Why I hate college football.

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      This article explains how three Clemson players tested positive for Ostarine, a banned substance that helps build and retain muscle. What really annoys me is the coach’s excuse that, “It could have come from anywhere.” I don’t think so, coach. I think it came from you, and I think you and your cronies routinely figure out methods to allow players to use banned substances and still pass the drug tests. I think this is just another example, along with recruiting violations, academic cheating, etc. that allows your football program to flourish to the extent that you are paid more than the university president.

      Since I never went to Clemson, why do I care? Because I went to a much smaller public university where I watched $400 per student per year in extra fees pissed away on the Big Football dream. Schools like Alabama, Michigan, etc. make so much money and get so much publicity through their football programs that every college in the country tries to emulate them. My school was convinced its football program could get bigger, get on TV, bring in huge dollars in alumni donations, sell out the stadium every game, and all the rest. No amount of reason or logic would convince them otherwise. They ran illegal deficits every year, stole money from other programs, cheated every way they could think of, and it all went for naught. That was 30 years ago, and they are still chasing the same dream, still pissing away money they don’t have, still breaking the rules, and nothing will make them quit. They see big football schools like Clemson doing it, so they believe they can do it, too. They probably believe the Clemson coach when he makes excuses for failed drug tests, just as they believe they need a huge football program to have a good university. I had the university president tell me, “Whether we like it or not, a university is judged more by the success of its football program than it is by its academic credentials.”

      I hate college football. The NCAA is a criminal organization. I wish the whole thing would die an undignified death.

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      It’s basically a huge money-laundering operation now.

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      They should be banned from TV for starts.

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