Why the U.S. Still Suffers from Covid

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      Why the U.S. Still Suffers from Covid
      Why the U.S. Still Suffers from Covid

      The Covid-19 crisis cannot be separated from the failed state.

      Donald Trump was the convenient scapegoat for the first year of the Covid-19 crisis. Austerity, low wage work, housing insecurity, and the profit driven health care system were problematic issues before anyone heard the word Covid-19 or indeed before Trump’s presidency. Every failing of the United States already in existence came into sharp relief when the pandemic struck.

      Joe Biden has done nothing to alleviate these many crises. Temporary unemployment benefits end in September, and millions of people were denied these funds when republican state legislatures decreed that they wanted people back at work. The Supreme Court struck down the eviction moratorium and 90% of the funds allocated to pay for rent relief remain unspent. Millions of people face the prospect of becoming unhoused.

      Meanwhile even a small increase in the number of Covid patients upends health care around the country. Intensive care units are full, staffing shortages abound, and patients who don’t have Covid-19 are also suffering because the system isn’t designed to respond to emergencies.

      The words “trust the science” ring hollow when information changes daily. The public were assured that vaccines were a kind of magic bullet but they are not. The unvaccinated comprise at least 90% of those who are seriously ill, but vaccine efficacy wanes and the vaccinated are urged to get boosters for protection.

      More: https://www.blackagendareport.com/why-us-still-suffers-covid

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      No immediate treatment, just either get better on one’s own or die in a hospital.  Other countries have Ivermectin protocols, but evidently it is illegal to not append “horse dewormer” or whatever when Ivermectin is mentioned at all.  Even though Ivermection can be prescribed for humans.  And has been for years.  Also bizarre that so many people have never heard, or understood, the term “off label”.   When convenient, of course.  IMO people take too large dosages of Ivermection packaged for animals out of desperation – the “science” we are given says no, if you are sick from covid you either make it on your own, no medications, or you die in the hospital.  That’s yer choices.  “First do no harm” is over.

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      Do we even know what they gave President Trump when he was sick? The same thing should be available to everyone who is hospitalized for Covid. Sure, it’s experimental and off-label, but I’m sure we could have some sort of emergency authorization. If everybody got vaxxed and got boosters, we could knock down hospitalizations to a managable number, and use the “Trump Cocktail” to address the remaining cases. But there is no compromise, no willingness to buge on either side. The vaxxers and the anti-vaxxers are manning their respective barricades and sniping across the no-mans-land where the virus is spreading and people are dying.

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