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      David the Gnome
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      Why Bernie Sanders?

      I remember, prior to 2016, Bernie Sanders was on my radar as a damn good human being – and the rarest sort of politician. I respected and agreed with 99% of what he had to say. I wasn’t really expecting him to run for President though, until he did. So I found out what I could about him, his voting record, where he stood on civil rights, foreign affairs (to the extent that this could be determined), campaign finance – and so on and so forth. I liked what I read. That wasn’t what convinced me though.

      What convinced me, were his words. Over and over again, time after time, in City after city – this man with the crazy white hair had the nerve to call out the oligarchy. He had the nerve to tell the wealthy and super wealthy up front that he was not their friend – even going so far as to say “if you’re a billionaire, you probably shouldn’t vote for me.” He pointed out financial corruption on many, many occasions. He spoke of things that I had long believed – but had never really heard a politician speak of before – especially not one who was running for President.

      That was what moved me, what got me behind the movement. Early on, I wrote a post at another place about how “This is our chance. We’d be fools not to take it.” Well, turns out, a lot of us, myself included, were fools. I, in particular, was a fool because I believed in the democrat party. I will not call them democratic accept by accident – they are not, certainly not in the overall sense.

      I believed that, ultimately, we would unite behind either Sanders or Clinton. I did not know a great deal about Clinton (just the usual stuff) – and some of that information was hard to find. When I finally got worried enough to find it was when she spoke threateningly of Russia. That set a few alarm bells to ringing. So I learned of (some of) her involvement in the Honduras affair, Libya, I learned more of her involvement in Iraq, I read many disturbing reports of financial corruption, corporate ties – and then, of course, there were the 250K+ speeches.

      Up until I learned who Clinton was – I believed we still would work together against the “greater evil”. I noted that (and this is true) there were similarities between Trump and some of the worst tyrants of history. I pointed it out numerous times, to recs and applause from, I think, both sides of that particular debate.

      Then the primaries took off, I read much of the Wikileaks emails along with many of you. I saw the kind of shit the Clintons were up to with their campaign. I learned of the financial aspects of it – the hundreds of millions of dollars spent, much of which was pulled from state and local elections. I learned of the debate questions being given to Clinton prior to the debate, of just what was being done with DNC funds.

      Blow after blow came raining down on those of us who believed, as I did, that there was a middle ground. The corruption of the likes of Podesta and those who worked closely with him, the neverending trail of lies, the corruption, the corporate ass kissing. There were hints in those emails – well, more than hints, really – that they had some kind of leverage on Bernie. I do not know what that may have been – but I wonder if they used it.

      Bernie did precisely what he said he would do. He carried the fight all the way to the convention – and when the nomination was determined (fair or foul – I and many others here believe – foul) and then he stepped down. He gave his support to Clinton, as he had always said he would do, if she won. The rest is… unfortunate American history.

      Now, we come down, once again, to a choice. If the last few years have taught us anything about Trump, the Republican party – and even many of our “friends” in the democrat party… it is that they cannot be trusted to wipe their own asses, let alone manage matters of foreign policy, economic stability, infrastructure and so on and so forth. The swamp is filled with monsters – we can name most of them – and the worst of them.

      Bernie Sanders, until very recently, was a member of the Independent party (on edit: of course, there is no independent party – as NV Wino points out down-thread Bernie was simply “independent”). That set him aside from the two party system to begin with. As he was beholden to neither party, he could vote how he chose – based upon his conscience, as well as the needs and desires of his constituents. I believe this is what he did. I believe this is what he continues to do.

      I suspect that it was not without a great deal of arm twisting that they convinced him to declare himself a democrat. I did not – and do not like that, but it does not change my respect or admiration for the man.

      As the greatest candidate for peace, for truth – and for progress… for poverty and for much else, that I have ever come across, he has my vote. Those opposed to him – whether they be democrats or republicans – are, for the most part, my class and ideological opponents. I know now, in a way I didn’t back then – more of the way of how the world works. As such, it stuns me even more that Sanders is who he is – that he can even BE who he is without being removed by the powers that be.

      So… I will say once more. This is our chance. Our chance for something better. Better lives, a better economy, healthcare, education, peace – and so much else. We would be worse than fools, to not take it now. Sanders has the campaign infrastructure, the support – the passion and enthusiasm – and everything else he needs to win this. I believe he would have crushed Trump in 2016 – I believe he will defeat him in 2020, if given the chance.

      Don’t be fooled by the likes of Biden, Beto, Harris, Gillibrand, or Booker… they are not your friends – and they are certainly not mine. It is, I think, very much the case that Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, AOC – perhaps a few others – are the only friends the American people have left in their government. By standing with them, I believe we can make a difference.

      I believe we will. So, it is my profound honor to once again endorse Bernie Sanders for President – and to ask of everyone here to step up. Maybe you prefer Gabbard – fair enough, I won’t argue with that, I like her too – but I do not think she will beat Bernie for the nomination. Other than that, I really don’t see any candidates I would, at this point, consider voting for.

      Let’s do everything we can to take back our Country from the oligarchs, the corporate ass kissers, the war mongers, the thieves and the liars. Be they D or R – I do not care. I will support only those who support peace, progress, prosperity – and compassion. I do not see other candidates doing this. I see two. I will vote for the one who has inspired me, time and again, to get up off my ass and get to work – not for a party or politics, but for the common good, for compassion – and for us.

      I can only hope that, on a grander scale, enough Americans see this that, this time will be different. This could very well be our last chance to change course.

      Hindsight is 20/20.

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      NV Wino
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      There is no Independent party. Bernie has operated as in Independent politician with no affiliation with any party.

      There is the American Independent Party, but being an ultra conservative group, bears no resemblance to anything independent.

      “As we act, let us not become the evil that we deplore.” Barbara Lee
      “Politicians and pro athletes: The only people who still get paid when they lose.” William Rivers Pitt

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      Bernie 4 2020
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      Why Bernie?

      Short version: He’s the ONLY one that represents all of us. The only one. Tulsi is number 2.

      Sanders/Gabbard 2020.

      I'm done, It's over for now. It was nice meeting all the cool people here.

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      I am hoping that Bernie will, at the very least, have Marianne Williamson in his cabinet. Have you guys listened to her announcement speech? Such wisdom of the heart. Keep her involved, Bernie, please!

      "If we define an American fascist as one who in case of conflict puts money and power ahead of human beings, then there are undoubtedly several million fascists in the United States."
      - Henry A. Wallace
      (FDR's Vice President until he was forced out by the corrupt forces of obscene wealth.)

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      David the Gnome
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      Bah.  Now I will actually have to check out what she’s all about.  I was ready to write her off as a celebrity quack – but maybe there is more to her.  Hmm.  Research time.

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      David the Gnome
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      Checking out the campaign site of Marianne Williamson – she is actually a lot more interesting and well informed than I thought she would be.  Makes for some interesting reading: https://www.marianne2020.com/issues

      I will continue to support Sanders – but the more I read – yeah, I think he should find a place for her in his cabinet – provided he wins – and that she would accept it.

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      He’s the candidate I most agree with but not the only one I would vote for in the general election against Trump.

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      I like Bernie, there are some things I disagree with him with, and in some cases I fall more in line with Tulsi at this point.

      Saying that, it has never been about Bernie, it is the policies and positions that he votes for, supports and has been his life mission.  That newspapers from when I was a toddler would say Sanders “has a bias towards the poor“, that’s just fantastic.

      It shows he has not changed his tune, and he actually believes what he says.

      Bernie is the figure that was brought up by the movement generated by people who are not satisfied with the status quo, and have become increasingly become against the “System”.

      That is what Democrats keep forgetting, it is not about the Personality, it is about the issues.  Which is why all the soulless candidates they present keep floundering.  They have no guiding principle, and would just pile on with what they think is safe, popular, or would garner the most sensation.

      That method would work before, and will probably work even now.  However, they are going against a guy who can case the room, and have a better handle on his audience than them.  Trump can say a bunch of lies, but it works for his constituency since it is confirmation bias.  Even the things they don’t agree with, they know he’s just saying whatever comes to mind, and what makes sense to him at that time.

      The problem with someone like Kamala(who is vile and heartless, laughing like Hillary when they killed Gaddafi, but instead, it’s about jailing parents for truancy), and others like her, is that they are more calculated about it, and it makes them look disingenuous especially since people would think that they should know better.

      Might as well go with someone who actually has a solid message that has not changed in years.  Even if you disagree with him, at least you can see that he believes what he’s saying.

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      David the Gnome
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      Would you mind elaborating on what you disagree with him on?  For me, the only issue of real significance thus far has been RussiaGate – and I am not sure that his heart is really in that one.  It’s not enough to make me change my mind about supporting him – but I do question whether he believes it – or is paying the cost of admittance (that the dems might have quietly required for him to join the race).  There are some things I wish he would go into more detail about – like UBI or even GMI, but, I think that time will come.

      I agree with him about most things.  I also agree with Tulsi a great deal.

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        Hi there, and yes I am talking about the Russiagate thing, as well as his stance on Syria.

        Almost all of my disagreements with Bernie stems from foreign affairs, since I find myself more anti-war than he is.

        Also, I am a little bit disappointed in his idea of looking in to reparations.  Especially when all it really entails is a study, which goes nowhere, and a means to kick a can down the road.

        I still support Sanders, and donate to him, but I am more involved with Tulsi’s campaign at this time.

        Besides, just because I like a person or dislike them, even if I have disagreements with them does not mean I would not vote for them.  It just means that I look at a candidate as a whole, then make my decision.

        Like I keep saying, there are only a few people that I completely written off.  Harris, Delaney, Hickenlooper, Gillibrand and Beto Max.

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      Although I do like Elizabeth Warren and Tulsi Gabbard, and I am glad that they are in the race, I think that Bernie is a lot more electable and has a much better chance of winning than Warren or Gabbard, and I think that he would be much more effective at getting progressive polices enacted than Warren or Gabbard. I also think that Andrew Yang has some very good ideas, but he is a long shot, and I must confess that I don’t know anything about Williamson. I don’t think that Warren has enough charisma, she badly mishandled the DNA test thing, and would get labelled as a “liberal elite” and/or a “Massachusetts Liberal”, not to mention that I am worried about her willingness to go up against the establishment. I don’t think that Tulsi is well known enough outside of people who follow politics closely. I don’t think that Warren would be as effective at getting legislation passed as Bernie because she is not nearly the fighter he is, and I am not sure if Tulsi would have nearly the same pull with members of congress because she doesn’t have nearly as much experience at pushing/creating legislation and is only a rep, not a senator. For some reason, there are also a lot of progressives that don’t like Warren or Gabbard. Bernie has shown extraordinary leadership on progressive causes, like when he put an end to the US support for the Saudi Arabia-Yemen War despite a republican senate and got Amazon to raise their wages to $15/hr. without any legislation. I think that he would be very good at using the bully pulpit and has the best chance at being a transformative president. Maybe Warren or Gabbard could be in Bernie’s cabinet? Ideally Tulsi would be doing something with Foreign Policy and Warren with banking/Wall St.

      Now with this being said, I fear that Bernie’s age is going to be an issue this time around. He is also going to have to do better with minorities and POC, and he is going to have to explain what Democratic Socialism means to him to the American people, like he did in the democratic primaries last time. To be honest, I wish that someone else had stepped up because of these concerns, but no one else has and it appears that he is the best option.


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        Ohio Barbarian
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        Fascinating how Bernie’s age is always a problem, but Biden’s never is, and neither is Trump’s, though the latter is exhibiting many of the common symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s on a daily basis.

        It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

        Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I'll show you a crook.--Harry Truman

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          Biden’s not really doing all that much better than Cheeto as far as his neurological status is concerned. His frequent episodes of being a “gaffe machine” and saying some crazy things, not to mention possibly his well known “touchy-feely” issues are probably residual side effects of the aneurysm he suffered many years ago. It’s said that survivors of neurological damage sometimes lose their “filter” and verbalize things that a person without such brain damage might think, but never actually say.

          Biden was a relatively young man when this happened. He recovered from it and was able to serve for decades in the Senate. But being President is a much more stressful job than that, as can be seen in the “before” and “after” pictures of anyone who’s had the job, even when they were as young as Bill Clinton or Barack Obama were when they were elected.

          On the other horn, Bernie might be physically older himself, but by all appearances, he’s in exceptional health for a man his age, both physically and mentally. I’m not at all worried about him being able to handle the job, as opposed to what we have already seen from Cheeto or Joe.

          "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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      David the Gnome
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      I have to admit that I dont really know what his current stance on Syria is – but if it calls for intervention, then I disagree with it, too.

      I do not think Sanders is the sort who would play the interference/regime change game though.  If he has a particular idea for Syria, I would expect it to be somewhat thought out, at least.

      Ultimately, I believe he can be trusted to go after the oligarchy – and possibly the military industrial complex as well.  At least I believe he would slow them down a great deal.

      I like Tulsi, too – and if Bernie wasnt running, she would be my preferred candidate.

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        Then, on Meet the Press this past Sunday, Sanders went further: “We eventually have got to get rid of Assad,” he told Chuck Todd, thereby endorsing the underlying logic of regime change. His only apparent recommendation is that this particular regime change be effectuated multi-laterally, i.e, the US should enlist some Middle Eastern autocrats to help out.

        I find that troubling.  Regardless, just because I disagree with him in some matters does not mean I don’t support him as a whole.

        I am not a one-issue voter, where one issue completely writes off a candidate.  Ok, there is only one issue on my part that would automatically disqualify a candidate.  That would be on the issue of the sanctity of elections.  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Hillary Clinton, Tom Perez and pretty much all Corpocrats that I saw in 2016 ignoring the undemocratic primaries have reached the threshold of mine where I will NEVER support/vote for them.

        Meaning, if Democrats mess around with the primaries.  I will vote 3rd party once more.

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        Two way street
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        During a speech in a Fort Worth, Texas park, Bernie said something like that he wants to cut the military spending in half and use the money here at home on jobs and upgrading the falling infrastructure.  He gave a very good speech that I read posted here at JPR, Multimedia.

        2020 Campaign Season: We the People are in the fight for our lives and livelihoods.

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      David the Gnome
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      Gabbard has issues based on her past stances in regards to a variety of progressive issues.  I believe one of them is gun control.  There is also some kind of weird cult her family was connected to at one point, or so I have heard.

      Warren… a lot of us hoped she would endorse Sanders for 2016.  It might have made a difference, it might not have – but she stayed on the fence until the fight was over, then supported Clinton.

      Seemed to me like a very… safe play – but not a courageous one.  I think Warren would be less likely to take on the corporate influence in her own party.

      I dont think Bernies age should really matter, so long as he remains in good health and of sound mind.  Others will disagree – he might, perhaps, help resolve that issue by asking someone much younger to be his running mate.

      Still hoping it will eventually be a Sanders and Gabbard ticket.  I really hope he does not pick a centrist as his running mate.

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        @davidthegnome and @ohiobarbarian,

        Yes, I don’t think that age should be disqualifying either so long as you are of sound mind/good health, and I also think that it is hypocritical that Biden hasn’t received the same criticism even though he is only a couple of years younger. Regardless, Bernie’s pick for a running mate is going to be very important, not just to calm concerns about his age, but there is certainly a real possibility that if he is elected, that VP could have to take over some or all of the duties of the presidency due to Bernie having health problems or even dying, because he will be in his 80s if elected. However, he does seem to have a lot energy and be in good health, and he should try to emphasize that on the campaign trail. To be honest, I have mixed feelings about Gabbard or Warren being the running mate, because the vice president doesn’t really have much influence over policy.

        As far as Gabbard’s stance on the issues, including gun control, most of the things she is criticized on have more to do with rhetoric/framing of the issues(like the fact she says “war on terror” and “radical Islamic extremism”) rather than her policy stances or leadership. On gun control, it does say on her webpage that she is for closing the gun show loophole, universal background checks, and reinstating the assault weapons ban, so I think that it is unfair to criticize her as being weak on guns. Her association with that cult, and her stance on gay rights, have both changed and she was only a teenager at the time. She is also criticized for her association with certain foreign leaders, which I think is stupid because meeting with your adversaries is part of being president. I do disagree with her stance on accepting refugees, and also drones, although Bernie and Elizabeth Warren have the same stance on this issue. I do get some of the criticisms against Warren, namely her lack or leadership on progressive causes, despite having the right stances/a good voting record, and unwillingness to rock the boat too much.

        However, and I know that Warren is not popular with some on here, nor do I want to tell people how to vote, I really don’t get those who lump either Warren or Gabbard in with the other establisment democrats or even refuse to vote for/support them if they get the nomination. Both of these candidates support all of the things that progressives support, including Medicare for all, a living wage, free college, getting money out of politics, preservation of the environment and getting off of fossil fuels, civil rights/criminal justice reform, and a non-interventionist foreign policy(although I will admit Warren isn’t as good on this issue as Tulsi or Bernie). I also don’t think that Bernie is perfect on the issues, and I would say that I actually align with Tulsi more on foreign policy and Elizabeth Warren more on many economic issues, especially banking, financial/Wall St. regulation, and corporate regulation(or at least think they would do a better job on those two issues).

        I will say that in defense of Gabbard, she is still very young and is just starting her political career, so she hasn’t had as much time to get her name out and build up her experience/resume and accomplishments. I do think that she has demonstrated good leadership qualities, moreso than Warren, such as when she gave up her spot on the DNC to help Bernie’s campaign. I would also like to see Andrew Yang make some progress, or even get a spot in a Sanders administration along with Gabbard and Warren if Bernie is elected, because I think that he has many good ideas. These are also just my initial thoughts on the 2020 election, it is subject to change, and who knows, Tulsi may prove herself to be the better candidate and leader over the course of the campaign.


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          Remember–he was a distance runner in high school, and isn’t always eating junk food like Der Drumpf.

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      An Afghan woman asked Tulsi a question. Her question turned into a speech. A compelling speech. I thought a very emotional speech.

      I know I’ll be donating to Bernie, but after watching the first few minutes of this video, I plan on sending Tulsi another donation. I want her to move forward with her campaign – with her strong message.

      It’s a seven minute video, but in the first 3 minutes she talks about Bernie, the Democratic Party, and war.



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      Reality is that we either unite behind the progressive candidate who has the best chance to win, or we get another horrid New Democrat center right candidate almost as bad as Clinton, or, in the case of Biden, maybe even worse than Clinton.

      This is not a pledge or purity post, it’s a reality post.  At this this time, Bernie is by far the only progressive candidate with enough support to beat the New Democrat.  We cannot afford to blow this opportunity.

      “A lie doesn't become truth, wrong doesn't become right, and evil doesn't become good, just because it's accepted by a majority.” ~ Booker T. Washington

      The truth is, there’s no such thing as being “anti-Fascist.” Either you are a decent human being with a conscience, or you are a fascist.
      ~ Unknown

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        From what I’ve seen the last couple of days, the media is behind Biden. I see shades of Hillary 2016.

        I’m hoping Biden falls flat on his face. But if he doesn’t, and it’s a race between Bernie and Biden, then I’ll give all the monetary support I can afford — to Bernie.

        Let’s hope voters in the Primary recognize Biden for who he really is, and Bernie can coast to the nomination.

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      Many of the candidates are now copying his positions on issues, but he still has one thing that none of the others has–a volunteer database of 1 million.

      Jesus: Hey, Dad? God: Yes, Son? Jesus: Western civilization followed me home. Can I keep it? God: Certainly not! And put it down this minute--you don't know where it's been! Tom Robbins in Another Roadside Attraction

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      Great stuff- heartily recommended!

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