Why I am dropping Netflix once and for all?

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      Johnny Rash
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      “Your monthly price is increasing to $16.99 on Saturday, February 9th 2019. Why? We’re hard at work improving Netflix so that members like you around the world have even more great TV shows and movies to enjoy.”

      I very rarely watch Netflix these days…. there’s nothing there for me!

      So, why should I donate money to an organization that wants to control my viewing preferences?

      Maybe…. just maybe…. if enough subscribers cancel Netflix…. ?

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      …haven’t seen.  We love most of the foreign stuff.  Gives us a new perspective.

      With the outdoor antenna + Roku + Netflix and high-speed internet, our bill is  around 75 bucks.

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      It’s $9.99 a month, or $19.99 with HBO. We use our old US netflix acct (I believe it’s still $7.99 US) with a VPN, which also gives us access to Hulu and a few free sites that aren’t available in Canada. I looked at Crave myself, but they don’t carry one of the main series we watch on Hulu. We may still switch over, though, as Hulu’s 9 minutes of ads during 30-min shows is starting to grate, and the TV series we like is starting to age badly this season.

      Btw, on an unrelated topic, you don’t by any chance know Len Wallace?


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      starting on the 18th, I cannot drop Netflix

      Perhaps the price increase can be traced back to the merger between Disney and Fox (was it?) and the restriction on movies the Netflix can get?

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      Jan Boehmerman
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      But they’re starting to get a lot of competition from Disney, Amazon, etc.

      Dump their snotty arses!

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      B Calm
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      I am disappointed with some of their moves lately, and many of their remakes.

      Since I don’t really watch anything much at all, I just let my siblings use my account.  I pay the high end version that lets at least 4 screens play at the same time so if my nieces and nephews get to use it, then I find it well-worth it.  I do dote on them after all, and it is great to have a lot of options when baby-sitting.

      However, with the new Disney service, I may have to consider changing… I don’t know.  I feel like Disney is over-reaching in some way.


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