Who’s behind voting-machine makers? Money of unclear origins

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      Who’s behind voting-machine makers? Money of unclear origins

      “The answer that we all really want is, is there foreign influence over the companies that make equipment that’s used in our elections? We didn’t get that answer, because the actual influence is obfuscated behind the private equity firms,” said Maurice Turner, who focuses on election security at the Center for Democracy & Technology in Washington, D.C.

      North Carolina — the country’s ninth largest state by population — is heating up as a market for voting equipment because the state has required touchscreen-only systems to be replaced after November with equipment that produces a paper record. The change will affect machines in about a third of the state’s 100 counties. New voting systems purchased from approved companies could be in use for a decade.

      The three companies — Omaha, Nebraska-based Election Systems & Software; Boston-based Clear Ballot; and Austin, Texas-based Hart InterCivic — were told to disclose anyone holding a 5 percent or greater stake, or in a parent company or any subsidiaries.

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