Why did China stand by Maduro in Venezuela?

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      This WaPo piece is a bit judgy against China (especially the unsupported assertion in the final sentence), but it contains a lot of insight into the depth of the relationship between China and Venezuela, so it’s worth reading.


      <p data-elm-loc=”4″>Beijing has long been concerned about its exposure to Venezuela’s slow-motion descent into crisis. The standoff between Maduro and Guaidó as to who is the country’s legitimate leader has once again prompted questions about how China got involved in such a dysfunctional relationship with Venezuela. There’s also a broader story here about China’s efforts to promote itself as a leader of international development and South-South ties.</p>
      <p data-elm-loc=”5″>The short answer is that the troubled China-Venezuela relationship is the outcome of misplaced Chinese assumptions about the economic and political risks of engaging in massive loans-for-oil deals — and a subsequent unwillingness to acknowledge and learn from those original miscalculations.</p>
      <p data-elm-loc=”5″>(skip to end)</p>
      <p data-elm-loc=”5″>And it’s likely that China continues to hope its financial and diplomatic support for Venezuela ultimately will pave the way for future oil-based trade and investment opportunities. By sitting on the fence as the United States and Russia trade barbs over the future of Venezuela’s political leadership, China may be hoping that its efforts to appear a pragmatic partner to Caracas will pay off with greater future access to Venezuela’s oil reserves. For China to portray its long financial and political support for Chávez and Maduro as purely practical rather than also ideological will probably be easier said than done in a country as polarized as Venezuela.</p>

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      Because Venezuela is a sovereign nation and other countries can’t just go and decide to recognize an opposition leader as the head of government?

      His body recovered from his torment and became hale,
      but the shadow of his pain was in his heart;
      and he lived to wield his sword with left hand
      more deadly than his right had been.

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      Apparently the author of this blather believes he’s helping to rationalize and normalize US violations of international law and its crimes against the Venezuelan people.

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