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    Why Honeybees Don’t Have A Chance In The Midst Of Pesticides

    Why Honeybees Don’t Have A Chance In The Midst Of Pesticides
    Glyphosate has been touching the environment and public health in vast quantities for decades.
    03/09/2017 07:26 pm ET | Updated 1 day ago



    I keep writing about honeybees because in my long experience at the US Environmental Protection Agency, nothing affected me more than my discovery that the plight of the honeybees has been a result of industry malfeasance and corruption managed by the EPA. Suddenly, I could read the hidden script of modern archaeology excavating the complex codes of federal regulation, risk assessment, and environmental protection. Honeybees became the mirror of self-delusion and destruction.
    It all started innocently. A few ecologists monitoring pesticides and their impact on honeybees raised the alarm as early as 1976. They wrote detailed memoranda on the hazardous and often lethal effects of neurotoxic farm insecticides on honeybees. They recommended a moratorium on such pesticides that crippled the abilities of honeybees to search for nectar and pollen and, at the same time, pollinate some of our crops.
    However, by mid-1970s, America’s political class had had it with EPA, which in 1972 dared ban the king of farm sprays, DDT. So politicians tied the EPA to the profits of the industry. My colleagues’ recommendations went nowhere. EPA kept approving “bad actors,” deleterious pesticides, with far-reaching consequences not merely for honeybees but for all life.
    This was astonishing to me. By the time I joined EPA, in 1979, the agency was imploding from industry corruption. With utter contempt for public and environmental health, the industry declared war on science and even the environmental laws it had drafted for the government. The agribusiness industry became the alternative model of government and society. It expected no resistance or change. EPA was simply its lapdog. But unexpected things happened.


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    1. The dollar rules

    Thanks for posting. A lot of this fraud going on, the makers of oxytocin claimed it was not addictive we know how that turned out…billions in profits. The money is too great. Monsanto. Baer Pfizer have made themselves untouchable buying politicians with cash and jobs.

    We need a real media, break it up too few mega corps n billionaires own it and have vested interest in keeping us ignorant.

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    2. A most important topic.