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    Will Amazon Destroy More US Jobs Than China?

    Will Amazon Destroy More US Jobs Than China?
    Yves Smith
    Naked Capitalism

    A MarketWatch article last week by Rex Nutting posited that Amazon could destroy as many as 2 million jobs, which are as many as one study said were lost to China.

    While the China estimate strikes me as low, Nutting’s math on Amazon appears reasonable. Basically, more and more people have become habituated to online shopping, even for categories like apparel. I have to confess I’ve done a fair bit of the little clothes shopping I’ve done in the last couple of years on line. On the one hand, I hate dealing with stores because finding anything is so hit or miss, but at least when you find something that looks good in the mirror, it’s usually a keeper. On the other hand, with online shopping, you can find targets more efficiently, but the “hit or miss” element shifts to fit, color, and quality of fabric/tailoring. And if you don’t have time or patience for returns, you wind up with stuff in your closet that eventually goes to a charity.

    It’s a remarkable admission of elite blindness for Nutting to depict manufacturing losses as “concentrated in a comparatively few counties.” Has he ever looked at a map of Rust Belt states? And let us not forget that Obama himself touted Amazon as generating “middle class” jobs, when its warehouse jobs are both physically exhausting yet poorly paid.

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    1. And, Jeff Brazos doesn't have nuclear weapons. Yet.

    We still have time to call in the B-52 strikes before that service is outsourced.

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    2. Will Amazon Destroy More US Jobs than China?


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    3. Yes. They make wal-mart look like a good compamy.

    I would have thought that impossible.

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