Why is the US targeting Nicaragua?

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      Additionally, a USAID plot targeting Nicaragua’s November 2021 elections was leaked from the U.S. Embassy in Managua last year. It acknowledges that the FSLN may win in a fair election, in which case a “sudden transition” (coup) would have to take place. Aware of the havoc that could be caused by the U.S.-funded NGO and media apparatus, Nicaragua’s legislature beefed up laws to protect national sovereignty from foreign interference, adding that calling for sanctions to be imposed on the country constitutes treason.

      Starting in June, about two dozen opposition activists have been jailed while under investigation, many of them for repeating violations for which they had earlier received amnesty, others for money laundering of regime-change funds, and some for publicly calling for sanctions on their homeland. Although the corporate media claims that these are presidential candidates targeted because they could defeat President Daniel Ortega in November, the fact is that none of them had a serious following or political movement behind them, and many do not even have a political party or qualify to be candidates.

      There has been no outrage at their arrests among the Nicaraguan masses, who seem rather relieved that these individuals will not be allowed to repeat the chaos and violence of 2018 .Opinion polls consistently show that the FSLN enjoys more than 60% popular support. People demonstrated this by turning out in large numbers to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of the Revolution on July 19, despite the fact that no official gatherings were held due to pandemic health measures.

      It seems more than likely that the Nicaraguan Revolution’s progress will continue after the Nov. 7 elections. However, those of us in the U.S. must help it flourish by stopping Washington from inflicting economic warfare on the Nicaraguan people with new sanctions.

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      they’ll never mention that most of the protests are themselves FSLN, against the FSLN’s orteguistas (even Eden fucking Pastora got in on the action, and I thought he’d been strangled decades ago by one of the cartel guys he stiffed)

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      Nothing has fundamentally changed.

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