Why Did A Saudi Pilot Kill U.S. Sailors While Three Others Filmed It?

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      Why Did A Saudi Pilot Kill U.S. Sailors While Three Others Filmed It? By Doug Bandow

      December 13, 2019 “Information Clearing House” –  The U.S. military is training Saudi Arabian pilots here in States, who later leave to slaughter Yemeni civilians thousands of miles away. Unfortunately, some of that violence was turned against us, when a Saudi trainee killed three American sailors at Pensacola Air Station on December 6.

      In fact, a half dozen Saudis were arrested in the incident. Three of them apparently filmed the murders, presumably to post online. Yet afterward President Donald Trump spent more time justifying the Saudi royals than supporting the victims’ families.

      Every time a terrorist commits murder and mayhem, Americans ask why? U.S. officials usually insist that it is because we are so “good.” If only.

      Why terrorists kill should not be a mystery since they themselves tell us why. And none of them has said it is because the U.S. has the First Amendment, holds democratic elections, or leads the world in charitable giving.

      Consider Mohammed Saeed al-Shamrani, the Saudi pilot-in-training at Pensacola. On Twitter he declared: “I’m against evil, and America as a whole has turned into a nation of evil.”

      –Read More: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/52702.htm

      “A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves” ~ French philosopher Bertrand de Jouvenel (1903-1987)

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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      Why are we still training foreign fucks like that, anyway? …pretending that the majority of them weren’t involved in the WTC?

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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      Because “Saudi” means mentally unstable.  I feel for the citizens of Arabia that their land is the personal fiefdom of an unhinged family.  If ever there was a country that could benefit from a re-enactment of the Bolshevik revolution, including the demise of its royalty, this would be one to start with.

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      “Who later leave to slaughter yemeni citizens” man, we are a world pariah😢

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      David the Gnome
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      This is an important question to ask – and to ultimately answer.  In sociology 100, 101 and so on, I listened to many people speak who study precisely that.  The answer varies a little, but generally it has to do with resource exploitation, sanctions, the killing of civilians, support for Israel.

      One particular video I saw during that time asked the question: what if the shoe were on the other foot?  That is, what if it was our oil, our unarmed civilians, our children.  Our supplies, even basic medical, that we could not get due to sanctions?  How would we feel? How would we react?

      What if, in the future, our strength, militarily and economically, is gone?  What if a Nation like China treated us as we treat those in Iraq, Iran, Syria, or on the west bank?

      Would American suicide bombers then become more common?  Doing anything possible to fight a foreign oppressor who was the lion to our mouse?  An overwhelming force, that we could not hope to resist by any traditional means?

      In the case of the Saudis, I believe a lot of their youths are radicalized.  Truth be told though, their Male citizens in particular are often extremely privileged.  Certainly their form of government and social norms, however, are utterly foreign to us.

      A lack of understanding.  Basic anger, hatred, usually the result of some radical religious nut stirring the pot…. ignorance.

      This particular killer – and many others, are not looking to solve these problems, though.  They are looking to their own glorification, martyrdom.  Some become so convinced by the words of the clerics that they believe their own suffering and death will be rewarded by their God, so long as they kill enough infidels.  Nothing new here, really.

      There are valid reasons to despise the US and general western policy in the middle east.  I can also understand, to some extent, insurgency, particularly as it applies to resisting a heavily armed, occupying force.

      What sickens me though, is that so many, whether middle eastern or western, stil honestly believe that their supposedly loving God/s, in their mercy, greatness, what have you… would approve of all of this senseless killing and destruction.

      That is not the love of God, idiots.  It is the poisonous words of those vipers who encourage us to fear, distrust and ultimately hate one another.  Perhaps we might begin a sea of change by kicking the assholes out of all of our temples.

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        Saudi Arabia is led by Wahabbis an ultra conservative orthodox sect that has only been around since the 1700s and were supported by the British to break up the Ottoman Empire.

        Wahhabi War

        The Wahhabi movement is a reformist revivalist movement within Islam founded by Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab that would lead to creation of the Emirate of Diriyah as he and Muhammad bin Saud launched their campaign to reform Islam and consolidate power in Arabia from their power-base, and its eventual crushing by the Ottoman Empire’s Egyptian khedive Muhammad Ali of Egypt.

        In 1802 12,000 Wahhabis sacked Karbala in Iraq killing up to 5,000 people and plundering the Imam Husayn Shrine.[2] By 1805, the Wahhabis controlled Mecca and Medina.[2] The Wahhabis also attacked Ottoman trade caravans which interrupted the Ottoman finances.[3] The Saudi amir denounced the Ottoman sultan and called into question the validity of his claim to be caliph and guardian of the sanctuaries of the Hejaz[4] and the Ottoman Empire, suspicious of the ambitious Muhammad Ali, instructed him to fight the Wahhabis, as the defeat of either would be beneficial to them.[3] Tensions between Muhammad Ali and his Egyptian troops also prompted him to send them to Arabia and fight against the Wahhabi movement where many died.[5]


        Painting of Abdullah bin Saud, convicted and executed after losing the war.

        Muhammad Ali was ordered to crush the Saudi state as early as December 1807 by Sultan Mustafa IV, however internal strife within Egypt prevented him from giving full attention to the Wahhabis. The Egyptians were not able to recapture the holy cities until 1811.[4]

        in 1817, Ibrahim Pasha, Muhammad Ali’s son, had taken over the campaign, gaining support of the volatile Arabian tribes by skillful diplomacy and lavish gifts, he advanced into central Arabia to occupy the towns of Unaizah and Buraidah. He was then joined by most of the principal tribes and marched to the Saudi capital Diriyah. However, their march to Diriyah was plagued by Wahhabi attacks when they arrived in Diriyah in April 1818. It took until September for the Wahhabis to surrender, in part due to Ibrahim’s poorly trained army. Diriyah was destroyed in June 1819 and Egyptian garrisons were posted in the principal towns.

        It was not until September 1818 that the Wahhabi state ended with the surrendering of its leaders and the head of the Wahhabi state, Abdullah bin Saud, who was sent to Istanbul to be executed.[4]


        Most of the political leaders were treated well but the Ottomans were far harsher with the religious leaders that inspired the Wahhabi movement, executing Sulayman ibn Abd Allah and other religious notables, as they were thought to be uncompromising in their beliefs and therefore a much bigger threat than political leaders. The execution also reflects the Ottoman resentment of the Wahhabist views.[4]



        Now with the US alliance and petro dollars they have spread their ideology across the region.

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      The Saudi Royalty, the ultimate misogynists, donated heavily to the Clinton foundation, but……Bernie Bros are sexist.

      People that can reason and use logical deduction cannot accept the Clinton brand of hypocrisy unless there is personal gain involved. In other words, you cannot be logical and accept such hypocrisy.

      "I welcome their hatred" Franklin D Roosevelt

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      Cold Mountain Trail
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      Drones have become America’s newest form of warfare, on the upsurge under Trump. Alas, according to the New York Times: “Every independent investigation of the strikes has found far more civilian casualties than administration officials admit. Gradually, it has become clear that when operators in Nevada fire missiles into remote tribal territories on the other side of the world, they often do not know who they are killing, but are making an imperfect best guess.” Yet the administration has made it even more difficult to judge the impact of the attacks.”

      “Ajani Marwat, the intelligence officer with the New York Police Department who investigated Shahzad, explained: “It’s simple. It’s American policies in his country. That’s it. Americans are so closed-minded. They have no idea what’s going on in the rest of the world. And he did know. Every time you turn on al-Jazeera, they show our people being killed.” A terrorist organizer in Pakistan told Marwat: “We don’t have to do anything to attract them. The Americans and the Pakistani government do our work for us. With the drone attacks targeting the innocents who live [here], the sympathies of most of the nation are always with us.”

      Who is the ‘terrorist’ what is the ‘war on terror’

      Who gets to write the definitions?

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      Because murder is justified if it’s for a “good cause”.

      Whether it’s the neighbor who annoys other neighbors, or the wife who cheated on her husband, or whoever God, the government, or some ideology says murder is justified.

      Soldiers murder for “just causes” and are called heroes.

      Tell me, great captain, how do the angels sleep when the devil leaves his porch light on? Tom Waites

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