Whoopi Goldberg Condescendingly Scolds Ocasio-Cortez in Bizarre Rant

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      I would like to remind you that U.S. health insurance companies do not contribute anything to health care. They are only a PARASITIC middle man receiving an undeserved cut of "FREE MONEY".


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      so is “condescendingly”

      Caryn Elaine Johnson is an actress who performs the voices of cartoon characters for a living.

      Be the Change

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      What the leadership is telling those of us who agree with Ocasio-Cortez is this:

      “Look elsewhere for solutions to your issues, because the Democratic Party doesn’t want to listen to you.  We only want members who sit down, shut up, and vote for who we tell you to.”

      His body recovered from his torment and became hale,
      but the shadow of his pain was in his heart;
      and he lived to wield his sword with left hand
      more deadly than his right had been.

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      going back to her reluctant acceptance of Obama over her girl in 2008, if my memory serves me. She likely would have been a PUMA too, if not for her celebrity status and the fact that the African American community would have run her out of town on a rail if she didn’t support BO in the general election.

      All governments lie to their citizen's, but only Americans believe theirs.

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