Why global leaders are terrified about ‘social cohesion erosion’

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      The global pandemic has blazed a long trail of upheaval, the vast majority of it bad: surging inflation rates, small business devastation, and a death toll that’s climbed above the last 10 years of casualties from the flu. But according to a new report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), that’s not the worst of it: What we should fear most is “social cohesion erosion.” That’s the fastest-growing threat to our planet since the COVID crisis struck.

      What exactly is social cohesion erosion? you ask.

      If you think it sounds scary, you’re not alone. According to the WEF, it’s “perceived as a critical threat to the world across all time spans—short, medium, and long term—and is seen as among the most potentially damaging for the next 10 years.” Social cohesion worsens upon rising divisions and polarization in society—as income inequalities are exacerbated by the pandemic’s lopsided recovery, for example, with 51 million people projected to live in extreme poverty by 2030 while billionaires grow richer than ever. Erosion also lurks in the fissures created by opposing viewpoints vaccines and on face-mask mandates, and in the rallying cries for long-awaited racial justice in historically oppressed communities.

      Put simply, it’s the crumbling of civil society, fractured by divergent forces from within. Consider the attack on the U.S. Capitol led by Donald Trump supporters a year ago; that’s “one manifestation of the instability that political polarization risks creating,” the report says. In the pessimistic scenario, it’s just a harbinger of what’s to come. And voters seem to feel it looming: In a recent poll, they named “division in the country” as their greatest worry, and said they expected it to increase in 2022.

      It’s not just domestic, either. Social fraying endangers global populations, as a sense of disenfranchisement grows in large swaths of the world, especially amid a lack of collaboration among powerful governments, which have largely failed to help developing nations crawl out of the pandemic, resolve humanitarian crises, or fight natural disasters wrought by climate change. Environmental neglect, extreme weather, and biodiversity loss were also cited among the top risks we face today.

      Link to source…

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      …the very thing that they deliberately cause? Talk about out of touch with reality.

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        Utopian Leftist
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        Except they’re not actually worried because the oligarchs do not have our highest good in mind: their worry is just an act, intended to distract us from their hands, which methodically pull the levers of our destruction.

        No war but CLASS WAR! As vile as they are, and though they don’t know it yet, Republicunts are not my sole enemy. My enemy is the bourgeoisie and always will be.

        “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” ~ Krishnamurti
        "Given the choice between a Republican and a Democrat who acts like a Republican, the voter will choose a Republican every time." ~ Harry Truman

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          The bourgeoisie—the professional-managerial class—are the enablers of and flunkys for the billionaires.And they don’t even know it.They think they’re such hot  stuff and preen themselves endlessly.

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      This result should be expected when sociopathic political leaders who want to cling to their wealth and power, run global color revolutions. ‘Divide and conquer’ really is a ‘thing’, not just some vague adage.

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      Average Gazoo
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      likely as part of the efforts to thwart changes to the hierarchy. Same ole same ole — slaves revolt? create racism to divide them. And now the divisions are every possible demographic measure plus some new ones like “CIS” gendered. Oprah promoted a book called “Caste” last year but despite the title, the book by a Clintonite worked hard to avoid any discussion of class dynamics (?!)

      Part of the answer is to end identity politics and support organized labor.

      Another part is to show people how to argue with people they disagree with rather than cancelling, demonizing, fear-mongering. Americans have few examples of debates on the level that William F. Buckley used to host — radical disagreements but within civil boundaries and using most fact-based arguments. Elimination of the Fairness Doctrine did a lot of damage to civil discourse in the USA. And 40 years later censorship, fear and post-modern identity politics are ushering in the new Dark Ages. Science and every other discipline are being replaced with religion-like dogma.

      Increasingly when people are presented with uncomfortable facts their response is to attack the messenger rather than the message. They seem to delude themselves into thinking they have won an argument via the logical fallacy of ad hominem.

      Dems have still not dealt with the real reasons for Trump’s rise, eg counter arguments with insults instead of with clearly stated facts and positions:

      Be the Change

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      Fast and loose more like it! Another neo liberal mag to keep us worried


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      Our and the world governments have been installing Reaganism, Thatcherism since the 80s.
      then Clinton, bush, Obama topped it off with neo liberalism during their tenures. France, England, america, etc etc have all turned away from their citizens and towards the banks, insurance companies, Wall Street, and big energy, Silicon Valley, those are the only institutions that carry any weight, influence, they even make the laws written exclusively for themselves and their cronies.
      And since we have a  “ world economy “ that involves the degradation of the worlds resources and ecology with no recourse in any courtroom anywhere. The global population is getting squeezed to the point of a possible if not inevitable explosion.
      meanwhile musk, bezos , Branson are so friggin rich they are taking turns racing to the moon and dumping more pollution in our atmosphere then some countries can produce in a year each run!
      yay! Go rich!
      I don’t really see it as that big a mystery as to why.
      what I want to know is what if anything they plan to do about it.

      or are they just digging bunkers thinking that will save them. Rofl.

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        The politians ability to hold power depends upon people caring more about voting, than revolution through civil upheaval. In revolution the outgoing elite must struggle to not get killed. The chaos of revolution all too frequently ends needing hard-fisted authoritarians to re-establish order. And -someone- MUST be blamed for that necessity, in successful revolutions that typically isn’t the revolutionary leaders.

        Both sides have rioted in the past few years and there is no point in pretending that isn’t what’s happened. We’re within a standard deviation or so, of the horizon line between orderly elected governments and civil upheaval.

        History doesn't repeat. We just make the same old mistakes in new contexts.


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          The tension between the establishment and the people is getting palpable.

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      Joe Shlabotnik
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      clearly the only way to save society is for everyone to stop thinking independently, stop resisting, and just agree with us. We’re the experts after all”

      – WEF


      ~ All good things are Wild and Free ~

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        David Gilmore?

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          Joe Shlabotnik
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          assuring us that Pink Floyd is not a drug-oriented band. The clip is from Live at Pompeii.

          ~ All good things are Wild and Free ~

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            And John waters comes down on the right side of history on most issues too.

            I have mad respect for them both and the rest of the Floyd boys.

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      I believe I can straighten this out for him. People often use terms which are blunt but not necessarily unkind. Agnew’s “fat Jap,
      let us say, or Aristophanes needling Socrates for being a pederast which Buckley reminded us of in his garble of classical
      history (“I really loved your novel Julian,
      ” Bill whispered softly to me in Miami as we waited to on the air) when Aristophanes
      was himself an apologist for pederasty (read Plato’s Symposium for the inside story and don’t forget you saw it here first!).
      People have a tendency to be ambiguous about sex and sexual words. Succumbing to his constant vice of name-dropping,
      Buckley described how at Chicago Paul Newman ticked him off for having shouted “you queer” at me. Buckley described the
      conversation accurately except for Newman’s last statement, “You,” said Newman with that preciseness that made him such a
      formidable campaigner in the 1968 primaries,
      “are a male c-asterisk-asterisk-t.” (“The last fantasy which is of course the first
      reality.” Myra Breckinridge, p. 245), it just meant that the word in that context was nicely evocative, even traditional, since the
      word “hysterical” derives from the Greek noun for womb, and by his own admission Buckley was a “madman” that night. In
      other words, it is possible to designate someone as a faggot in one context while, in another, regard the whole subject with a
      permissive eye. By Newman’s standard, Buckley behaved like a male womb, my mine he was hysterical, and since the anomaly
      ‘ the male womb
      ” ought to be excised, I hope that this present exercise will prove to be a successful hysterectomy.

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      Babel 17
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      *Had a poorly written script, and it was extremely derivative, but its point was timely, albeit used more like a bludgeon rather than a spear.

      But anyway, yeah, 1984 as a how to guide, and Elysium to have them thinking of great ways to escape being held accountable.

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