduated Yale in 1899.  Prescott Bush and his Harriman connections go back to Yale where they were members of Skull and Bones established in 1856 as Russell Trust Association.  By 1978, all business by Russell Trust was handled by its lone trustee, Brown Brothers Harriman partner John B. Madden, Jr. Madden started with Brown Brothers Harriman in 1946, under senior partner Prescott Bush, George Bush’s father.  Why is this important?  Because Russell Trust Association ie, Skull and Bones, founding members were all secessionists or New England Tories.  Here‘s a good history.

            That is the unholy alliance of banksters and southern racists I’m speaking of and the Business Plot and Bush’s involvement in it is less important of a detail concerning who “they’ are.   But it would seem a stretch to think that Prescott, being at that time the leader of Skull and Bones, wasn’t ultimately the leader behind the Business Plot because if Skull and Bones aren’t behind the plot, who has that kind of money that isn’t directly mixed up with them?

            Sterling Clark had the $30 million, in fact, that is considered to have been his worth at that time.  So where does the other $270 million come from?

            Clark served under Butler in the Boxer Rebellion.  So tapping Butler made sense and so did running it through Clark.  But who sent Clark that fits the bill of “economic royalists” that would have been so against the New Deal?  History shows that for the rest of the 20th century it was the Bush family that led the assault on the New Deal.

            So when John Buchannon says he read the material that the committee had and says it concludes Prescott Bush led this group, I’m inclined to believe him because that’s the only known group out there that this could have possibly been.

            Think of all the “moderates” who, throughout history, have failed to oppose state-sanctioned aggression, oppression, and abuse, from slavery to child labor, while maligning those who call for change as dangerous and misguided, violent radicals. And yet, in retrospect, when a renewed social contract is established as the new normal, the unlawful actions that brought about these societal shifts are turned into mythical tales of nationalistic heroism and dates for kids to memorize at school.
            • leveymg (3802 posts)
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              24. At the time of the BizPlot ('33) PBush was a junior partner at Brown Bros Harr.

              In 1924, Bush became vice-president of the investment bank A. Harriman & Co. where his father-in-law, George Herbert Walker was president. Bush’s Yale classmates and fellow Bonesmen E. Roland Harriman and Knight Woolley also worked with the company.

              In 1925, he joined the United States Rubber Company of New York City as manager of the foreign division, and moved to Greenwich, Connecticut.

              In 1931, he became a partner of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., which was created through the 1931 amalgamation of A. Harriman & Co with Brown Bros. & Co., (a merchant bank founded in Philadelphia in 1818) and with Harriman Brothers & Co. (established in New York City in 1927).

              In 1942, at the time the company was seized by the US Gov’t Enemy Property Custodian, E. Roland Harriman owned tens of thousands of shares of Union Banking Corporation (UBC), which had an interlocking board and common ownership with the US holding company for Silesian-American Corporation (SACO), while Bush and the other Directors each owned one share of UBC.  [See below]

              Both UBC and SACO were seized by the Enemy Property Office at that time.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silesian-American_Corporation

              SACO was 100% owned by: the Silesian Holding Company (51% of common stock and 58,33% of preferred stock) and Giesche, a German mining company (49% of common stock and 41,67% of preferred stock). Silesian Holding Company was owned by Anaconda Copper Mining (65%) and W. Averell Harriman. Harriman’s portion would later be owned by Harriman, close affiliates and associates.


          • RufusTFirefly (2724 posts)
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            25. Thanks leveymg! Thanks especially for mentioning the Nye Commission

            There was a great deal of overlap between the subjects of the Nye (“Merchants of Death”) Commission and the alleged conspirators in the Business Plot.

            Both sets of hearings were abandoned under rather suspicious circumstances. With investigations into the Business Plot, the star witness (Gerald Maguire) died suddenly. As for the  Nye Commission, what amounts to a temper tantrum after Woodrow Wilson’s name was disparaged led Congress to abruptly pull the plug on the Commission’s funding. Lost in the shuffle were the fact that McCormack-Dickstein (despite considerable media ridicule) concluded that the allegations of a fascist plot were legitimate and the fact that the Nye Commission was steadily leading to the recommendation that the U.S. weapons industry should be nationalized.

            • leveymg (3802 posts)
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              26. Look at what happened to the Nye Committee's Assn't Counsel, Alger Hiss.

              The Merchants of Death/Business Plotters not only got away with war crimes and conspiring to overthrow FDR, they also got their vengance during the McCarthy period against anyone who had gone after them still in government.  The technique of Red-baiting and prosecutions during the current Russiagate prosecutions echo that episode: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McCarthyism

              In January 1950, Alger Hiss, a high-level State Department official, was convicted of perjury. Hiss was in effect found guilty of espionage; the statute of limitations had run out for that crime, but he was convicted of having perjured himself when he denied that charge in earlier testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee.


              • RufusTFirefly (2724 posts)
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                31. Yes. Excellent point

                Both horse trading and payback are the subtext of power politics. One theory suggests that FDR went easy on the Business Plotters because he worried the revelation would swing the pendulum too far to the Left. (FDR was a reformer, not a radical.)

                The timing of the plot revelations also makes one wonder if it influenced Roosevelt’s decision not to endorse Sinclair in the California gubernatorial race. (Sinclair seemed to think than an endorsement was imminent. But he was prone to losing perspective from time to time.)

                • leveymg (3802 posts)
                  Profile photo of leveymg

                  32. Considering what had happened in Italy and Germany, FDR risked a Fascist

                  takeover if he had been unable to effectively prosecute the powerful bankers, industrialists, and American Legionaires involved in the plot.  So, like Obama in dealing with Wall Street seven decades later, FDR gave them all a pass.

                  Which, of course, emboldened them to take over the country, later.

                  • RufusTFirefly (2724 posts)
                    Profile photo of RufusTFirefly Donor

                    34. Yes. And if there's one lesson we can learn from the Right…

                    … it’s to focus on the “long game.”

                    Over the past few years, I’ve read a number of books that confirm this, including

                    Right Out of California, by Kathryn Olmstead;

                    Invisible Hands, by Kim Phillips-Fein;

                    and Democracy in Chains, by Nancy MacLean.

                    So you can see how Baker’s book would be right up my alley. 


                    • leveymg (3802 posts)
                      Profile photo of leveymg

                      35. I hate seeing a lot of seemingly intelligent people repeating the same mistakes

                      One is the way that the Left repeatedly loses because we are the only ones who behave as if there are real rules and ethics in politics, or even facts, rather than just the shifting appearance of the same.

                      The Right learned a long time ago that law and truth are situational, decades before James Buchanan’s Public Choice Theory won him the 1986 Nobel Prize for Economics.  Frank Knight’s Chicago School of Economics taught Buchanan and popularized the insight that the majority must be deceived to abandon their economic self-interest, and turned that into prevailing political economic doctrine.   To Knight:

                      “‘Persuasion,’ in the distinctive and proper meaning of that term, the core of which is deception.” -Knight, “The Meaning of Democracy: Its Politico-economic Structure and Ideals” (1941), in idem, Freedom and Reform, 227.

                      But, that really goes back to dawn of the idea of [a limited] Democracy, to the Platonic cave of shadows and illusion the modern-day spooks and dirty-tricksters have mastered and applied to actual rule by deception in our electronic media-poisoned society.

                      Your interesting comment made me do some looking around, and here’s the NYT review of MacLean’s Democracy in Chains:  https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/15/books/review/democracy-in-chains-nancy-maclean.html

                      Buchanan, however, also had what MacLean calls a “stealth” agenda. He knew that the majority would never agree to being constrained. He therefore helped lead a push to undermine their trust in public institutions. The idea was to get voters to direct their ire at these institutions and divert their attention away from increasing income and wealth inequality.
                      . . .

                      Without saying as much, that is where Donald Trump shows his real, long-term usefulness.  The Times review continues:

                      American democracy was unprepared to defend itself against the agenda of Buchanan and conservative benefactors. Buchanan may not have been the only actor in this movement, and the role of conservative donors and economists has been documented elsewhere, but we are now living in a world he helped shepherd into reality. Public choice economists argue that those with the most to lose from change will pay the most attention, which has certainly been the case with Charles and David Koch. They and their friends have invested enormous sums in organizations that have changed the national debate about the proper role of government in the economy. Our politically polarized and increasingly paralyzed government institutions are the result.

                      With this book MacLean joins a growing chorus of scholars and journalists documenting the systematic, organized effort to undermine democracy and change the rules. In “Dark Money,” Jane Mayer tells the tale of the Koch brothers. In “Invisible Hands: The Businessmen’s Crusade Against the New Deal,” the historian Kim Phillips-Fein shows how a small group of businessmen initiated a decades-long effort to build popular support for free market economics. The political scientist Steven M. Teles writes about the chemicals magnate John M. Olin in “The Rise of the Conservative Legal Movement.”

                      • RufusTFirefly (2724 posts)
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                        36. Thanks! Interesting that "Invisible Hands" is mentioned in the "Chains" review

                        I read both completely independently.

                        The Olmstead book was in sync with my fascination with 1930s California politics.

          • amylsacks (8 posts)
            Profile photo of amylsacks

            46. Every Time There's A New Invasion…

            …in another country, someone trots out the “we-have-to-stop-the-new-Hitler” line. They always leave out that there would’ve been no Hitlers if the wealthy hadn’t built them up first. Literally, the same families who help install and empower them send others in later clean up the mess. And the cost to innocents is always tremendous.  How many people can’t recognize the cycle because they never learned of it in the first place? [sigh]

            • leveymg (3802 posts)
              Profile photo of leveymg

              47. Many bought into the absolution of Wall Street's membership in the Fascist Int'l

              Even B’nai B’rith issued a Get Out of Jail Free card to P Bush over the Harriman Silesian-American Company and related German holdings.  This has been attributed to the influence over the main-line American Jewish organizations exerted  by right-wing financiers and newspaper publishers such as Felix Warburg and the Sulzberger family.

              The Nazi Hydra in America: Suppressed History of a Century : Wall …
              Glen Yeadon – 2008 – ‎Political Science
              The American Jewish Committee and B’nai B’rith continued with a no-attack-on- Hitler policy all through the 1930s. On Sept. 5, 1933, the executive board of the Hamburg-Amerika Line (Hapag) met jointly with the North German Lloyd Co. board in Hamburg and merged under Nazi supervision. Prescott Bush’s American Ship …

              What Should We Make of the Charge Linking the Bush Family Fortune …
              Nov 17, 2003 – He intends to alert the media, and all who will listen, about how Prescott Bush, the progenitor of two presidents, was in league with some of Hitler’s “willing …. The Warburgs, backed by such American groups as B’nai B’rith and the American Jewish Committee, demanded in 1934, according to Tarpley and …

    • peacecorps (4121 posts)
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      4. "So Trump is merely continuing the agenda of the Deep State. Meaning all this

       Russiagate crap is exactly what most of us have been saying all along: a diversion from the Democrats stealing the primary from Bernie …”

      But Bernie himself supports the Mueller investigation (a major part of ‘Russiagate crap’). I don’t believe that Bernie supports a phenomenon that is merely “a diversion from the Democrats stealing the primary from Bernie”. Apparently Bernie thinks there is more to it than that.

      • Peace Patriot (3079 posts)
        Profile photo of Peace Patriot Donor

        5. Bernie merely said ‘let the investigators…

        …investigate then quickly turned the interview to Medicare-for-all.

        More evidence that Bernie is wise old fox.

        • Scott Crowder (643 posts)
          Profile photo of Scott Crowder

          10. exactly.

          Which in Berniespeak means “No comment”

          Think of all the “moderates” who, throughout history, have failed to oppose state-sanctioned aggression, oppression, and abuse, from slavery to child labor, while maligning those who call for change as dangerous and misguided, violent radicals. And yet, in retrospect, when a renewed social contract is established as the new normal, the unlawful actions that brought about these societal shifts are turned into mythical tales of nationalistic heroism and dates for kids to memorize at school.
        • hopemountain (2342 posts)
          Profile photo of hopemountain Donor

          11. we agree, peace patriot –

          some are not listening to exactly what bernie is saying. if they are, they have an agenda to twist his “approval” of the investigation. already, the mueller investigation is finding much more than collusion. right now, for example, they are hot on the trail of money laundering. and, surprise, surprise, – the clinton foundation. it may not end up how we want it to – but, mueller’s team is dropping plenty of evidence and crime marking “flags” pointing to the guilty.

          "economic and environmental justice is spiritual work." ~ tom b. k. goldtooth .... "question everything – including, organizations touting labels proclaiming stewardship of living things and high ideals when in truth, they fanatically practice the stewardship of exploitation, greed, and destruction."
        • peacecorps (4121 posts)
          Profile photo of peacecorps Donor

          20. Precisely. "Let investigators investigate but push progressive policies while

          fighting against the conservative agenda of Trump and the GOP. That is what makes Bernie special. His has his priorities straight.

          We saw this anti-democratic effort take place in the 2016 election right here in the United States, where we now know that the Russian government was engaged in a massive effort to undermine one of our greatest strengths …


        • nevereVereven (3800 posts)
          Profile photo of nevereVereven Donor

          39. Quite correct. NM

          A hologram of a magnifying glass will also function as a magnifying glass, but a hologram of Sherlock Holmes won't solve anything.  
    • incognito (2078 posts)
      Profile photo of incognito Donor

      6. We desperately need another Smedley Butler.

      Someone with ethics who knows exactly what’s going on and has the chutzpah to expose it.

      I think the Deep State has garbage on every person in our government. From Congress, to the State Dept., to the Justice Dept. And they’re all afraid of dying. They know who killed JFK, Bobby and MLK. And I’d bet anything they’re aware of other murders too.

      Withthe internet and the NSA illegal spy program…the Deep State has all the blackmail material they need on EVERYONE.

                    Noblesse Oblige

      Peace * Love * Bernie

      • leveymg (3802 posts)
        Profile photo of leveymg

        27. You had one: General Michael Flynn

        But, perhaps lacking some of the street smarts and ethics of Butler.  It was DIA Director Flynn, after all, who most publicly within the Pentagon brass stood up against Petraeus and Madam Secretary’s plans to arm ISIS and to let them march into Damascus.

        Of course, they made damn sure Flynn’s head and hands were nailed up for all to see.

        • Beebee (1502 posts)
          Profile photo of Beebee Donor

          38. Yes we did and that why he had to be stopped, even if on flimsy charges.

          I wrote about what you had written here.


          "confrontation of the self is as important as with others. we have to be ready to be surprised by unexpected rhetoric, or even possible communion, with those previously seen as impossible." NuttyFluffers
    • Peace Patriot (3079 posts)
      Profile photo of Peace Patriot Donor

      7. Excellent summary, Scott!

      Very good beginning on understanding what’s happening now. I can’t respond in detail at the moment but will return to this thread tonight. I especially want to discuss potentially effective solutions.

    • FugitiveBirdie (1798 posts)
      Profile photo of FugitiveBirdie

      8. The Business Plot

      I enjoyed the movie Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down The White House.

      My favorite quote was from Mark Felt: “The Goddamn punks are running the country!”

      The whole movie plays on the edge of what we know of what we call Watergate, but was really a continuation of the cover-up of the Kennedy Assassination.

      • RufusTFirefly (2724 posts)
        Profile photo of RufusTFirefly Donor

        14. Read "Family of Secrets" by Russ Baker, and you may rethink Watergate

        The “Family” in “Family of Secrets” is the Bush family, but in researching the book, Baker stumbled onto some stories he wasn’t expecting.


        The suggestion is that Nixon, who was originally groomed for office by none other than Prescott Bush, ultimately ran afoul of the Eastern Establishment of which the Bushes were charter members.

        Here’s Prescott with his new protégée, while sometime Nixon staffer Jack Rubinstein (aka Jack Ruby) looks on with obvious approval.

        • Peace Patriot (3079 posts)
          Profile photo of Peace Patriot Donor

          19. Here's Part 2 of the series on Watergate re the JFK assassination…


          Some incredibly good research here.  I can see where this is going, and I am not surprised.  I’ve written here at JPR that I no longer believe the official story of Watergate, and that I find it inexplicable that the CIA did not protect their boy Nixon (an Allen Dulles protege), and that they might even have set up the burglary to remove him from office.

          My thought process stemmed from David Talbot’s book, “The Devil’s Chessboard,” in which he establishes Allen Dulles’ sponsorship of Nixon from the very beginning of Nixon’s career.  I didn’t know this before I read Talbot’s book.  And though I myself had been a “Watergate junkie” – watched all of the hearings live, and then all of the re-runs at night, and was overjoyed to see Nixon go down – I realized it didn’t make sense any more.  The CIA most certainly had the wherewithal to cover up a “third-rate burglary.”  And they controlled the Washington Post.  Why didn’t they protect Nixon?

          And that was the other part of my thought process: The Washington Post is a CIA rag.  So the CIA at the least must have signaled them to go ahead with investigating Nixon, and, once this occurred to me, I realized the CIA could have – and probably did – go much further.  They were the ones feeding the story to the Post!  And, by God, they may have also set up the burglary in the first place.

          But WHY?  What had Nixon done to so cross the CIA that they would take him down?  My very first guess was that he got into some serious tangle with them – possibly over his openings to China and Russia – and decided to assert power over them during which he threatened them with disclosures about the Kennedy assassination.  There was nothing that they more needed to cover up than their assassination of Kennedy.  There was nothing that more threatened their secret empire.

          Well, anyway, that’s how I figured it out.  This writer, Russ Baker, has done boffo research and documentation on this very matter.  Mine was just a guess.  In Part 2, it appears that that is where he is going.  He has come to the same conclusion.  The CIA took Nixon down.

          I haven’t read Part 3 yet.   Here is the title: “THE COUP AGAINST NIXON, PART 3 OF 3”


          This ought to be interesting (to say the least).

          • RufusTFirefly (2724 posts)
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            21. Yup. And regarding WaPo…

            I think Bernstein was probably the real deal but that Woodward was his Company handler, the guy who made sure he didn’t poke his nose in the wrong places.

            Keep in mind that it was Bernstein who about five years later wrote The CIA and the Media for Rolling Stone.

            I think Bernstein felt burned.

        • leveymg (3802 posts)
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          28. I helped Russ research his book.

          I’m even credited on the Acknowledgements page.

          One thing – I don’t think that’s Jack Ruby looking over Prescott’s arm.  Not nearly bloated enough.

          His face was far heavier than the man in the Bush-Nixon photo:


          • RufusTFirefly (2724 posts)
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            30. Loved the book. Well done!

            You sure about Ruby? I didn’t hear that until recently. Of course, I was quite familiar with the photo but never paid much attention to the man in middle.

            • leveymg (3802 posts)
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              33. I only contributed to a few chapters.

              I’m not sure where the notion that Ruby appears in the hats photo came from.  I always assumed the others were newspapermen, and it was taken in the early 1950s in Washington.

              There are several photos of Ruby as a young serviceman in World War Two on Google Images.  The early photos all seem to be Getty Images which can’t be hotlinked.  But, you will see that Ruby’s face was far fatter even back then.

        • FugitiveBirdie (1798 posts)
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          37. Yes I am coming to the conclusion also…

          … and I did a deep dig on Bill Sullivan and his falling out with J Edgar Hoover.  J Edgar Hoover actually fired Bill Sullivan who was the lead FBI investigator in the Kennedy Assassination.  Apparently Bill Sullivan no longer approved of the ethics of the FBI towards far left groups (perhaps after a few more assassinations).  Bill Sullivan along with six others from his FBI team suddenly died in 1977 when George H W Bush became CIA Director ahead of the House Committee on Assassinations testimony.

          Richard Nixon then hired Bill Sullivan.

          My guess is that Nixon didn’t know who the exact perps of the Kennedy Assassination were other than it was a CIA/mob operation.  And perhaps he was surprised when the Watergate burglary and other shenanigans happened probably under the control of George HW Bush and E Howard Hunt who were in the White House at the time (to keep an eye on Nixon and the Kennedys).

          Then when Nixon tried to get more info he was immediately treated to a visit by CIA Director Richard Helms (former protege of Bissell who was director of Bay of Pigs etc.).

          Then Nixon realizing the Kennedy perps and their henchmen were running ops out of the White House had to try to cover it up.

          This is discussed by Haldemands book as well.

          I think Nixon found himself accidentally between a rock and a hard place and ultimately took one for the team knowing the alternative was far worse.  He was repaid by a pardon by Gerald Ford.

        • FugitiveBirdie (1798 posts)
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          40. This article supports some of my theory about Nixon in the dark.



          • RufusTFirefly (2724 posts)
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            42. Thanks! That's a notorious line.

            I don’t think it had to do with plots against Castro though. But that’s just a gut feeling.

            • FugitiveBirdie (1798 posts)
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              43. Well that was just part of it.

              The assassinations, both domestic and foreign, and a lot of other foul play lay on the trail that started a few feet from the oval office.

              I have been reading a long essay about some of this here:


              • RufusTFirefly (2724 posts)
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                44. Thanks. I remember Tower's crash…

                …and I knew that Heinz died in one, but I didn’t realize both crashes occurred over consecutive days.

                The Tower crash in particular definitely made my antennae wiggle.

                • FugitiveBirdie (1798 posts)
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                  45. If you read down thread there you will find a multiple part essay …

                  … with a lot of the manipulations of what the writer called the Power Control Group.

                  It is dated from the 1970s but remembers things from the Watergate scandal that I have not heard before, including a theory on Senator Kennedy being framed.

    • Marym625 (28346 posts)
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      12. On The Daily Radical

      Thank you!

      Take Action #StopFCC https://www.battleforthenet.com/breaktheinternet/ "Once the decision was made to go into Iraq as an invader and occupier,  it’s like our nation lost its conscience. And it has not yet gotten that conscience back." Madfloridian  
    • slay (537 posts)
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      15. Excellent post – highly recommended!

      Lots of good info in here Scott – stuff most people know nothing about – but for those of us who’ve done our research – we know it to be true.

    • ravensong (1863 posts)
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      17. Shut. Them. Down. nt

      Together, together, my friends, we have begun a political revolution to transform America, and that revolution, our revolution, continues. ~ Bernie
    • Enthusiast (11087 posts)
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      18. Kicked and Recommended to the fucking Max!

      This also explains the racist elements we observe from the shadow government.

      Anyone that doubts the veracity of this OP only need ask the question, “Why is this nation engaged in perpetual warfare?”

      "The NSA’s capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left, such is the capability to monitor everything. There would be no place to hide."  Frank Church "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." - Frederic Bastiat, 1848
    • jwirr (4102 posts)
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      23. In your last quoted paragraph you for got that they also use the arrests of POC

      to stop them from voting. Look at Ferguson, MO.

      How do we stop this Deep State now?

      Interesting that you connect Southern politics with Wall Street. I have always considered the Clintons to be Dixiecrats and that is what I was referring to.


    • Ferd Berfel (5753 posts)
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      29. Excellent job!

      Bookmarked permanently .

      Probmem is 99% of the people that NEED to read this ,wont.

      Oh well.

      …and you think you’re going to stop this simply by ‘pulling a lever’, in a booth, behind a curtain, every 2 years? - Know yourself. And if you need help with that, call the FBI. -  There is only ONE solution to this mess:  New Party !  
    • rudycantfail (263 posts)
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      41. In case it hasn't been mentioned here yet let's not forget about think tanks'

      influence on the CIA and State Dept. Many of these think tanks are stacked with former high level people at both agencies and even mentored people running the agencies currently. Many collect large paychecks and sit on boards of the “defense industry”,  big fossil fuel or other industries that profit from taking other people’s natural resources.

    • GloriaMundi (661 posts)
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      48. Thank you for this…

      …an excellent summary.