Why Electric Vehicles Will Replace Gas-Powered Cars

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      At the moment, EVs typically run on lithium-ion batteries, and use cobalt for the battery terminals. Both minerals have seen significant run-ups in price over the recent past. Lithium jumped from $5,000/ton in 2016 to $19,500/ton in 2017, one year later. However, lithium is a common element, and there are new mines about to come on-stream to supply the demand, which should, over time, reduce the price pressure.

      About 70% of the world’s cobalt comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is not a safe supplier, and for which there are genuine humanitarian concerns about child and slave labor. Future supplies of cobalt will come mainly as a by-product of nickel and copper, which means production will depend on the production of these metals.

      One thing is certain, though: if the demand and the money are there, companies will find a way to produce the supply. Moreover, McKinsey Global Institute estimates that supply constraints would only raise the price per vehicle by about $100 between now and 2025.[4]

      So, while there is uncertainty about the supply and sources of critical materials, it seems likely that demand will provoke supply, and overcome these issues. It’s still something to watch, and something that could restrain the emergence of EVs, but I doubt it will be a substantial roadblock.

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      The electrical grid is already stained to the breaking point. How is it going to support more EVs? That electricity has to be produced somehow. Solar and wind can’t do it. We are removing hydroelectric damns, not to mention the rivers and lakes that power them are running dry. Nuclear is a disaster… sometimes literally.

      My electric bill is already sky high. How much would it increase when powering an EV? That is a question I’ve asked from the beginning to which no one seems to have an answer. I did read the other day an unauthenticated estimate that domestic use would increase three times with the advent of EVs. That may or may not be true, but I tend not to doubt it.

      Then there is the situation of renters, and there are more and more of them. What landlord is going to install charging stations? I can assure you mine won’t, and I rent a single house. What about apartment complexes? Will the landlords install stations for every apartment?

      Don’t misunderstand me. Fossil fuels are, and must be, on their way out. I just don’t think people have thought through all of the potential problems of switching totally to EVs.

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      1. Where does the electricity come from? If it’s nuclear, I don’t see it as an improvement.

      2. What happens with the batteries when they wear out?

      I’m totally for getting off fossil fuels, but these things worry me. C’mon guys, make me feel better. Peace


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        I power my house and car, the power company set me $300 last year. There are start-ups now recycling batteries, they also use no out side power, they get the power from the batteries, the Lithium and Nickle are reused for new batteries, the rest is recycled.

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      Yeah, I don’t see how plug in EVs are going to be practical for the reasons mentioned above. They are going to need to be self charging.


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      all the time. For stationary energy storage there’s vanadium flow batteries that are 100% recyclable. This leaves lithium batteries available for mobile applications. Once you drive electric, I guarantee you’ll never go back to an ICE vehicle.

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