Will Biden and the Democrats Allow Medicare to Expand?

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      NPR in November 2020 published an article labeled “Health News From NPR.” Upon closer examination, the piece was the product of Phil Galewitz, writing for Kaiser Health News. The title, Biden Wants to Lower Medicare Eligibility Age to 60, but Hospitals Push Back, might seem a precursor to an objective report, but predictably, having been produced by Kaiser, it’s an industry perspective.

      The gist is that Biden is being too aggressive, “the hospitals” won’t stand for the cuts in revenue, and Congress is too industry-friendly and won’t approve it – the final point being probably true.

      But The New York Times points to a potential workaround in a December 2020 piece titled Becerra Supports ‘Medicare for All,’ and Could Help States Get There. As the title suggests, the Department of Health and Human Services could work with states to expand Medicare coverage. The counter-argument is that it would increase taxes. The counter to the higher taxes argument is that yes, it would increase taxes but significantly decrease insurance premiums, so that the average American would pay less, far less overall.

      The coronavirus pandemic has laid bare the inadequacies of the for-profit health care system’s ability to address the public good, particularly in times of crisis. It was never designed to provide for the public good. It was designed to earn profits for health care corporations. That it does well. The Biden administration has the tools to significantly expand Medicare, but do they have the political will? There’s been a lot of talk about “pushing” Biden and the Democrats. A little bit of public attention and energy on Medicare expansion at this moment might go a long way. What the pandemic has taught us is that our lives do in fact depend on it.

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      Kaiser Health they certainly won’t.

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