Why Bernie Sanders is (still) the most progressive choice for president

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      Based on his record, Sanders should be the progressive favorite by default.


      His ideas have set the agenda for the Democratic party for the past two years, with elected officials trying to burnish their progressive credentials by doing photo ops with Sanders and adopting his policies, from free college to Medicare for All (a plan that even the majority of Republican voters now favor). Many polls suggest he is the most popular politician in the country, and would be the clear favorite in a match-up against Trump. Attempts to portray Sanders as the candidate of white “Bernie Bros” ignore the facts – Sanders has higher favorability ratings among people of color than any other Democratic politician. It’s obvious that he’s the party’s best shot. He has a formidable team of experienced organizers, national popularity and name recognition, and a clear, bold agenda that can win over working-class people of all genders and races.


      Kamala Harris has a record of overseeing and then defending serious prosecutorial misconduct as California’s attorney general, and racial justice advocates strongly criticized her for her failure to hold police accountable. Cory Booker, whose political rise was fueled by corporate money, has such warm feelings for Wall Street that he actually criticized Barack Obama for being too harsh on private equity firms.

      Kirsten Gillibrand spent the first part of her career as a lawyer for Big Tobacco, and according to the American Conservative was originally elected by “running to the right”, such as by staunchly opposing drivers’ licenses for undocumented people. Gillibrand has recently begun to sound far more progressive, but someone who served as the paid agent for “merchants of death” faces a high burden to prove they’ve changed.


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      Elizabeth Warren, I suppose. Kamala Harris? Joe Biden? Cory Booker? Beto O’Rourke?  Get outta here!

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        while waiting for my account activation here…   one was a bernie hit piece claiming “the next nominee needs to be a black woman” – sigh…      i don’t have any objection if the candidate is good, but let’s put the cart after the horse.

        interestingly the thread only had 12 recommendations – similar to a pro-bernie discussion on the same place.   it’s good to be registered here again.

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